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I would like to tell you about my first gang bang experience. My boyfriend Shane and I always love to invite strangers in our bed. We usually invite another couple or pick up a lucky stud or two from a local bar to join in our lovemaking. Since Shane is such a pervert and I'm always subservient to his sexual needs and demands, we're always ready to try new things, and this one special night I was initiated into my first gang bang session. When Slut Wife Black Cock Miss Simone Cum Bang Mixed Marriages Lori was an intensly desirable girl who at the ripe old age of twenty-six found herself locked in a failing marriage with a man who was going on thirty-six and still 'hung up' on a previous relationship. She had hooked up with Dwain just after she got out of high-school and now, five years later, she wondered what she was thinking when she agreed to marry the man. They had almost nothing in common except the sex. And now, for the past year, even that had dried up. He hadn't even touched her in over three months and she was beginning to think that there must be something wrong with her. He seemed to have plenty of time for his eighteen year old daughter from his first marriage, driving a hundred and fifty miles every weekend to visit her at the boarding school she attended - but when it came to his own wife, he was either too busy or too tired to pay much attention. Lori worked as a secretary for a large industrial firm. There wasn't a lot of work to do that day and she sat at her computer terminal gazing out the window at the clear blue sky of a June day. She was looking forward to her lunch date with Jo Ann, another secretary from an office down the hall. She had met her on one of the rare occasions that her husband had decided to take her out. There was a bartending job opening up at a popular disco by the marina and he was supposed to meet someone there to see about the position. His unemployment had run out and he was getting desparate to find something and since she had been complaining about never getting to go out, he had decided to roll both of these unpleasant chores up into one package and take care of them at the same time. She remembered how excited she was at the prospect of actually getting to go dancing and having a little fun. She had bought a white cotton jump suit and a new pair of white sandles with little silver buckles just for this occasion. Her dark hair hung down to her thin waist and she had washed and blow dried it and brushed it into a sheen. She had put on a light blue eye-shadow and a matching shade of mascara to accentuate her deep blue eyes and dabbed just a touch of a sweet smelling perfume onto her slim neck. When they arrived at the club she heard the loud pounding music from the parking lot and her feet were already moving to the rhythm as they walked through the door. They found a table and ordered some drinks and she asked her husband if he would like to get out on the floor with her before the drinks came. To her chagrin, he shrugged her off and told her that that wasn't what they had come for. His mood was growing fouler every minute as it became clear that the guy he was supposed to meet about the job wasn't going to show. They had been sitting there for half an hour, sipping on the same drinks when a young woman approached them,introduced her self as Jo Ann Lyons and asked them, in what sounded to be an English accent, if she might join them for a minute. She sat down between them and after the song that was playing had ended and before the next one began she asked if anyone would care to dance. Lori remembered how her husband declined but said, jokingly and gesturing toward herself, that the one who wanted to do some dancing was sitting on the other side of her. She remembered thinking how at this point she wouldn't really mind dancing with another girl when the young woman turned to Dwain and asked him if he wouldn't mind, then, if his wife danced with her boyfriend's buddy. He had come along with them and was beginning to feel like a fifth wheel, she explained. Dwain was kind of stuck there. He had already given permission for his wife to dance with somebody and he really couldn't take it back just because her partner would be male - not without losing face anyway. So Jo Ann led her across the room where two men were sitting and introduced them to each other. Lori remembered how shocked she was when the two men turned out to be black. She remembered how she looked over to where Dwain was sitting as she walked to the dance floor with her new partner and how she would never forget the look on her husband's face as he watched her dancing with the tall man to the up-beat tune that poured with a deafening roar from the big speakers that went all around the walls. They weren't even touching each other but she knew that her husband was probably getting jealous as hell. After a couple of fast numbers a slow song came on. She remembered the little moment of awkwardness as the tall black man and she looked at each other before he took her in his long arms and they began to sway to the music. As the song went on he held her a little closer as they began to feel more comfortable with each other. The song seemed to go on forever but when it finally ended, they released their embrace and she looked around to where her husband was sitting but all she saw was the waitress clearing the table off. Dwain was nowhere to be seen. She accompanied the man back to the table where Jo Ann and her boyfriend were sitting and told them that she'd love to stay and dance some more but that she thought she was probably in big trouble and had to leave. Everyone was disappointed and they begged her to stay but she told them that she really had to go. Before she left them, Jo Ann gave her her telephone number and told her to 'ring her up ' sometime. Lori remembered how charming she thought that was and remembered thinking how nice it would be Cuckold Forums Miss Simone Cum Bang Miss Simone at Blonde Interracial Gangbang Many times I was on all fours with fat cock in all three holes at once. While my three dipping wet holes holes were being assaulted, the others blew their massive loads of hot cum on various parts of my sweaty body, mostly my face and hair. 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