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They were now just moments away from their crib and Carrie remain as their captive with her waist still propped up in the air and her legs spread wide. She knew they were getting closer to their hangout because she noticed he is now making left and right turns more frequently as if he's driving in a residential area. Then she feels go off the paved road on to what felt like a dirt road that was quite bumpy. Her body was shifting left to right, up and down, and all around as the van encountered the rougher terrain. It was embarrassing for her.....her hips were being thrust into the air as if to expose her vagina even more, and the feeling of being tossed around reminded her of her vulnerability in this situation.......... As the van pulls up to their crib, Meat says, "Mutha' fucka!, it's Killer and his homi's",....."keep da bitch down and keep her ass quiet!" Not that Carrie was planning on giving her position away..........the last thing she wanted was have to more gangmembers see her! Meat got out to talk to Killer, who was with three carloads of his homi's. Evidently, Meat owed Killer some cash from a previous drug deal and Killer didn't seem like he was goin' to leave without payment. Tyrone told Bone and Iggy to "cover da bitch up wit da blanket and throw shit Blacks On Cougars Clips Vanessa Naughty Cuckold Sessions Interracial Sex Gangbang My name is Jim. I just turned 35 a couple of months ago. I married my wife Sherry nine years ago. We have two children, a son eight years old and a little girl three years old. We have a good life but there have been some rough spots. My story is about the end of one of those rough times. About two years ago Sherry and I had a big fight. She was spending much of her time with the kids and seemed less interested in spending time with me. She got involved in the PTA when our boy started first grade. 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