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Ann and I met in 1984 while serving in the Navy together in California and we have been in a relationship since 1985. We still live in the San Francisco Bay Area just north of San Jose. We have had some of the most explosive sexual times. Right from the start I found out that she love being with Black Men and I also discovered that she treated most men the same way that men treated a lot of women. Ann is 5'4", 137 lbs, Long Blond Hair, Very Vocal, Oral, Responsive, Loves Hot Dirty Talk while she is being Fucked, She is Insatiable and Multi-Orgasmic. If she wanted to go to bed with you she let it be known that you were at the top of the her list and just because she went to bed with you once it didn't mean that it was going to happen again. Most men didn't understand that and it was hard for a few of them to deal with. I guess you could say I was different than most of the Black Men she had met, in that I not only like Fucking her and making her have some of the most Explosive Orgasms, Blacks On Blondes Forum Lux Play Gloryhole Initiations Best Cuckold Our one and only experience that qualifies for your site came on our fifth anniversary. I was 42 and my wife (my second) was 28. We live in New York where I am a fairly successful investment banker. For our fifth anniversary we took a weeks vacation at an exclusive resort in St. Maarten. I love going to beach resorts with Jennifer. In fact the beach is where I originally met her not too long after my divorce. She is a knockout in a bathing suit. She is a Florida blond, about 5'6", 105 pounds and a body that perfectly fills out a bikini. She tans great and is very athletic, so the tan really accentuates her flat abs and tight legs. She's also just a blast to be with, always smiling, outgoing, real girl-next-door type. St. Maarten was great. We went down there with the intention of doing absolutely nothing for a week except sit by the beach and pool bar, drink pina colada's all day and screw all night. Like I said it was a pretty upscale place, and most people came down from Saturday to Saturday, so you got to see the same people everyday. By Tuesday we were on a first name basis with a lot of the people around the pool. In particular I had had a number of discussions with a black man about my age named Ray. He was a Wall Street lawyer with a very highly respected firm. He was down in St. Marteen celebrating his own recent divorce, so we had quite a bit in common to talk about. From what I saw that first weekend, he was also doing very well with the single women in the resort. It wasn't too surprising since he had to be at least 6'3" and had the body of a defensive end. By Wednesday we were like old friends and when I came down to the beach after lunch while Jennifer was in the spa, I gladly took a chaise lounge next to his at the private beach. He had on dark Blacks On Cougars Trailer Lux Play Gloryhole Initiations Lux Play at Tiffany Mynx Mandingo m. and I told him to park his car so that she wouldn't see it. I had told Lee about all the things that really turned Ann on. The way she liked to get Fuck and how to keep her Orgasms going. The next day Lee came by and I told him more about the situation and I told him that when she got there I wanted him to hide in the guest bedroom. Ann called and this time I asked when she was cummming home and she said she would be there in a few minutes. Well I told Lee to get ready. I met Ann at the door and we started kissing and I started undressing her and leaving clothes all the way to the bedroom. Our bed is 90 degrees to the door so when you walk in you walk down the side of the bed. By the time we made it to the bed she was totally naked, so I pushed her back on the bed and then I went on the other side and leaned over her and started licking and sucking on her nipples. As I reached down to rub and tease her Hot Hairy Pussy Ann opened her thighs giving me free access to her Hot Wet Pussy. Dating Mixed Race Lux Play Gloryhole Initiations Gangbang as he watched her at the height of her Orgasm. He climbed up on the bed and filled Ann's open mouth full of his Cock. With my Dick still in her Pussy I got her favorite Wand Vibrator and as I put it on Her Clitoris she reach in and took control of it. I love to feel her Pussy while she is using the vibrator. It didn't take long, with My Dick still hard in her Pussy and Lee's Big Cock in her Sucking Mouth her body Quivered and jerk. Her hot mouth Moaned around his Cock as another Orgasm Racked her Hot Body. Her Sucking Mouth and swirling Tongue had Lee Cummming in no time. Ann Sucked him Deep swallowing all of his hot Cummmm and in no time I felt my balls throb and I began to bang her contracting pussy until I began to Cummmm again too. Ann and I both collapsed on the bed and Lee got off the bed and slumped into the chair. Well to say the least Ann was late getting back to work but I am sure it is a day that we will all will remember.