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Jake had become my best friend over the last year at church. You see Jake was the leader of our youth group class and was one of the only people I knew who understood my dissatisfaction with religion. Being 18 it was my last year in the group, unless I wanted to help lead out of course. After that it was on to adult classes and the same old boring uninspiring bullshit everyone locked into till they died. I had no desire to lead out, though Jake had other plans for me and sort of took me under his wing, trying to convince me that I had what it takes to take over the group. "Why don't you just lead it?" I said to him one day. "Why should I take over?" "Because I'm loosing my drive," he said to me in that deep husky black voice. "Boy, I've got too many other things on my mind." "Like what?" I pressed. "Like other things," he smiled. "You'll see." And I sure did. It was during church service and I had wanted to speak with Jake about some personal things in my life. As I said, church was boring and I was considering leaving the fold. Jake was a real mentor to all of us teens and we often came to him for advice long before any of our parents. I saw Jake get up and leave the sanctuary midway through and I decided to follow him out so I could catch him in the empty foyer for a short talk. It had taken me a minute or so to get the nerve to excuse myself, my parents being so angry when I didn't hear the entire sermon. Today they were more civil. They hadn't seen Jake leave or they certainly wouldn't have allowed it. It's not that they hated Jake it's just that my mom thought Jake didn't let the parents raise their own children, and dad…well he might have been a little Interracial Gangbang Forum Mina Blacks On Blondes Cuckold Culture I like to watch porno flicks, that’s all there is to it. I like to watch people, and I like to jack off while I watch them. I found myself in my favorite adult video arcade. I always liked to sit in the booths and jack off, and once in a while, I would get on my hands and knees and peek through the little holes that people carve to watch the Cumbang Melrose Mina Blacks On Blondes Mina at Mixed Race Dating Sites of white nylons that only went up past the knees. These incredibly sexy nylons were held up by white garter belts she had stretched around each perfect thigh. Little white belts hooked to the garter and clamped on to the nylons below tugging the nylons tight on the sides. Her panties were pink and I could see just the hint of tan lines as her perfectly shaped tan legs met her stark white crotch. I could detect just a bit of curly blonde pubic hair sticking out of both sides of her panties as she stood still under the admiring eye of our youth leader. "Oh Goddamn," Jake said as he stroked his huge black cock and stared at her legs and crotch. I had never heard him swear before and was a little surprised. But, then I never expected any of this to be happening. "That's beautiful. Show me more. Just a little more." "This?" Rebecca asked as she tugged her dress back and folded the pink cloth into one fist. With her free hand she reached between her legs and pulled her panties to one side. Rebecca had to pull her panties downward and to the side to get them around the small bulge of her pink pussy. Now she stood there, her gorgeous blonde pussy exposed, the pink lips pouting from between her legs. The stark white triangle of flesh where her bikini had obviously been only accented her wonderfully sinful crotch. "Jesus," Jake groaned as he rubbed the head of his huge black cock in circles. "Play with it. Play with it like you did on the phone last night." "This is kinda embarrassing," Rebecca blushed as she just stood there. "Please," Jake groaned. "Just rub it a little. Rub it and tell me how you want my cock in it. Like you did last night." "This is so embarrassing," Interracial Creampie Stories Mina Blacks On Blondes Blacks On Blondes Stacy hips now and his face showed signs of obvious release. "OH GOD!" he said quite loudly. "Oh Jesus. Oh God!" "OHHH!" Rebecca nearly sobbed, her pretty sweaty face turned back to her lover to look him in the eyes. "Cum in me baby! Oohh it feels so hot!" "yeah!" Jake groaned pumping his hips slowly now and squeezing his cock as if to push all of his hot load out into her. Rebecca just rocked back and forth now, pushing her ass onto his huge black pole as his cum filled her insides and began to drip out from around his balls. "God I hope I get pregnant," she whimpered as she reached between her legs to play with Jake's big black balls. Jake smiled and bent over the young teen wrapping his arms around her so that her perfect round breasts dangled over his big black arm. "So do I," he said to her. "Lord almighty so do I." I blew my wad again watching them hold each other, cum dripping out of Rebecca's hot little blonde pussy. A pussy stuffed full of enormous black cock. She got her wish. I guess we all did. Two months later it became announced that Rebecca was pregnant and marrying our older black youth leader. As you might imagine this caused a lot of problems at our little church. I never told either of them that I had seen them that day though I thought about it many times. To this day I can't see a woman on her knees in prayer without remembering our hot little Rebecca in white nylons with a big black cock in her mouth. As you might imagine, church as become a lot more fun around here. Oh and yes, I've become the new youth leader at our church and we have 3 hot teen age girls in my class. As you might imagine, we spend a lot of time in prayer. Thanks Jake.