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Jada Fire is no stranger to going above and beyond when it comes to getting the biggest of dicks off. She's going to test herself once again by visiting a restroom so vile that even the homeless won't sleep there at night. It's the kind of place that your heart sinks the moment you walk in and your nose inhales the fumes of debauchery past. Once she gets herself situated she's welcomed into the gloryhole by a white cock that can barely fit comfortably through the hole. With a look of concern on her face Jada inspects the white boy's dick right before she decides to stuff it down her throat. Her fat black titties shake all around as the gloryhole wall face fucks this ebony queen. Saliva keeps hitting the floor as this cocksucking fiend does her best to get a thick coat of spit all over his dick so she can take him from behind. With an arch perfect for fucking Jada takes inch after thick inch right in her fuckhole as she screams and begs for more. It wouldn't be a complete day until Jada took a facial from a white boy who seemingly hasn't jerked off in some time.
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I am a thirty-five, year old woman who has sunk into sexual depravity, and no matter what I say, I love it and I want more. My poor husband has no idea of my cravings for black cock, all types of pussy, the depravity sexually I've sunk to, and what I'll do now to get it, and satisfy my needs. For example, my black master, and my mistress girlfriend, wanted me to get breast implants. So I talked to my husband and told him I wanted to firm up my slightly sagging breasts. He said OK after some persuading, so I went and had surgery, except I had my breasts enlarged significantly. He was furious when he saw them and said I looked like some stripper, whore (which is exactly what I wanted). He barely talked to me for a month, and we haven't slept together since. He says I'm starting to dress like a whore, and he's right. That's what I want to look like and my black lovers, my master, and my white mistress love the way I look. Plus, I will be honest, I have become a hooker sometimes for my master, and I get a lot of action because of how I look. Surprisingly, I get a lot of white women who like to dominate me, which I enjoy, and I'm going to leave my husband next month and file for divorce, so I can move in with my mistress Gail and be a slave whore whenever, and with whomever I want. She doesn't mind if I chase black cock, she even encourages it and she even watches a lot. I'm getting a face-lift and my breasts done again with all the money I've made. I want my breasts to be massive. I'm going to have them expanded to 74MM. My mistress made me start working out a year ago, and with the surgery I should look like I'm 30, and exactly like I want. It started out so strangely two years ago when we moved to a new town as my husband got promoted. I didn't have to work anymore, and we had never had kids so I had the house to myself. I was looking forward to going back to school or a lot of other activities I'd always wanted to do. We moved into a nice luxury condo and things were going well. It was the start of summer and the black building super went on a three, month, vacation across the country. His son, Jerome, who was home from college, was to take over until he got back. He came by one day to introduce him and when I opened the door I was stunned to see the most sexual man I'd ever seen in front of me. I'm a good looking, blonde, 5'7", 130 lbs., with long legs, and a nice face. Not beautiful, but nice. The main feature is my large mouth and thick lips, which I used to hate, and now I love. My best feature is my large breasts. At the time I had 46 DD, but as I said, I've since gotten surgery and they are now 54 EE. They didn't do anything to excite my husband, but black men love my tits and mouth. I had always been shy and somewhat of a prude, but this young black man was undressing me with his eyes and it made me feel funny. John, the regular super, was talking and I was trying to listen, but I was in a haze. His son smiled seductively at me as his father talked. He moved his hips and I noticed a huge bulge in his pants. He was getting a hard on while his father was talking to me and he wasn't trying to hide it. I felt myself blush and stammer something as I wrapped my arms around myself. He said good-by and his son held out his hand. I took it and an electric jolt hit me. I stammered and closed the door quickly as I could and fell back against the door. My heart was racing. What was wrong with me I thought to myself. Sex life with my husband was OK, although very infrequent the last two years. I went and took a shower and found myself in a daze playing with my pussy. The whole thing unsettled me but over the next two days I got over it. On Monday morning our building air conditioning system was getting serviced and was off. It was hot and muggy and I dressed to beat the heat. I had on a thin strapped cotton top and gym shorts and my clothes were still sticking to me. About ten in the morning the front door bell rang, and when I opened it there was the young black Adonis. He was all sweaty and was absolutely beautiful. Hi, I stammered. Hi he cooed. I see you're hot to he said as he smiled at me. Your filters need to be changed to complete this servicing and I thought as long as your husband was at work, I could do it for you. F-f-f-ine I stammered as I stepped aside and let him in. He managed to brush my breasts with his arms as he walked in and I felt myself get wet. My heart was racing as I followed him to the kitchen. He got up on the step- ladder. I asked him if he wanted some ice water and he said yes. When I turned around, he was on the ladder and his cock was clearly visible as his pants stuck to his body. I was mesmerized as I walked over and meekly said, here. He looked down at me and took the glass of water. He held my hand in his as he looked down into my eyes, and glided the cool glass to the bulge in his pants. I was in a daze, letting him rub my hand and the glass up and down the enormous length of his cock. I think I know what we both need to cool off he said. He set the glass on a shelf and reached down and put my hand on his cock. I didn't resist. I couldn't believe what was happening but I couldn't stop myself. He then told me to give him my other hand. He put that on his cock also. I was totally mesmerized by his cock. Take your top off he cooed, I want to see those beautiful breasts. I didn't even hesitate as I lifted the top over my head. He unbuckled his pants as I removed my bra. Interracialmatcher Jada Fire Gloryhole Initiations Susanreno He was staring at her again. It was a stare that caused her heart rate to increase and made her stomach flutter. The boy was very masculine and she always felt naked beneath his gaze. Darlene broke eye contact and continued teaching class. Half the boys in her classes usually stared at her, but today he was the only one. The other students were passing notes, staring out the window, and a few were sleeping. They didn't care, most had graduated and couldn't wait for school to end. The first time she had seen Jamal, he had been a skinny black kid, a nerd, complete with glasses and a brain to match. His IQ was well above genius level and he had a 4.0 gpa. He was the perfect target for the bullys in school because of his nerdy exterior and the fact that his dad was the school janitor. Some days he showed up with black eyes and bruises and he shyly kept to himself, his only friends some of the other geeks. All that changed this year. When Jamal returned from summer break he was barely recognizable. He was now as big as a pro wrestler and the glasses had disappeared. Coach had flipped when he saw the muscular black kid and recruited him for the football team. He hadn't been very good. He seemed unused to his new body, and unskilled with a football in his hands, but opposing teams soon learned that he couldn't be brought down. He had also skipped half the year and was now failing her class. On top of that Jamal seemed to have a lot of money now and Darlene was afraid he was dealing drugs, even speaking to his father about it. The janitor had replied that Jamal was working at a pharmaceutical plant outside Stoney Harbor and was making some big bucks. His father had also apparently taken whatever kind of steroid Jamal was on. He looked great and had dyed his grey afro black again. He looked fifteen years younger, more like an older brother then a father. Both men stood around six and a half feet tall towering over the other students and Darlene's small just over five foot frame. The bell went off and the teacher said, "Read chapters nineteen and twenty. There'll be a quiz on them tommorrow." The class groaned and as one stood up and headed for the door. All except Jamal that Black Dick Xxx Jada Fire Gloryhole Initiations Jada Fire at Interracial Porn Sites were. When I got home, I went to bed immediately and lay down. I fell asleep instantly. Chapter 3 I continued to see Jerome over the next two months, fucking him and his friends every chance I got. I was getting bolder, and my need was growing. He started having me double fuck his friends. The feeling of one cock in my ass and another in my pussy was fantastic. I loved it and would do groups of men at least twice a week. At times I would have a cock in each hand, one in my mouth, and one in each hole. Jerome took pictures and eventually started filming me. The thought of being so thoroughly used, and it being on film, heightened my pleasure and I became a wanton slut in front of the camera. When Jerome wasn't around I would drive down to the black section and find somebody to fuck and suck. One day Jerome was gone all day, and I dressed in a bikini, through on a coat and drove downtown. As I was driving I spotted a rather large black man on a side street by himself. I pulled to the curb fifty feet in front of him, rolled down my window, and opened my coat. I was so hot thinking about the risk I was taking to get black cock, I started playing with myself. He walked to the window, leaned down and looked in. I came. You hot bitch? Yes I whimpered, please let me suck your cock. He unzipped his pants and pulled out an enormous cock. He started slapping my face with it. What you gonna do for me bitch. Anything I whimpered as I tried to get his cock in my mouth. I want your ass. Yes I moaned. I want your pussy. YE-S- S-S-S I cried out. I want to cum all over you. Yes I cried. I'm gonna pee in your mouth and make you drink it bitch. Anything I whimpered. He shoved his cock in my mouth and I was so excited, I tried to swallow the whole thing. I gagged, but he grabbed my hair and shoved my head back down on him. I was gagging, but I was getting so wet. He reached in and ripped off my bikini top. He was literally fucking my mouth. His cock was going down my throat. I'd never deep throated anyone, and it was such a turn on I squirted cum all over the seat. He squeezed my breast hard, pinched my nipple, and twisted it. The pain shot through my brain. I tried to squirm but he had my head in a firm lock. As his cock hit the back of my throat, he came. I felt his hot cum in my throat and I came again as he twisted my nipple hard. As he slowly pulled out of my mouth he continued to cum in buckets. He pulled out and shot all over my face and hair, thick hot wads of cum. I was fingering my cunt so hard, I came again. Open your mouth bitch, he growled. I did and he peed in my mouth. Drink he said as he filled my mouth. I drank in huge gulps as his hot peed filled me. When he was done he slapped his cock on my tongue, the last drops flying all over my face. Get out he growled. I was shaking as I got out. He grabbed my hand and led me into an alley. He ripped off my coat and bottom, bent me over and started stroking his cock. Gonna get me some whore ass he growled. His cock got hard as he pressed against my ass. I opened my ass as he pushed in. He pulled out and spit in his hand. Want your ass fucked bitch, he hissed. Yes I moaned as he stuck it back in. He shoved hard as it started to go deeper. I fucked back into him, reaching back and pulling my ass apart. You're a whore he hissed. Yes, I screamed. I'm a whore, fuck me. He started to fuck me in long deep strokes. I was cumming over and over. I fucked him back as I felt him go deeper than anyone had ever gone. He fucked me for a long time and I could feel my ass start to take him easily. I bucked back into him. Fuck me with that big black cock I hissed, fuck me hard. OH-H-H-H I cried as I shook in orgasm. My legs got weak, but he held me up. He started to cum deep in my ass. It flowed in long hot streams into me. I loved it. We held still as he came in me. When he was done, he pulled out and twirled me around, pushing me to my knees. Clean me bitch, he growled. I eagerly took his cock in my mouth, tasting a mixture of his cum and my ass. I was panting so hard I was about to pass out when he pulled out and started to pee all over me. My hands involuntaryily washed my body with his pee as I moaned in a guttural sound over and over. White whore he scoffed as he tucked his cock back in his pants, turned and walked out of the alley. I was naked, on my knees in a daze in the black section of town. The whole thing turned me on. I played with myself and made myself cum again, scooping up the cum leaking out of my ass and pussy and shoving it into my mouth. I knew I was a totally out of control whore for black cock, and I didn't care. I managed to make it home and upstairs unnoticed. I took a shower and crawled into bed exhausted. I fell asleep instantly. The phone woke me up and it was my husband saying they were stuck in a long negotiation and he wouldn't be home tonight as they were all camping out in a hotel to get it done. I was thrilled. After he hung up. I showered and started to get myself ready. My pussy was sore and twitched. I needed more black cock. I knew I wanted to be used even further. I went down and knocked on Jerome's door. A sultry looking black woman opened it. She stepped aside and I walked in. Jerome saw me and immediately told me to strip. I was nervous because of the woman, but did as he asked. He ordered me to my knees and I obeyed. He walked up and took out his cock and started to face fuck me. This is the slut I was telling you about baby, he said to the woman. You want to stay around and have some fun, he said to her as he laughed? Yea she growled. It's been a long time since I had some good Interracial Gangbang Stories Jada Fire Gloryhole Initiations Interracialdatingcentral my hair and kissed my hair gently. I've never felt like that with anyone she purred. Me either I sighed as I cuddled deeper into her arms. I want you to be my woman she purred. Yes I said. She lifted my chin and looked deep into my eyes. I mean live with me and be my partner. I want to I said, but I need to know you better and I'm married right now. So you'll have to wait until I can divorce my husband, which I was going to do anyway, and there are some other things you need to know. You may not want me after I've told it all to you. I don't care Gail cooed. I'll take you anyway I can. I just know we were meant to be together. We kissed deeply and then talked for a long time about what had been happening to me sexually and how I felt. At the end she smiled and said, good, I like a wild sexy woman for a partner. Besides she cooed, I'm going to dominate you to. I sighed and fell into her body. We laid together for a long time, until I finally had to get back to the hotel. As I was leaving she got me off again with her fingers as she kissed me. I held her tight. I wanted to go home with her now, yet I knew I had to finish some things. We exchanged numbers and made plans to meet. She walked me part way to the hotel. As she left, she gave me one of the best kisses of my life. When I got back to my room, there was a message from my husband that they'd be back around 6:00 and that the dinner function was at 7:30. I wished I had stayed with Gail. I ordered drinks form room service and went and drew a bath. Without thinking I got undressed and was ready to get in when there was a knock at the door. I wrapped a towel around myself and went and looked out the peephole and it was this cute black guy. My heart raced. I quickly got on a pair of heels and shorten the towel wrapped around me. He knocked again and I opened the door. Sorry I said I forgot I'd ordered I said as I stepped aside. That's OK he said as he walked in with the trey all the time taking me in. He was young and good looking, plus he had big hands. A good sign I'd found out. As he turned I went to give him a tip and let my towel fall. Oops I said sheepishly. His eyes were huge. As I stood there. Do you like my body I asked in a slutty voice? What's not to like he said as he took the money? Our hands touched and I moved toward him and dropped to my knees. I need some big cock, I purred. Do you have a big cock for me, I asked as I unzipped his fly? All you need he said as he started undoing his belt. As his pants went down I reached in and found a thick long cock. I sighed as I pulled it out and slipped my mouth over the head. He undid his shirt as I sucked him hard. He had a nice cock and I really needed some good black dick in me. He was getting super hard and I could feel his cock fill with cum, then it exploded down my throat. He came in gallons and hard. I had trouble swallowing all of it. It tasted good. With cum still dribbling out his dick, he picked me up and laid me on the bed. He went between my legs and started eating me. Sixty-nine I moaned. What he said? Come up here I moaned and let's sixty-nine. He needed no more encouragement and was above me in a second. He was already getting hard again, and I lavished his cock with my mouth. He made me cum several times and by now his cock was rock hard again. Fuck me I moaned. Fuck me with that big black dick. He got between my legs and drove into me in one stroke. It took my breath away. I was in heaven again. I wrapped my legs around him and my arms around his neck. Fuck me hard baby I grunted. He pushed my legs back over my head and really started pounding me. Horny white bitch he growled. You need to pull a train for us. Yes I moaned, Yes, yes, yes, I want a train I moaned. Need black cock I grunted. Fuck my ass baby, I growled at him. You want me to fuck your ass bitch he growled. Yes baby I moaned. Fuck it hard. He pulled out and pushed my legs back further and slowly inserted the head of his cock in my ass. Slam me I grunted loudly. He slammed his cock all the way in and started to pound me. Bitch likes it rough, don't you? Yes I whimpered. Gonna get you a whole bunch a black cock bitch. Yes I cried out. Gonna fuck you to death bitch. Oh God Yes I cried out as I came in a huge orgasm. You fucking white bitch whore he growled as he came hard in my ass. He was still coming when he pulled out and came up to my mouth. I took him quickly all the way down my throat as he groaned and shot the rest of his load down my throat. Clean my cock good bitch he growled. I gotta pee he said. Get on the floor and put your ass in the air bitch he growled as he pulled out of my mouth. I did as he said and he came up behind me and jammed his still hard cock down in my bowels. Ah-h-h he moaned as I felt his warm pee flood into my raw ass. It was so warm and the stream was so hard I could feel it shot into my innards. I loved it. When he was done he made me run for the toilet and as I sat expelling his pee he made me clean his still semi-hard cock. You one nasty whore he growled. You come down to the basement tonight after midnight and we'll get a train going for you he growled as he got dressed. I sat in a fog on the toilet as he left. I slowly walked out and cleaned the room, opening the windows to air the room out. I got the drinks and went to the bathroom. I took the shower massage head off the hose it was attached to and gave myself a nice warm water enema, then dropped into the bath. I soaked life back into my body over the next hour. I knew the next two days were going to be wild. I loved it. I needed it. I was now the true whore I wanted to be.