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An interesting trend has been developing lately, hot Eurobabes have been running through all the porn companies in their home countries, then moving to the states and making the rounds of the American porn shooters. Luckily for us, they seem to be landing on our doorstep first! Last week we featured the amazing French slut Jessi Volt, and this week we continue our onslaught of foreign poon with blazing hot Czech babe Mina! Mina is a sizzling, young, little blonde who contrasts nicely with our own Jolly Black Giant...Flash, the former basketball player from Memphis. Flash is one lucky son of a bitch, and he knows it as he runs those giant hands all over this tight little beauty. No matter what accent they speak it with, the phrase "Oh my God, it's so big", is still evident in every scene we shoot. Mina is not accustomed to seeing anything this huge swinging between a man's legs, and she does her best to get as much of it as possible down her throat! After getting Flash up to his full potential, she spreads those shapely legs to let him into her tight little pleasure pit. Flash shows this little hottie what it's like to get railed by a huge black snake, then after hitting all the best positions, as well as her best orgasms, she kneels and begs for her first taste of a black man's chowder, and he obliges by hosing her mouth with his afro seed. It's not every day we get such a blazer at our door, and we weren't going to let Mina go without booking her for our dream scene...her getting gangbanged by some of our biggest black studs. So enjoy this awesome scene, but think of it as the appetizer for the amazing gangbang which will be coming up very soon!
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She knew she was drunk. She'd probably had a few more than she should have, but she was mad, and frustrated. Her husband, Bill, had taken off on another business trip to New York this morning. That in its self wasn't so bad, but his sexy red headed assistant had gone also, and she was sure they were fucking. That wouldn't have even bothered her so much if she was getting her fair share, but Bill hadn't shown much interest in her over the last two years. They'd had sex exactly once over that time frame, and she was going nuts. Plus it had been two years since Kathy had been promoted to his assistant. Sure, Jane thought, I'm forty, but I still have a sexy body and nobody has tits like mine. She was lucky. She was a tall attractive blonde with long legs, a thin waist, and best of all, a 42E chest. Men had fawned over her all her life, and then she'd married Bill 10 years ago. He was successful and handsome, and they'd had a great sex life the first 5 years. Then things had started to deteriorate. Sex came less frequently, even when she tried to spice things up. She started to work out, because she didn't have to work, and her body had tightened up. Bill still ignored her. They had fought, and she had started to drink. When he left this morning, she already had a couple of bloody Mary's, and she snapped at him about fucking his assistant. He ignored her, and left. She was fuming mad. She drank some more. Then as she was reading the paper she saw an add for a jazz group she liked. They were playing at a club in down town San Francisco. She showered put some things in a bag and drove over the bridge before rush hour, and got a room three blocks from the club. She was going to enjoy herself and tie one on. That's exactly what she'd done. She'd dressed in a sexy short dress that showed off her big tits and legs and gone to the bar at 8:00. It was now 1:00 in the morning and she had had a lot. She'd flirted with all the men who'd shown interest, but no one really interested her. She knew it was time to go to the hotel, or she wouldn't make it. She got off her stool and walked out the front door. The cold San Francisco air had hit her and she shivered. She'd gone a block before she noticed the black man following her. He was getting closer. Her heart raced. Whoa pretty lady, a deep voice said. She turned. Are you following me she hissed? Thought you might want some company he cooed. He was big and rugged looking. A slight pang of fear hit her stomach. Well I don't she hissed, so leave me alone, and turned and started to walk away. He was on her like a cat. One arm tight around her waist, the other hand clamped over her mouth as he picked her up and carried her kicking into the alley. Fear gripped her. You come in and tease the hell out of everybody with them big titties and you ain't gonna give up some. I don't think so Bitch. He was strong, and when they got to the back of the alley, he shoved her facing up against the wall. He leaned into her hard. His hand quickly slid down to her throat and squeezed. Now we can do this hard, and you're gonna get hurt, or you can let me have mine and we both walk out, you understand. She shook her head yes. He eased his grip on her neck. Spread your legs, he hissed in her ear. She did. He lifted her dress and started stroking her crotch. You're one hot bitch, you know. Best looking woman I've ever seen he said as his fingers worked her. She began to squirm. She couldn't help it. She was being raped, and it started to turn her on. She let out a low moan. He pulled her off the wall and let his other hand run down on to her tits. He squeezed and manipulated them like a maestro. Nicest tits I ever seen on a bitch, he mumbled. She was getting really turned on and could feel his cock up against her leg. He kissed the back of her neck and ran his tongue up to her ear. Electric shocks shot through her. She wanted him to rape her. She reached back and felt his cock through his pants. It was big. Her breath came faster. Baby's hot he whispered. Yes she moaned as he ripped a hole in her panty hose, moved her panties, and sunk a finger in her cunt. Oh God she moaned. Wet already he cooed in her ear. He unzipped her dress then said, turn around as he released her. She turned with her arms crossed in front of her. He stepped out of his pants and hung them on a nail in the wall. He wasn't wearing any underpants and his cock bounced out of his pants. She let out a gasp. It was huge. I don't think I can take that she said as she stared mesmerized by the giant. She started feeling sexy, and she was excited. Don't worry, you'll love it he growled as he swept her in his arms and kissed her hard. His tongue drove down her throat, and she moaned as she put her arms around his neck and returned the kiss. He pulled away. She was panting. Take your dress off so it doesn't get ruined he growled. She quickly slipped out of her dress and hung it on a nail in the wall. God, what tits he said as he pulled her in and sank his lips around her nipples. Yes, suck them hard she hissed as she threw her head back. Her hands were behind his head and he manipulated her tits expertly. She could see the cars driving past the alley entrance, and the openness and possible exposure of the sex act turned her on even more. She started to squirm. He pulled back and took his cock in his hand. Suck it he growled. She drooped to her knees with out thinking and started sucking the head, then licking down the side of the monster. It grew as he released his grip and she grabbed hold of her prize. She sucked and stroked deeper and deeper. She could feel it grow in her mouth and it excited her. She was going deeper and deeper, moaning and slobbering on his tool when he pulled her up and turned her around. Bend over he growled. She did as she was told, and he moved behind her. She could feel the huge head Ginger Lea Blacks On Blondes Mina Blacks On Blondes Interracial Pics I am a black male who loves the feelings of power and domination I get when I fuck the white wives of cuckolded white boys. My fat black dick gets even bigger and stiffer when they moan and writhe on it, knowing I can give them something that they only dream about with their pencil-dicked hubbies. After years of practice, I can hold my orgasm back as long as I wish and ream them for hours, remain stiff and keep fucking after blowing my wad deep in their bellies and keep them cumming over and over. And although I'm only 5' 10", 170 lbs. with a thick eight inch cock, I never need to seduce them - they beg me to dick them, often passing me along to their friends who need a good fuck. It started when I was nineteen and spent a lot The Black Cock Mina Blacks On Blondes Mina at Black Dick Clan Jane purred into her chest. I want to stay like this forever. Karen put her hand under her chin and lifted her face. She stared deeply into her eyes and into her soul. I feel the same baby. You're special. They melted into each other as they kissed deeply, with their tongues twirling together and the taste of each other on their faces. They slowly explored each other, being soft, gentle, and loving. I'm going to give you my number so we can be together when Buck's not around, Karen purred. Call me anytime. Jane looked at the number. You live close to me, I can tell by the number. All that much better, Karen whispered, then took her nipple in her mouth. She chewed, nipped, pulled, and sucked on Jane till she squirmed. Can you cum while I suck your breast, Karen asked? Yes Jane moaned. Karen went back to her breast. She kneaded it with her hands, licked all over it, then went back to her nipple. When she bit her nipple Jane came in a slow cum. God she moaned in a low moan, feels so good darling, as she cupped Karen's head to her breast. When she'd finished cumming Karen got up and went to her bag. She came back with a large strap on dildo. Stand she purred. Jane stood next to the bed. Lift your foot Karen cooed as she slipped the dildo first up one leg, then the other. I want you to fuck me ,she said in a husky voice. Her eyes were glazed as she looked up at Jane. Fuck me good she moaned as she crawled on her back onto the bed. Jane went between her legs and bent down and kissed Karen's breasts, pulling on the rings gently, until Karen started to moan. She sat up and held the dildo at the opening to Karen's pussy and pushed steadily. The dildo sunk in. Karen moaned as it slid in, her hands going to Jane's waist as she started to buck into her. Jane felt new erotic sensations as she fucked this other woman. She liked it. So this is what a man feels like she thought. She got turned on and started to fuck Karen hard. Yes Karen cried out, Fuck Me! She started fucking Karen hard, driving the big dildo into her so that it hit her clit hard with each stroke. She started to pant excitedly. Take it she hissed. Take my big dick. Karen pulled her down into a passionate kiss. When they broke they were both panting and thrusting into each other. Karen cried out, God! Oh God! I'm cumming so g-o-o-o-d. Her body shook and Jane still drove into her. Jane came quickly, and the cum gushed out all over Karen like never before. She was cumming buckets. She was shaking and still trying to fuck her when Buck pulled her off, and roughly pulled off the harness, and tossed it to Karen. Put it on, he growled as he went down into Jane's quivering body. Baby's in a different world, aren't you. Yes she moaned. We're gonna take you higher, he cooed. He came up and pushed his hard cock into Jane's quivering body. Oh God! Jane cried out as she bucked up into him and her head tossed back and forth. His balls slapped against her as she took him all. Buck rolled over taking Jane with him. She started bucking up and down on him like a wild woman. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! She grunted. Now Buck growled. Karen moved behind Jane. Jane turned wild eyed to see Karen coat the dildo with lubricant. You're going to love this Karen purred as she kissed her, then moved behind her and pushed her down on Buck. Buck wrapped his arms firmly around her and hissed in her ear, take it all. Karen pushed the head of the dildo to Jane's ass hole. Jane groaned. She wanted it all. She wanted to feel everything. Karen pushed harder. Jane screamed as the dildo sunk in. Karen held still as Buck slowly fucked her pussy. Relax baby, you'll love it. Slowly Jane started to relax and move. That was Karen's signal. She slowly started to fuck Jane's ass. Jane had never felt anything like it. She could feel the dildo and Buck's cock rubbing against each other. Oh God! She moaned. She started to move as they fucked her in rhythm. Soon they were both fucking her hard. She came and came and came. She tossed her head, grunted and scratched Buck's chest. He pulled and twisted her nipples. She continued to cum. She started to shake and pant heavily. We'd better stop Karen said. No she hollered. Fuck Me! Fuck her hard Buck hissed. They slammed her. As an overwhelming orgasm took her, her eyes rolled and she fainted. When she woke, her head was in Karen's lap and she was wiping her brow with a cool cloth. She heard the TV in the other room. You OK Karen purred as she gently kissed her. Jane responded. She took Karen into a sweet deep passionate kiss. Yes she whispered to her lover as she fell back. That was so intense she sighed. I've never felt anything like it. It's even better when it's two real cocks Karen cooed to her. Is this what its like all the time Jane asked? Yes Karen purred. Unbelievable pleasure and sensations. Will you be there with me, Jane asked? Sometimes Karen cooed. Sometimes you'll find your own thrills, sometimes Buck will take you to a whole different level. The thing is, just let go and enjoy sex like it's meant to be enjoyed. Try everything. You'll love it. They started making love again. Karen had left two hours later, telling Jane to call. Buck had come in a little while later and told her they were going shopping. She'd checked out of the hotel and they went to a place Buck knew about that sold sexy clothes. He'd made her model for him, and the black sales girl. The whole act turned Jane on. He had her buy a short black latex skirt that laced up both sides of her legs. It left her legs bare on both sides. She also found a black, latex bra that barely held her tits in, and a pair of black high heel pumps. The sales girl then sat her down and made up her face. When she was done, Jane looked like a whore on the street. Good Buck said. Let's go. Jane stammered, I ca-ca-ca-can't go out like this. Sure you can, Buck hissed, and you are. They left, with Buck giving her directions. Soon they Donna Red Cumbang Mina Blacks On Blondes Interracialdatingcentral shaking Gina said bashfully. That's OK Jane said tenderly. I just wanted you to know I thought you are a beautiful sexy woman, and I wanted you to feel sexy. I do Gina sighed. The music started and Jane started to dance as they stared into each other's eyes. I want to make love to you Jane said softly as she moved in and kissed Gina deeply again. Gina melted into her arms as their bodies melted together. Jane felt her breasts mashing into Gina young body and she started to move her hands over Gina back and up the sides of her body to her breasts. Gina was moaning and hungrily sucking in Jane's tongue. Gina was hot and very sexy, and Jane felt herself getting wet. Jane kissed Gina's neck and up to her ears. Undo my top she whispered in Gina's ear. Gina shakily undid the string behind Jane's neck as Jane reached up and undid hers. Jane leaned back and pulled off Gina's top. Gina did the same with Jane's. You breasts are so beautiful she said as she looked deep into Jane's eyes. Jane pulled her into a deep sensual kiss. Gina wasn't resisting now, as their breasts mashed together and their tongues twirled around in each others mouths. The next song started and Jane stepped back and stripped off her suit. She took Gina's hands and brought them to her breasts. I want you to feel me she whispered. Gina did so in a trance like state. Suck them Jane said softly. Gina leaned forward and took a nipple in her mouth. She was hesitant at first, but as Jane pulled her close she started to enthusiastically suck on Jane's left nipple. Jane grabbed her hand and said, come on we have to do this right. She led her to the bedroom where she sat on the edge of the bed and pulled Gina in close. She undid her bottom and removed it along with her top. She then pulled her into her and took one of her pert full breasts in her mouth. Jane sucked on the nipple, and ran her tongue over her breast. Gina's hand went lightly behind Jane's head. God Yes she sighed. That feels so good. It's been so long. Jane gently pulled her down on the king size bed with her. Their bodies intertwined as they kissed passionately. They broke their kiss and Jane stroked Gina beautiful face. I'm so nervous Gina said shyly. I've never done anything like this. I hadn't either till two days ago, Jane said smiling tenderly at her young lover. Enjoy it she said as she kissed her cheeks and eyes. It's wonderful and so fulfilling. Jane's mouth dropped to Gina's breasts where she licked, sucked, and nibbled on her. Jane's hand went to Gina's pussy as Gina moaned loudly. She was already wet. Jane got on her hands and knees next to Gina, and dangled her breasts in Gina's face. Gina eagerly started sucking on Jane's breasts, as Jane's hand ran back down to Gina's clit. Gina was moaning steadily as Jane stroked her. Gina's one hand went to Jane's breast and the other went between her legs to Jane's pussy. UM-M-M-M-M Jane moaned as her hand explored her still swollen pussy. God I love it she whispered. Gina started to whimper, and Jane looked at her face. God, she's going to cum already Jane realized. Jane inserted two fingers in Gina's sopping pussy and rubbed her clit with her thumb. Gina threw her head back. A-A-A-Agh Gina cried out as her pussy flooded with her juices. Jane kept fingering her as she shook. Gina's hand gripped Jane's pussy hard. Jane's pussy convulsed and she came. Oh God Gina cried out as she suddenly squirted cum out all over the sheets and soaked Jane's hand. Oh God baby, Jane exclaimed, cum, cum for me. Gina started to sob as her pussy shot cum out over and over again. Jane quickly went between Gina's legs and started to lick her pussy. Gina grabbed her hair and tried to stop her. Oh God no, I can't take it she sobbed. Jane ignored her and gently lapped her pussy lips, her legs, and the inside of her pussy. Gina collapsed back on the bed moaning. Oh God she moaned. Gradually she recovered as Jane washed her with her tongue. Gina got on her elbows and looked down at her. Let me make love to you she purred. I want to please you. I want you to cum like I did. I want to taste you. Jane moved up her body and they kissed passionately. Gina gently pushed Jane on her back and started licking down her body. Gina was very sexual, and she turned into a sexual animal as she went down to Jane's breasts. So beautiful she murmured as she sucked on Jane. Her hand went down to Jane's pussy and expertly rubbed Jane's clit until Jane was sighing . Oh Yes Gina rasped as she went down Jane's body to her pussy. She gently licked the folds and explored her mound with her tongue. Jane's tender pussy was alive with wonderful sensations. Yes baby Jane sighed. Make love to me. Gina dove in and started to tongue Jane's pussy with abandon. Jane was shocked. She started to hump into Gina's face. Gina's arms snaked around Jane's legs and held her firm to her face. Oh God, Oh God, Oh God Jane cried out as her orgasm exploded out of her, cum flooding Gina's mouth and running down Jane's legs to her ass. Put your fingers in me Jane screamed as she threw her head back and groaned. Gina thrust three fingers deep in side her. Jane came again. She shook and thrashed as Gina held her firm and made her cum over and over again. Enough Jane cried out. I can't take anymore. Gina eased up slowly letting both of them come back to earth. Jane pulled Gina up into a warm sweet kiss, as they tasted each other's juices and licked and kissed each others faces. That was wonderful Gina sighed. I know Jane purred. You're wonderful, and so sexy. Gina cuddled into Jane's arms. Hold me she cooed. They lay quietly together for a while. I've never cum like that before Gina whispered into Jane's breast, then kissed it. I want to make you cum even more Jane cooed. Will you let me be your lover? Forever Gina said as she looked up at Jane. Jane was so taken she started to cry. She kissed Gina deeply and they made love again.