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"Come on Ray, we're going to the beach," said Jenni knocking on his door. "Cumming," grunted Ray just as a huge wad of semen flew up three feet from the end of his cock. The large strand of cum was close to five inches long. It did a somersault before colliding with his equally large second wad. The two wads fell with a splat on Ray's chest, soon followed by several more. Even when his cock quit shooting, sperm flowed down his shaft like lava flowing out of a volcano. He cleaned the cum off and flushed the tissues down the toilet. He put his suit on and walked downstairs. Jenni was wearing sweat pants and a sexy, but modest bikini top. The pants hugged her hips perfectly showing off her belly and thin waist. She was packing lotion and other stuff into a big bag. "You look well rested for a woman who had wild sex all night," he said. "Actually we went right to sleep," she said without looking at the black man. "Shame, you'd think with only three weeks of leave, you'd try to get as much in as possible." "You'd think that wouldn't ya," she replied looking both pissed and hurt as she finally turned to the black man and did a double take blatantly staring at his crotch for an uncomfortable moment. "You're wearing that?" "Sure, it's my suit." Ray was wearing tight panty style swimwear, like the kind swimmers or weightlifters wear. They were white and really drew attention to his crotch standing out against his black skin. His cock seemed to big for the suit, looking wadded up inside the material like he had stuffed a potato inside it. Make that three potatoes, his balls were equally as visible under the material. Don't you want to wear a shirt or pants, it's an hour drive to Ocean City and we may have to walk a block to the beach." "The sun already burned my people and there aint nothing on this body I aint proud of. I'd be doing a diservice to the ladies not to show them my goods. Bodies like mine shouldn't be covered up." Jenni was inclined to agree. At that moment Mike walked downstairs wearing a hat, baggy shirt, and loose swim trunks. He was very pale from being on the sub so long, he was sure to get burned today. "You guys ready?" **************** Jenni was still horny. She was mostly silent the drive to the beach. Last night had been upsetting to say the least. She had practically attacked Mike the moment they got to the bedroom and he had been completely disinterested. She pulled down his pants surprised at how small his penis looked. She had seen it that small once after he had gone swimming in a cold pool. He had explained the concept of shrinkage to her, but it had never been that small prior to sex. Mike had turned out the light from embarrassment and Jenni did everything she could to get him hard from sucking on it to tugging on it rapidly. Mike's normally proud six inch dick easily disappeared in her small cupped palm. Jenni had ended up masturbating and having a small unsatisfying orgasm as he slept beside her. His dick was no harder in the morning. It didn't help that a giant black cock was riding in the seat behind her, Cumbang Thread Miss Simone Cum Bang Lady D Mandingo Amos strutted over to the cot I was laying on. Standing with his hands confidently on his hips he said: "Get dressed. Time to go." Still leaning on one arm I leisurely reached out and grasped the base of his love club and positioned the nozzle to my lips. I looked up at Amos and gave the large, limp hunk of meat a big kiss. He smiled and said, "You my wife now." What could I say? We had just shared an act that should only be shared between Cuckold Bulls Miss Simone Cum Bang Miss Simone at Alaura Eden Blacks On Blondes will-power. He'd try again in a few hours and the pretty young wife wouldn't be able to resist him again. Some sperm was stagnating in his shaft, so he milked it out. Ray looked around, grabbing a burger bun and catching the dangling white cum on the inside top. He ran his cockhead around the bun until it was drained completely. Then he rearanged the lettuce and a slice of tomato over his cum. He'd need to be sure Jenni got this one and it didn't end up on his own plate. Jenni was silent as she ate her cum burger. She had washed up, her hair wet, and was still clad in her sweat pants and bikini top. She was also finishing off the last of her Xcite-laced diet pepsi. Ray could see her hard nipples protruding out under her bikini as she stared off into space absentmindedly taking bites from her burger. Jenni cleaned up, disappearing into the kitchen. When she came out, Mike was gone and Ray was sitting alone of the couch still clad in his tiny white briefs. He patted the empty space beside him. "Where's Mike?" "I carried him upstairs to bed." "I think I'll go join him. Today really drained me." Ray grabbed his crotch. "It'll take a lot more to completely drain me." "Good night Ray." Jenni left the black man sitting on the couch. Her legs felt like lead as she lifted them up the stairs, though they grew lighter the furthur she got from Ray's presence. There was something primal about him that made her want to submit, despite the fact that she loved her husband, despite the fact that Ray was of another race, and despite the fact that she really didn't like the black man. He was a bit of an obnoxious ass. Jenni sat down at the computer and typed off a quick message to Blackmanta: [Manta, I understand what you were saying about black men. My husband brought home a black friend and I find him hard to resist. He is built like you and has a cock to match. He wanted me to blow him off, saying it wasn't cheating, but I ended up giving him a handjob. I feel guilty for what I did and I love my husband, but I want this black man's cock. I've been so horny lately and my husband's in bed performance has been inadequate at best. What do I do?"] Jenni didn't know why she was writing to another arrogant, obnoxious black man asking for advice with another, though it takes one to know one. After a dream where she was the various women in "Sexual Reparations", she awoke to find Manta had responded. [What you do Jenni Scott is submit. This is the opportunity for you to discover your nature. You are a slut for black cock. My Jenni Scott had similar reservations. She told me how her horniness increased tenfold when she met me and how inadequate her own husband was. He couldn't even get an erection when I was around. It's only natural for the weaker male to grow soft and limp in the presence of a superior male,and for a female to want to submit herself to a larger more powerful cock. He's right, a blow job isn't cheating. Go show that black cock how much you appreciate it.] Jenni replied to his email with thanks then clicked on the picture of Manta's Black Cock Ass Miss Simone Cum Bang Interracial Gangbang Galleries lit candle in it." "I just got my wish granted," she said pulling him in. Ray ripped her robe off as she began unbuttoning his shirt. Jenni stripped his chest, kneeling, frantically trying to get his pants off. She pulled his underwear down, smiling as she saw the red ribbon tied around his rising shaft. "There's your present." "I love it," she said. Ray was such a conceited ass, though it was the best present she'd ever gotten on her birthday. "I knew you would. I also got you this." Jenni took the bottle from him after kissing the tip of his cock. "Motion lotion?" "You're gonna need it wear I'm going. We got some unfinsihed business to take care of." By the end of the day, her ass was hooked on his cock as much as her pussy, which by the way took his entire shaft for the fist time before he left for New York. ***************** Mike got off the boat, impatient to catch a ride home. Jenni had said she couldn't pick him up and had been acting evasive since the baby came. He found out why later that day when a friend dropped him off in Salisbury. Mike burst into the house, Jenni had her back to him breastfeeding his son. She turned around a sad look on her face. He looked down and saw his son's kinky black hair and then the black face. The boy was drinking gustily from Jenni's milk-ladden breast. "There's something I have to tell you," said Jenni. Mike was hurt, shocked, stunned, but he forgave his wife. His impotence returned after he'd been to sea a month. Jenni let him fuck her, but it was never the same. he did seem to like sucking him off now, though she always sucked him long after he'd cum as if hungry for more sperm. Jenni became known around town as a cum junkie. She slept with one black man after the other in attempt to find one who could fuck like Ray. She lost count of the number of black men she sucked and fucked. The problem was they were as unsatisfying as her husband. She kept in touch with Ray via email and once in awhile one of his black friends would stay the night with her on their way South. Ray's friends were all hung musclemen and those were the nights that truly made her happy. Sometimes, if Mike was on leave, the black man would make him watch. Jenni approved as it reminded her husband why he never satisfied her anymore. After awhile, Mike seemed to look forward to the studs sleeping in his house, in his bed, with his wife. Those nights were far and few between for Jenni. She fucked a different normal-sized black man every night, sometimes two or three to better her odds of finding a hung one. Once she found a black man who'd gotten out of prison recently and had a killer body from weightlifting every day, but when he took his pants off his little seven inch dick looked pathetic sticking out of his muscle body. She yearned for big cocks constantly and eventually her yearnings turned towards New York. Ray and his buddies, the interracial porn sites she belonged too, the interracial magazines she read all originated in New York. The next time Mike came home on leave, Jenni was gone. The End