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| Added: 2010-06-15
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Cuckold boy Chip is back again, this time with a new girlfriend, Vanessa. They're out at a sidewalk cafe when Chip is spotted by Shane Diesel, who remembered him from the encounter they had with his old girlfriend, Cameron. Shane informs Vanessa that her new boyfriend is actually a cuckold, which she doesn't understand, but Shane is only too happy to explain, and demonstrate. Once she sees Shane's monster black log, and compares it to her boyfriend's cocktail weenie, she is ready to try out this cuckold thing. So Chip is in for another round of humiliation, as he is forced to keep his face close to the action while Shane bones his new GF. As the fucking heats up, Shane finally hits his mark, and pulls out and unloads his plums right on her thigh. She was getting ready to clean it up when Shane informed her that was the cuckold's job, so she scooped up that wad of sack custard, and plopped it right into Chip's mouth!
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