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| Added: 2010-06-04
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Mandy is getting pissed, her ride is late again, and she is tired of waiting out in the hot sun to get picked up. Just then, Flash walks by, and as he is checking her out, he doesn't see the crack in the sidewalk that he trips over, and goes crashing to the ground. Mandy has medical knowledge, and volunteers her skills to see if anything is damaged. Seems like a sprained ankle, so she offers to take him back to her nearby house, and ice it down. Once she gets him inside, she starts getting other ideas of what else she can do with this giant black man, and uses her wiley cougar skills to suck him in...literally! She convinces him that the best way to take the swelling down is to draw the blood to another part of the body, and his ample third leg should easily do the trick. Once she sucks him hard, there is no turning back, so she moves on to getting something for her troubles from this huge black bounty. She lets her wet pussy feast on this throbbing ebony pole just like her mouth did, and after it's satisfied, she goes back to her knees to finish him off in her hungry mouth!
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