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Cuckold boy Chip is back again, this time with a new girlfriend, Vanessa. They're out at a sidewalk cafe when Chip is spotted by Shane Diesel, who remembered him from the encounter they had with his old girlfriend, Cameron. Shane informs Vanessa that her new boyfriend is actually a cuckold, which she doesn't understand, but Shane is only too happy to explain, and demonstrate. Once she sees Shane's monster black log, and compares it to her boyfriend's cocktail weenie, she is ready to try out this cuckold thing. So Chip is in for another round of humiliation, as he is forced to keep his face close to the action while Shane bones his new GF. As the fucking heats up, Shane finally hits his mark, and pulls out and unloads his plums right on her thigh. She was getting ready to clean it up when Shane informed her that was the cuckold's job, so she scooped up that wad of sack custard, and plopped it right into Chip's mouth!
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He was staring at her again. It was a stare that caused her heart rate to increase and made her stomach flutter. The boy was very masculine and she always felt naked beneath his gaze. Darlene broke eye contact and continued teaching class. Half the boys in her classes usually stared at her, but today he was the only one. The other students were passing notes, staring out the window, and a few were sleeping. They didn't care, most had graduated and couldn't wait for school to end. The first time she had seen Jamal, he had been a skinny black kid, a nerd, complete with glasses and a brain to match. His IQ was well above genius level and he had a 4.0 gpa. He was the perfect target for the bullys in school because of his nerdy exterior and the fact that his dad was the school janitor. Some days he showed up with black eyes and bruises and he shyly kept to himself, his only friends some of the other geeks. All that changed this year. When Jamal returned from summer break he was barely recognizable. He was now as big as a pro wrestler and the glasses had disappeared. Coach had flipped when he saw the muscular black kid and recruited him for the football team. He hadn't been very good. He seemed unused to his new body, and unskilled with a football in his hands, but opposing teams soon learned that he couldn't be brought down. He had also skipped half the year and was now failing her class. On top of that Jamal seemed to have a lot of money now and Darlene was afraid he was dealing drugs, even speaking to his father about it. The janitor had replied that Jamal was working at a pharmaceutical plant outside Stoney Harbor and was making some big bucks. His father had also apparently taken whatever kind of steroid Jamal was on. He looked great and had dyed his grey afro black again. He looked fifteen years younger, more like an older brother then a father. Both men stood around six and a half feet tall towering over the other students and Darlene's small just over five foot frame. The bell went off and the teacher said, "Read chapters nineteen and twenty. There'll be a quiz on them tommorrow." The class groaned and as one stood up and headed for the door. All except Jamal that Black Dick En Black Chicks Vanessa Naughty Cuckold Sessions Ride Black Cock Hi. I'm Heather. I'm a freshman at Ohio State this year and I just turned 18 years old. I'm 5'3" and I weigh about 110 pounds with light blond hair. Ohio State has been a new experience for me. I grew up in a small farm town north of Columbus that had a population of about 2,500. Now I go to college with 50,000 hormonal young adults. What a change. Maybe the biggest change for me were the men at OSU. I was real popular in high school, but I pretty much dated the same guy, Jack, since my sophomore year. And Jack was very protective, so the other guys didn't really come on to me much. As matter of fact, I have only been with three guys in my whole life. That sure has changed. With Jack not around, I'm getting hit Blacks On Blondes Collection Vanessa Naughty Cuckold Sessions Vanessa Naughty at Hugh Black Dick mean exposing some part of her body to Jamal. "Where's the tv?" he asked. "She nodded towards the living room and followed him there. He inserted the tape and pressed play. The bastard had inserted a porno. The camera was focused on the biggest blackest dick she had ever seen. It looked huge, but she assumed it was from the zoom. The camera panned back showing off the giant cock and balls so big they were splayed out on the bed between the man's thighs. It wasn't the zoom, the black monstrosity was over a foot long. "I know what you need Mrs Duncan," said Jamal's voice on the screen. A blonde woman with her back to the camera walked over and began sucking on the massive appendage. Darlene was horrified, Jamal was setting her up. "That's not me, her breasts are bigger," she said aghast. The camera panned back showing Jamal lying on her bed. On her bed! He had filmed this in her bedroom. It got worse. Malcom appeared and stripped revealing another huge erect cock. Dear, helpful Malcom was in on this. "This is one hot pussy you got Mrs Duncan," cried Malcom spanking her ass with one hand and wrapping his other fist around her blonde hair. "I bet Raymond doesn't fill you with this much cock." The picture flickered showing it had been edited. "You animal, this doesn't prove anything," she growled angry. On screen, Malcom pulled out his huge cock and came all over the girl's ass and back. Darlene had never seen so much cum in her life. One wad was more then Raymond had shot in a year and there were at least five wads. After that, sperm oozed from Malcom's still hard cock. They fucked the girl several times, the men's stamina amazing Darlene. Jamal fucked her while Malcom shoved his cock in her ass. The picture never showed the girl's face. Despite the obvious atempt at blackmail, the movie was turning her on. Jamal had her when it ended with her sunning herself. She saw Malcom and Jamal walking behind her naked. The scene changed to just the two black men talking. "This is really your teacher?" "Yeah dad, she's a real slut for black cock." The scene switched again to her laying out when Raymond came home. "Thanks for taking care of our plumbing problem Malcom," Big Black Dick Fuck Vanessa Naughty Cuckold Sessions Blacks On Blondes Girls rolled over carrying her on top of him. Darlene rode his cock while he sucked on her overly-sensitive nipples. His strong tongue twirled around her breasts, teasing each nipple before sucking first one then the other into his mouth. She collapsed on his chest as a powerful orgasm rocked her body. When she recovered, Malcom had his hands on her waist and was pushing his cock into her ass. Both her holes were getting plugged bringing her to a whole new level of sexual pleasure. There was no way she could ever give this up. Later, Darlene stepped out of the shower again and walked to her bedroom with the spread, rolling gate of someone who had been on a horse too long. Her whole body was sore, but it was one of those pleasant aches you get from a good workout. The black men were gone as were their clothes. She frowned, but was secretly relieved as her body was too exhausted to continue. Darlene went over to her large walk-in closet for a robe. The door was open a crack and she pulled the doors apart getting the shock of her life. Raymond was kneeling on the floor with his hands, feet, and mouth duct-taped. There was a bouquet of flowers at his feet and his cheeks were stained with dried tears. Darlene was horrified, until she saw the little bulge in his pants. "Things are gonna change around here," she said. ******************* "You mean her husband wached the whole thing?" asked Jamal. "Yep, he came home early to surprise her while you were showing her the video. It didn't take much to cower the wimp. I restrained him and snuck him upstairs while she was sucking your cock." "What if he tells?" "I made a new tape. We'll make it look like he set it up if he gets out of line. Besides, if he causes trouble we can always have one of our cops take his statement." "Keepin' it real, dad," said Jamal smiling. After the first time he had cum as an enhanced man, this was the best day of his life. He had fucked his teacher and was going to graduate. Little did he know, he was going to get expelled anyway, when he finally encountered a situation that he couldn't control. But that is another story. To be continued in "Not Another Teen Story" The End