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| Added: 2010-06-21
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Last time we were blessed by the presence of Baby Cakes she was in some putrid restroom naked, and doing things that would shock even the most senseless of people. Today she's back and her huge jugs bounce up and down as she strolls into this video booth where things are about to get as hardcore as the videos they show. Baby Cake's hasn't had enough of her interracial cock addiction and this gloryhole wall is the only thing separating her from a random guy who is just trying to get a nut off. Before he shows up Baby Cakes sheds all her clothing as the videos showing seems to be peeking her interest. Not too long after she's naked does a random white boy decide to walk the fine lone between legal and raunchy. Her shock turns into pure joy as her mouth goes to town on cracker cock while his hands manage to guide her beautiful ebony face. Like last time her pussy is up on the menu and she takes every inch she has before letting him drain what seems like a month's worth of goo which nails every inch of her face......and tits,too!
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