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Mandy is getting pissed, her ride is late again, and she is tired of waiting out in the hot sun to get picked up. Just then, Flash walks by, and as he is checking her out, he doesn't see the crack in the sidewalk that he trips over, and goes crashing to the ground. Mandy has medical knowledge, and volunteers her skills to see if anything is damaged. Seems like a sprained ankle, so she offers to take him back to her nearby house, and ice it down. Once she gets him inside, she starts getting other ideas of what else she can do with this giant black man, and uses her wiley cougar skills to suck him in...literally! She convinces him that the best way to take the swelling down is to draw the blood to another part of the body, and his ample third leg should easily do the trick. Once she sucks him hard, there is no turning back, so she moves on to getting something for her troubles from this huge black bounty. She lets her wet pussy feast on this throbbing ebony pole just like her mouth did, and after it's satisfied, she goes back to her knees to finish him off in her hungry mouth!
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Before we were married, my then girlfriend Aggie was quite sexually active with other men. I'm bi-sexual and assured her it was alright with me. In fact, I remember the first conversation we had on the subject, I told her my biggest turn-on was my woman with another man. She wasn't surprised, much to my surprise. She said this was quite common and she might someday accommodate me. I smiled and made passionate love to her, turned Multiracial Dates Mandy Sweet Blacks On Cougars Cuckolded Christy Simmons found herself frequently day-dreaming about her wild experience helping the FBI nab some insurance scam artists the previous month. As she polished the silver ca candlestick holders, she would find herself imagining that she was actually stroking a long hard penis. She was shocked and ashamed of these naughty thoughts but she couldn't stop them from coming. Friday started off like a typical day. Christy had just made herself a small salad for lunch. She was feeling a little down because her husband Todd had just called to announce that he had to go on another business trip. He wouldn't be back until Tuesday. Since he already had an 'emergency' travel suitcase stored at his office, he wouldn't be stopping at home before he left. Christy was use to these sudden trips by now but she still felt lonely. Ever since Todd's promotion three months ago, it seemed like she saw less and less of him. Her life was very mundane and routine. The only interesting thing that had ever happened to her was that undercover operation for the FBI. She was even starting to think about calling them to see if they needed anymore citizen help. As it turned out, she didn't have to. The doorbell rang, disrupting her meal. Christy hurried to answer it, grateful to have her boredom interrupted. Her heart leapt when she saw it was Agents Smith and Jenkins again. They were still dressed in their dark suits and they were wearing the same silver reflective sunglasses. Christy invited them in. Once settled, Agent Jenkins started explaining the purpose of their visit. "We . . . have a bit of a problem, Mrs. Simmons. You were such a great help to us last month, we were hoping you might be able to assist us again." "What is it you need me to do?" she asked eagerly. "We had a bit of a problem with the tapes," continued Jenkins. "Some how a few copies . . . well, copies of the tapes, err, got around headquarters. Our boss got a hold of one and . . . he ah, he wasn't too happy about our using a civilian in . . . ah . . . that kind of operation." "Oh," Mandingo Interracial Mandy Sweet Blacks On Cougars Mandy Sweet at Hardcore Black Dick last set. From my vantage point I could see the back door and half way through the last set, she intercepted this guy as he walked out of the men's room and practically dragged him out the back door to where my van was parked. The rest of the set was played with a hard-on. As I packed up my guitar and headed out the back door I noticed my van was rocking and snuck up and peered into the front window. There lay Aggie with Bree Olsen Blacks On Blondes Mandy Sweet Blacks On Cougars Black pants as I sat up and regained my composure. We quickly left and on the way out of the parking lot she muttered, "I don't believe we just did that. Don't you ever ask me to do that again." "Okay baby, I won't," I promised. We drove home and she wanted to fuck all night after that. We fell asleep around daylight and I came a total of 6 times that night. But this was just the beginning of our fun. More in chapter two.