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Hooks is out for a stroll when he encounters hot Eurobabe Jenna Lovely on vacation in LA, and looking for the "Magic Mountains". Hooks promises to help her, and leads her back to the den of iniquity where 2 of his bros are waiting for him to bring in some fresh meat to tear into. Jenna's game for a mini-gangbang with 3 hung black hosses, so she strips and kneels for some spirited cocksucking. From there, she remains sandwiched between 2 black dicks in a variety of hot positions before dropping to her knees and getting her face and mouth blasted with niggah puddin'!
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Sandra Colton walked down the crowded high school hallway on her way to her classroom. She knew that heads turned to follow her. She was a beautiful woman. She was 5'9", 110 pounds, with long beautiful legs, a pert ass, long blonde hair, and a beautiful face. She'd been at St. Joseph's for two years now, ever since she'd moved to San Francisco. She'd picked up and moved the minute she'd completed her masters. It had been a long road. She'd married young. The guy turned out to be a jerk, who couldn't hold a job, and after six years she'd finally dumped him. She'd been desperate for money, so she'd started dancing at an erotic dance club. At first she'd been shy, but she was a beautiful girl, and guys had fought to give her money. She became friends with an older dancer who taught her the ropes, and how to act on stage to get the most money out the jerks in the audience. She'd moved in with Grace, and Grace taught her how to take care of her body. Grace had also convinced her to get a boob job so that her tits were big and full. She'd said she'd make a lot more money, and she had. She had gotten 38E cup breasts and they were beautiful, she had to admit. Grace became her lover one lonely night, and taught her how to enjoy sex, and she'd found out she loved it. It was fine for a while, then Grace started getting possessive. She put up with it. During this time Sandra had decided to go back to school and try to make something of her life. It had taken eight long years. She'd worked the whole time and gone to school in her spare time. During this time, she'd come to resent men, seeing them as the pigs they were. They came on to her all the time, at school and work. She'd gone out with a few, but they'd only wanted to get her in the sack. She'd graduated with honors. She'd managed to save a lot of money dancing and things with Grace were really tense by that time and she Interracial Picture Jenna Lovely (HD) Blacks On Blondes Kaylani Lei Mandingo Our next door neighbors got transferred out of state so we were used to the real-estate people bringing people to look at the house. The next thing we know there is moving van unloading furniture. Joan and I wondered who our new neighbors were but we only saw the moving people. A couple days later a Volvo pulls in the driveway and a well dressed couple with three children get out and go in the house. I was at work so Joan went to welcome them to the neighborhood. When I got home our kids were excited about the new kids next door. They were telling me how much fun they had playing with them as Joan came out of the kitchen. She told me about meeting them and that they were our age. She said their older children are the same ages as ours. After dinner we have been invited over so you can meet them. All during dinner all I heard was how nice they are and how much I'm going to like them. I got a surprise when I knocked on their door and was greeted by a tall handsome black man. His face lit up as he said in a very British accent you must be Bruce I'm Luther, please do come in. His kids came running to see us then his wife came carrying and infant. Luther said this is my lovely wife Diane and Anne our youngest, Ben and Sarah. He told the kids to go in the family room and play quietly. Diane asked if we would like something to drink and Joan went to help her. As we talked we found common interests and became very comfortable. When Joan and Diane returned it was as if they had known each other all I their lives. I had a hard time not staring Milf Black Dick Jenna Lovely (HD) Blacks On Blondes Jenna Lovely (HD) at Ebony Ivory Dating got light headed. He kissed her gently. Thank you he said. Your welcome she replied in a funny tone as she pushed gently away and went to the desk. 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She looked at the time and called it quits for the day. James got up slowly and moved toward the door. Just before he opened it he turned. You really are beautiful he said in a soft voice. She blushed and looked at him. Thank you she replied sweetly, that means a lot coming from you. He smiled and left. She was flush all over, and she buttoned her blouse and tried to regain her composure. I have to stop this she thought to herself. Pictures of James flashed in her mind all day. She finally buzzed Linda and said, you still want to go to the game together. Yea Linda chirped. I'll pick you up at 6:00. Great Sandra replied. She'd dreamt about James again that night. She woke in a cold seat in the middle of the night, and her pussy was soaked. Black Cock Photo Jenna Lovely (HD) Blacks On Blondes Sandi Jackmon Cumbang thrashing around out of control she was so hot. He wiped up the cum with his fingers and fed it to her. She sucked wildly on them. My baby's so hot he purred. 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