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Robert looked down at his trophy wife writhing with ecstasy, as she was impaled repeatedly by his eight inch cock. She sure was a hot little number. He caressed her pert little breasts with his hands and squeezed roughly. Mandy and Robert had been married for five years. She was 25 and had been working as a model, when they had met. Robert was 49. He worked out in his free time and was in great shape. People thought the silver streaks in his dark hair made him look distinguished and he was described as "ruggedly handsome" in a magazine article on this successful businessman. Mandy shuddered and moaned in orgasmic pleasure as his cock erupted inside her. That she had undoubtedly married him for his money bothered Robert not one bit, as he had married her primarily as a show piece for parties and business affairs. That they had great sex was a side benefit. They laid side by side in bed catching their breath. Robert told her about his boring day at work and Mandy shared her days shopping experience with Linda. Linda and her husband George were their best friends. They did almost everything together. George was a vice president in Roberts company, and while the men were at work, the girls would spend their days sun-bathing in the hot Southern California sun or shopping together in the areas posh malls. When Robert had hired George, ten years ago he had been a fit, lithe athlete. Since then George had let himself go. He had developed a substantial beer-gut and was balding rapidly. Robert was always trying to get him to work-out but George always replied with the old "not enough time" excuse. George and Linda were high school sweet-hearts and had gotten married right after graduation. In contrast to her husband, Linda had blossomed since Robert had known her. She had been too skinny when they met, but in ten years she had gained weight, and filled out in all the right places. 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He noticed her eyes run quickly down his build and pause briefly on his bulge. He walked over and gave her a quick hug, trying to indiscreetly press his cock against her stomach. "Where's Mandy," Linda asked? She was a little flustered, Linda had never believed all Mandy's stories about her husbands eight inch penis. Now, just a thin piece of fabric had separated her from touching it herself. "Oh, she came down with the flu," Robert tried to calm her. "Didn't George tell you," he lied? "No, must have slipped his mind," she replied. "Maybe I should cancel?" "Nonsense, we'll have a great time," he told her. Ty went into the bath house to change. He was wearing swim trunks and a tight tank top that showed off his muscular biceps. He removed his shirt and flexed his muscles while looking in the mirror. He liked what he saw. Ty still looked every bit the defensive lineman he had been in college 18 years ago. He removed his shorts and stood there practically naked except for a small bikini brief. The bulge in his briefs looked as if he had folded his cock three or four times to fit it inside them. He took Linda's duffel bag and shoved it under the sink. The plan had been for Robert to somehow leave Linda's change of clothes on shore and Ty was helping him out. He folded his clothes and put them over the duffel bag and then headed to the boat. Linda was drinking a margarita with Robert, when Ty walked on board. She stopped in mid-conversation and stared openly at Ty's body. Never had she seen such a perfect specimen of manhood. His physique was of herculean proportions from his bull neck down to the massive bulge in his briefs. God, she thought, you could stick a potato in George's shorts and Ty's bulge would still be bigger. She was surrounded by two well hung men. Robert was both jealous and impressed with Ty at the same time. He was not used to being Cuckold Chastity Debbie Dial Blacks On Cougars Mandingo Black Dick her he chose not to interfere. Linda was staring at the men walking around the pool and appeared to be checking out their bulges as she sipped a cocktail. Robert sat down by his wife, she seemed put out by the lack of male attention she was getting. George came over and dropped one of his drinks when he saw his wife's attire. "Linda, what the hell do you think your doing?" he asked her. "You're practically naked." "Just trying to get some sun, dear." she replied. He angrily grabbed her and hauled her off to the side. A loud fight ensued. Mandy looked over at her husband. "I think Linda's finally getting some," she told him. "and not from George. Robert nodded. Mandy paused and said "Honey, I want a boob job." George looked like he was about to cry. Linda patted his bald pate and said "Don't be mad dear, all these men want me, but only you get to have me." "Besides," she reached over and grabbed his erect five inch penis thru his shorts. "I think you like the idea of me showing off my body for all these men." She hugged him and rubbed her body against him. This made George feel better and he told her about his promotion and she said they would celebrate when they got home. When they got back, Mandy was swimming in the pool and George went to replace the drink he had spilled. Linda sat down next to Robert. He ran his eyes down her body and immediately got an erection. Robert looked at her and said, "Linda I'm really sorry about this," and he handed her a note. It read: "Linda, Your husband is being sent away for a week. I will be staying with you that time and you will obey my every command. If you do not I will tell George what happened on the boat. Ty" "I'm sorry Linda," Robert told her. "Ty seemed to be completely fascinated with you, He said no Bitch had ever milked his cock like you did. He made me give George the promotion and said he would tell Mandy everything if I didn't do what he said. With Ty as her divorce lawyer Mandy could get everything I own. I mean it I'm really sorry." "Don't be," she said as she smiled at him her breasts heaving with excitement.. "Feel free to come by yourself whenever I'm alone."