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An interesting trend has been developing lately, hot Eurobabes have been running through all the porn companies in their home countries, then moving to the states and making the rounds of the American porn shooters. Luckily for us, they seem to be landing on our doorstep first! Last week we featured the amazing French slut Jessi Volt, and this week we continue our onslaught of foreign poon with blazing hot Czech babe Mina! Mina is a sizzling, young, little blonde who contrasts nicely with our own Jolly Black Giant...Flash, the former basketball player from Memphis. Flash is one lucky son of a bitch, and he knows it as he runs those giant hands all over this tight little beauty. No matter what accent they speak it with, the phrase "Oh my God, it's so big", is still evident in every scene we shoot. Mina is not accustomed to seeing anything this huge swinging between a man's legs, and she does her best to get as much of it as possible down her throat! After getting Flash up to his full potential, she spreads those shapely legs to let him into her tight little pleasure pit. Flash shows this little hottie what it's like to get railed by a huge black snake, then after hitting all the best positions, as well as her best orgasms, she kneels and begs for her first taste of a black man's chowder, and he obliges by hosing her mouth with his afro seed. It's not every day we get such a blazer at our door, and we weren't going to let Mina go without booking her for our dream scene...her getting gangbanged by some of our biggest black studs. So enjoy this awesome scene, but think of it as the appetizer for the amazing gangbang which will be coming up very soon!
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