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You kind of wonder about the mindset of a girl like Lux Play. She's pretty enough to grace the cover of any given magazine. She's hot enough to walk a runway, yet she's using her pretty looks to do some pretty indecent things and we've got it all on camera. She's in the local adult video store looking to rent the best in interracial video whether it be Cumbang or Blacks On Blondes and chooses to watch them there rather than the privacy of her own home. It turns out this decision will be one she won't ever regret. As she's fingering her black snatch with vigor she's met by a white cock which coincidentally is the first one she's seen in person. She teases white boy by liking his fingers before taking his cock deep in her mouth. She nearly passes out from her inability to breathe through her nose which makes it that much hotter. She could have packed up her things and left right after that but she has enough time left on the booth rental so she made the choice to take him in her black slit. The screams coming from that booth must have made other patrons in the place think she was watching the tv too loud, but it was her ebony frame that was getting a pounding. With seconds left she drained his cock all over her mug and didn't let a drop hit the floor of booth that now has an interesting story to go along with it.
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I'm submitting this story because it's true, and I thought the members of B.O.B. would find it interesting. To get the full impact of it, first a little background on my wife and I. "Dee" and I are currently 36 and 39 respectively. We dated for six years before tying the knot two years ago. I can sincerely say that to me, she is the most wonderful woman on this Earth. I believe we are very happy and are looking forward to receiving our first child in a few months. While we dated, we had a somewhat rocky relationship. Although we hit it off immediately, we both had past "issues" that would often interfere with our relationship. That's a whole other story which I won't detail you with here. When it came to sex though, we had/have NO PROBLEMS pleasing each other. She's often mentioned (and I feel this way too), that her and I connect on some level above intimacy…….We seem to grasp each other's souls when we make love. It's totally cool!! Dee is a very pretty woman, inside and out! She continues to impress just about anyone she meets. She is about 5'7" and a very firm and lean 135lbs. Her measurements I believe are 36D-25-26. She's Italian and has smooth tanned skin, she has beautiful thick reddish brown hair, about shoulder-length She's very intelligent and just has a very warm and loving personality. She would be any man's dream and I was lucky enough to grab her. Aint life cool!! Dee is a Personal Trainer by profession. She mixes this physical knowledge with being an expert in nutrition and……well…..she's very successful at it. She has many clients! One "problem" we had during our dating relationship was her drinking. I couldn't understand how someone who was so into working out and keeping in shape, could drink like she did. It wasn't that she drank all the time. (she would drink to excess maybe four times a month). The thing that surprised me, was how out of control she got when she did. She would go through a cycle of emotions that after a few nights like this, I could recognize right away. First, she didn't guzzle, but would continually "sip" wine (that's what she drank) all night. After she was tipsy (usually took about three hours to get this way), she'd get very quiet. That quietness would turn to rudeness to either myself or the people we were around. That's usually when we'd leave whatever gathering we were at, sometimes a wedding, sometimes a party, sometimes just on a regular date. On Interracial Gangbang Sites Lux Play Gloryhole Initiations Teens Interracial It was a fine spring day, and Judge Robert Fulton was content. He was a County Judge in Indiana, and tall, stocky black man, with a large, thick cock, and an unlimited appetite for white pussy. He was a man of almost unlimited powers, too. As a Judge, he was responsible for the sentencing of any criminals that appeared before him. Any drug related charge was a guaranteed conviction, time in the slam if the criminal was a man. If it was a woman, there was guaranteed punishment, too. Though if it was a woman, the punishment just might take a different form- it might just include a visit to a certain school run by his friend Emily. If it did, it was guaranteed to include something else. a thorough, stark naked spanking, applied with a strop or a bamboo cane, usually applied by Jasmine, a sturdy black girl, or else by Tom, a stocky black guy. And it might, just might, include insertion of his thick black prick into an asshole. The Judge was just hell on crime in that county. Right then, there were events unfolding in Chicago that he did not know about. These events would result in his being handed two new specimens to work on, two specimens who would enable him to realize a tremendous fantasy of his. It would turn out that these two would be unaccounted for, not on any record anywhere. He could do what he pleased with them, not having to worry about difficult questions being asked that might come back to bite him later. The Judge was aa great one for doing things in such a way that his own tail was always covered. He worked closely with the Mayor of the town, the Chief of Police, the Public Prosecutor and half a dozen other officials. The Judge kept them all well fucked, and had them all implicated in his schemes, so they all knew that if any one went down they 18 Inch Black Cock Lux Play Gloryhole Initiations Lux Play at Mandingo Fantasy continue. As they lay there talking, I asked one of the guys watching them a few questions…… "So, you guys in town for training?" "Yeah…..we all jus got drafted by a popular Canadien Football team and we're done here for physical training and shit" "And so, you guys get physical exams?" "Shit yeah brutha!" We get ‘em EVERYDAY DAMN day down here! They always checking for drugs and shit…….we gotta get the full test EVERY DAMN DAY!" "What….like drug tests?" "DRUGS…..AIDS…..STD's….HEPATITIS…..all dat shit man!… aint cool! So, tonight, we bustin out……YEAH….YEAH BRUTHAS….we bustin out!" So, I thought to myself….."if everyone in this place is "clean" and since they'll be gone tomorrow…..hmm?" I couldn't believe I was thinking what I was thinking, but I had to do something about Dee's nasty drinking behavior…….or it would just continue. And believe me, no matter how "HOT" a woman is, if she can't handle herself with drugs or alcohol……it will end up a mess!…… So, I took a deep breath and walked out the door. By the time I was back into the room with my camcorder, the blonde was working her way down the back of Dee's tight body. Dee just lay there relaxed, her arms crossed, head resting to one side….smiling! The woman squeezed and massaged Dee's lower back, then moved down onto her ass. Slowly she made her way down Dee's beautiful long legs (by the way, she's got killer legs too!) then to her muscled calves and finally her feet….. Then, without hesitation, or even being asked, Dee rolled over onto her back!! The other woman, slowly made her way up Dee's body, first massaging her thighs, then her arms, then her stomach. The woman then massaged Dee's shoulders and let both hands move to one breast. Gently, she cupped the breast with one hand while with the other, let the fingers slowly circle around Dee's VERY ERECT nipple! ( I hadn't noticed until then, that they were erect……but they were……..and VERY ERECT!) The blonde seemed to take notice and looking down at Dee, smiled broadly. >From being with Dee for so many years, I know that the MOST sensitive parts of her body are her nipples and her neck, especially in the back of it, behind her ears. The woman gently squeezed and stroked the cupped breast, paying a lot of attention to the now engorged nipple. Dee slowly began to roll her head around on the bed, an obvious sign (to me) that she was liking it. After a Interacial Clips Lux Play Gloryhole Initiations Mandingo Site get on yo knees……." came another voice in the room. Slowly……VERY SLOWLY, she rolled over and onto all fours. Leaning forward, she rested her head on bed, making her ass point straight up in the air. He didn't waste anytime getting on her. Quickly, he guided his very stiff and very long cock into her ass. Her body jerked slightly as he roughly plunged into it, but she didn't say anything. This man REALLY enjoyed fucking this way! He was grunting and groaning as if he couldn't get enough of her. After ten minutes of this, Dee finally began to groan. At first it was slight, but then it grew into a loud gasping moan. Watching that long black cock go completely in and out of her that way was very intense! Finally, he groaned loudly and plunged once more into her. She raised her head up off the bed and let out a loud gasp! "…..YEAHHHH…….OH…YEAH…….YEAHHHHHHHHH" her mouth gasped over and over. After cumming in her ass, he harshly withdrew himself and gathered his clothes. Not saying a word, he left…….. Dee let her body fall forward onto the bed. Then she rolled over onto her side, next to the large black man, now snoring loudly. Now the condo was silent. All you could hear was the snoring man, and the distant sounds of waves crashing against the shoreline. Glancing over the clock on a nearby dresser, I noticed that it was 3:36 am. Dee'd be at it for OVER THREE HOURS! I gathered her up and carried her back to our condo, laying her on the couch. She stayed on that couch MOST of the next day. She was in SO MUCH PAIN in her private areas. She couldn't understand why though……..she couldn't remember anything after leaving the limo for her "walk". About two weeks after we got home, I pulled out the tapes one night after another "discussion" about her drinking behavior. We watched the tapes together. I held her constantly, as she cried. At first, she was FURIOUS with me that I didn't stop what had happened to her. But, eventually, she understood WHY I did it. In a bizarre way, that night proved to be the turning point in our relationship! She sought and got help for her problem IMMEDIATELY the next day! She hasn't had a drink in over two years and swears she will not again……. We've watched the tapes a few times together since then. The last time, she asked me if there was anything on them I liked…………I haven't gotten back to her on that yet….. Thanks! Name withheld