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"Jesus, I'm glad your home. Get in bed and fuck me." Jerry looked at his sexy wife sitting on the bed with the dirty story magazine lying next to her. She was nude and had her legs spread wide. He could see the light reflecting off the moisture between her legs. He stripped off his suit and was inserting his hard dick into her pussy in less then a minute. Her nails dug into his back as he slammed his dick repeatedly into her hot pussy. Jerry came quickly, but he was a generous lover, making sure she climaxed just before he did. Terri climbed out fom under him and went to go clean up. "Thank god for dirty stories," he muttered patting the forum magazine. Their sex life had gone down the tubes during ten years of marriage until he had introduced his once shy and conservative wife to porn stories. They had gone from fucking once a month to three times a week. She had even loosened up, talking dirty, dressing sexier, even wearing a tiny bikini to the beach last year. 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"I read most of the stories and they were good, but it was all interracial crap." "Sorry, it didn't look interracial when I bought it." "I know, false advertising. Just don't buy anything from Cuckold Maid Lux Play Cum Bang Blacks On Cougars Tube "Where we headed?" asked Alisa. "His club is just outside New York City, in Jersey," said Debbie not taking her eyes off Lamar's truck in the distance. "New York! That's two hours away." exclaimed Kerry. "Relax, you can all crash at my place." Debbie lived in New York City. "Todd will be worried," said Alisa thinking about her fiance. It was her bachelorette party. "He's probably bombed out of his mind and looking at his own stripper." "Not my Toddy." Alisa had lucked out and found someone just like herself, conservative, moral, and not much of a drinker. He had money too and they were looking to start a family almost immediately. Eventually, the car carrying the four women arrived at the strip club pulling up behind Lamar. Debbie didn't wait for the other girls to exit the car, she just hopped out and ran straight to Lamar. She seemed infatuated with the black stripper with the blonde hair and huge cock. Sherie felt a strong desire for the stripper too after seeing him wave that giant black snake under her nose. Sherie got out of the car followed by Alisa and Kerry. The place had closed up about an hour ago and the parking lot was near deserted. It had started raining about a half hour ago. The only people she could see was a white woman with a black man. The woman was sitting on a car hood with her legs wrapped around the back of a muscular black man. They were kissing passionately ignoring the rain. A big neon Interracialmatch Lux Play Cum Bang Lux Play at Cumbang Pass others leave. That way no one sees us, but you." "Agreed." Jerry returned to the table and told them the conditions. "Ok, I see your raise with a blow job from Terri and call." "Flush, ace high." said All laying his cards down. 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The game went around the table again with Willie taking some of Jerry's recent winnings. Terri had disappeared, seemingly too embarrassed after the bet. Finally Bennie said, "Look, this hasn't been my night, though it's been an interesting evening. I think I'm going to cut out with my loses." "Wanna make this the last hand?" asked Willie as everyone folded except for the black man and Jerry. "Sure." Jerry wanted to win some of his winnings back. Either way, he was going to come out on the plus side. "Care to up the ante?" "I'm game." "Then I raise you everything." Willie pushed his entire pile of chips into the center of the table. "I don't have that much," said Jerry. He had two kings and two queens. One card away from another full house. "I'll take the same deal you offered Al." Everyone gasped again. Jerry turned white. "I know my wife. She won't go for it." "How good are your wife's blow jobs?" "Pretty damn good." "That's gotta be worth another two hundred dollars then." Willie Interracial Creampie Movies Lux Play Cum Bang Aidan Layne Blacks On Blondes to Al. Jerry knew Willie could kick his ass, but it wasn't like him to back down. There was something about the black man that made him feel meek. Jerry was incapable of challenging him, even when he had been fucking Terri. "Your wife was just to good to pass up. If it makes you feel any better, here's your hundred dollars back." "I lost more then that," said Jerry taking the money, remembering his big pot and his wife's gaping sperm filled pussy as she laid on the couch. "Tough shit. That's all you're getting." Jerry suddenly realized where they were. "Hey isn't this Bernie's house? "Yeah, I'm fucking his wife too. Bernie's wife came out to greet them wearing a bikini. She looked a lot like Jerri Ryan from Star Trek and Jerry was briefly envious of the black man. She looked great in the bikini despite the fact that her belly was starting to bulge. She was pregnant and appeared radiant. "I want you to know where I live for when your wife wants another fix from a real man," said Willie "I somehow doubt that will happen." "Don't be surprised if you find a lot of things have changed about your wife from now on. "I don't think we'll be seeing you again," said Jerry slamming the door. He sounded sure of himself. He knew his wife, despite last night, Terri wouldn't let him down. He watched as Bernie's wife ran into Willie's arms. It was probably his imagination, but he swore the front of Willie's pants bulged out as they embraced. ******************** 'An hour after Willie left and his sperm is still pouring out of my pussy,' thought Terri walking bowlegged to the bathroom, to sore to care about the messy trail she was leaving on the floor. When she returned, Terri saw the interracial magazine she had thrown away lying in the trash can. Terri rescued it, noticing the cover read: all true stories. Terri nodded, now believing them. She'd save this one and throw away the others. A subscription notice for E&I publishing fell out. She picked it up and started filling it out. She'd mail it today. Then, she got out a pencil and paper and began writing them about her own experience. She hoped it would be the first of many stories. The End