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Some days you go to work and it sucks, pretty much the way you expect it to. Every once in a while not only doesn't it suck, it's just fuckin' awesome. That was the case for Wesley Pipes and Hooks when they showed up to do a new scene at the Dogfart studio. They had no idea that waiting for them on the other side of the door was one of the hottest blonde French pastries anyone had ever laid eyes on. Not only that, but she was down for the full menu, cocksucking, pussy fucking, anal, and even DP! Wesley wasted no time after seeing this delectable treat laid out in front of him, he immediately dove for this luscious shaved pussy, and devoured it before Hooks could get his jaw back up off of the floor! From there, they took their time and led her through the tantalizing menu items and after they got through the DP, they did the only thing that should be done to a fine exotic French pastry, they gave her beautiful face a full glazing of jizz-sugar from their nutsacks!
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