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Tom Hamilton stood admiring himself in the bedroom dressing mirror. He had on his wife's black stocking , garter , high heels , panties , bra, teddy , and blonde wig. He looked good and the feel of the garments made him excited. His wife had gone to the west coast for a week to visit her sister , and he'd taken the week off to be alone around the house , and enjoy the time away from his demanding wife. Tom had started dressing in his mother's clothes in junior high school and developed quite a fetish. He had continued all the way up to college. He'd gotten very little chance in college to dress up.. The only opportunities had come on vacations. He'd met Valerie in his junior year. She was a stunning blonde and had taken over and directed his life from that point on. They had been married right after college, with Valerie liking the social standing that had come with a rich husband. The next year, Tom's folks had passed away, leaving them set for life as Tom was an only child with no other relatives . He worked to have something to do. Tom was only 5' 7", an a hundred thirty pounds. Almost the same size as his wife. He'd never been athletic. And he had very little body hair. His soft body looked more like a women's than a man's. His wife dominated his life. She constantly berated him for having no ambition, and when they had sex it was on her terms. He looked at his thin long cock getting hard in the panties. He'd really missed not being able to dress up, and he was going to take full advantage of his wife being away. He heard band music coming from out side and walked to the side of the upstairs bedroom window. He stood a few feet back and looked over the fence to where the beautiful next door neighbor girl was doing what looked like cheer leading routines. It was summer and she only had on a tube top and tight spandex exercise shorts. She was a sexy thing. They had moved in next door 9 months ago. The wife was a beautiful black woman with a regal stature about her, and a full figure with large beautiful breasts. The husband was a small white man with glasses. The daughter was a stunner, with caramel color skin, long legs, a pert little butt, a sensuous face with pouty lips, and perky full breasts He saw them a lot in the morning getting into their car, as he went to work. He said Hi politely and they always replied. The girl often gave him a beautiful smile. His wife didn't want to get to know them, so their contact had been limited to those morning greetings. He started to feel his cock through the panties, rubbing up and down , getting himself hard as he watched her bounce around. God she was sexy. She moved gracefully. Her movements made her breasts stick out in her tube top, and when she bent over her firm, pert, round ass was outlined in her exercise shorts. The music ended and she went over , popped out the cassette and went inside. He sighed and returned to look in the mirror where he continued to stroke himself through his wife's panties. He could feel his balls start to swell. Suddenly he heard rock music coming faintly from next door. He walked back to the window and looked out . There she was in a string bikini, and high heeled sandals. The sight took his breath away. She lifted her leg, put it on the arm of the chair, and started to rub baby oil into her body. First one leg then the other. Tom was rock hard .He moved his wife's panties down and started to stroke his cock. She rubbed oil into her ass cheeks, and around to her tummy, pushing her hand inside her bikini bottoms as she continued. Tom was stroking hard now The sight had him totally turned on. She put on her dark glasses, grabbed her beach towel, and went into the yard and sat down. She reached up and undid her top and slipped it off. She then squirted oil out of the bottle on to her bare breasts, rubbed it in with her hands, then she laid down. Tom couldn't believe he was getting to see this beautiful young girl naked. His cum shot out of his cock and onto the window he came so hard, and it kept comming. He shook and groaned until the last bit hung on the tip of his cock. He'd never cum like that in his life. He continued to look down at the beautiful young girl, feeling flush all over his body. God , I've got to go for a swim and cool down he thought. He got out of his wife's clothes and laid them on the bed, cleaned up the cum, then got his swim trunks and headed for the back yard after slipping them on. He dove into the pool and the cool water felt good on his body. He could feel himself calming down. Boy that was intense, he thought to himself as he toweled off, walked to the pool bar refrigerator and got a cold beer. He sat down in the lounge chair next to the bar and leaned back and closed his eyes. CHAPTER TWO Hi neighbor a voice said , startling him out of his trance. He opened his eyes and looked toward the fence. There she was with her hands and face peeking over the top of the fence. I heard water splash. It's so hot. Could I come jump in your pool. S-s-s-ure he stammered. Oh goody she giggled and was gone. He could hear her heels click on the cement as she came down her walkway and up to the back yard gate. She walked in. She strode toward him with long sexy strides. She put her towel and baby oil on the bar stool right next to his chair . I'm Tanya she said. I'm Tom he stammered. God its hot, she said as she kicked off her heels walked over to the pool and dove in. She came up at the other end and grabbed the side. Boy does that feel good, she exclaimed. Her voice was high like a young girl's , but Black Dick Sucking Lux Play Gloryhole Initiations Slut Wife For Black Cock My girlfriend I had been living with and going out with for 6 years and I had a really bad fight. During our fight, it was made pretty clear to both of us that we were no longer going out, I had in fact been sleeping on the couch since the night of the fight. I don't really remember what we had fought over, but what ever it was pretty much ended our relationship. My girlfriend Caroline, was a very spirited little girl. She was a only 19 years old, and played soccer for her college soccer team. Caroline had short dirty blonde hair that was dyed orange about half way through. Since she played soccer, she was in very good shape. Her ass and legs were very toned, I used to tell her she had an ass a black man would die for because of how large it was although it was mostly muscle. Caroline might have been only about 5 foot 4 inches tall, but she the Black Sucking Lux Play Gloryhole Initiations Lux Play at Cuckold Videos I didn't say you could touch yourself you faggot. Tom froze. She stared at him as lust swept her body and she came again and again. Finally Susan slowly worked her way up her body until they met in a kiss. I think it's time for some fun Tanya giggled. Are you ready baby. I sure am Susan giggled. They got out of the pool and walked toward the house. Come slave Tanya said over her shoulder as she picked up the blue bag and walked into the house, hand in hand with Susan. Tanya led Susan up the stairs, and Tom followed in a trance. Get that slutty red outfit you had on last night, Tanya cooed. Tom did as he was told. He stood there. Well, Tanya snapped, put it on. Yes mistress, Tom whispered. What did you say Tanya commanded. Yes Mistress, Tom said in a loud voice. Susan giggled. Feel his body Tanya cooed to Susan, its just like a woman's. Susan came over and got on the bed on her knees and got close to Tom and started rubbing her hands over his chest and legs. Her huge breasts rubbed against him. This is so great Susan gushed. Suck my tits she commanded Tom. Tom eagerly sucked in her beautiful nipple. Yea, Susan moaned. Tom licked and sucked her breasts as he finishes hooking his nylons to his garter. Susan stroked him. He's rock hard Susan giggled. He loves it Tanya laughed. Come here slave Tanya snapped, time for your make up. She and Susan made up his face. Susan giggled all the way, with she and Tanya taking breaks to kiss. When they were done Tom saw a whore's face in the mirror. Tanya handed him his wig. Once on and brushed out she made him stand up and turn for them. Susan laughed. God he looks like a woman. A woman whore. Just think what female hormones and breast implants would do form him Tanya cooed as she leaned forward and kissed Susan deeply. Susan swooned. Come on Tanya cooed its time to have some fun as she led them downstairs. Oh I have to pee Susan said. Where's the bathroom. Right here Tanya said as she led Tom to the middle of the room, put him on his knees and made him lean way back. Tanya took Susan and placed her with spread legs over Tom's Face. He'll drink it for you she said, just control your flow so you can get it all in his mouth. Susan spread her lips as Tom opened his mouth. God this is so cool she squealed as pee shot into his mouth. Tom felt the warm liquid run down his throat as he swallowed as fast as he could. The beautiful young girl was using him and it turned him on. He saw a flash, and knew Tanya was taking pictures. When she finished Tom licked her clean. She started bucking on his face. Oh Yea, make me cum she hissed as she started to shake. Tom tasted her rich cum mixed with her piss and shot a load of cum straight up in the air without being touched. Oh Susan yelled in delight as Tanya snapped more pictures. It really turns him on she giggled. Yea I know laughed Tanya. Now it's my turn Tanya hissed. As Susan continued to rub her cunt on his face, Tanya went to the bag and brought out a leather cock ring. She wrapped it around his cock and balls then pulled it tight before fastening it. Turn over slave she hissed. Susan moved and Tom got in the doggie position. She hooked clothes pins to his balls as Susan watched with wide eyes. Go girl Susan hissed. Once done Tanya took out the whip and started whipping Tom's ass and back. You're just a nasty slut whore she screamed. We're gonna give you what you deserve and want. You want to be my slut, Don't you, Tammy. Yes he cried. Yes clapped Susan, we'll call him Tammy. Do you want me to turn you into a woman, Tammy, Tanya whispered in his ear. Yes mistress he cried. She stood up and walked boldly to the bag. She pulled out a strap-on dildo for herself, and one for Susan. Lets fuck the bitch Tanya growled. Tom watched as they both strapped on the dildos as they giggled and groped each others breasts. Tanya was so beautiful it still amazed him she was here with him. He knew he wanted to please her and be her slave. Tanya got behind Susan and drove her dildo into her pussy as Tom watched. Susan groaned in ecstasy. Tanya jerked out, much to Susan's dismay, and walked to Tom. Get on your back like a good slut so I can fuck you with Susan's juices she cooed. Tom got on his back quickly. Hold his legs back Tanya said to Susan as she started slapping his swollen clothes-pinned balls. The pain was tremendous. She kept it up until she'd slapped off all the clothes pins. She then took a tube of lotion, inserted it in his ass hole and squeezed. Tom felt the lotion flow into him. Tanya moved up and inserted her cock in his ass hole, then shoved with all her might. A-a-agh he screamed as she tore into him. she pulled back and rammed in again. He was thrashing, but held securely by Susan. Tanya started to fuck him steadily. Take it slut Tanya hissed. Show your mistress how much you love her. The pain started to go away, replaced by a burning hot sensation that felt good. He started to respond. That's it slut, Tanya cooed. Fuck me like the woman you are. That really turned Tom on and he started moving with her. Take pictures Tanya said to Susan as she pointed at the Polaroid. Susan giggled as grabbed the camera and started to snap. Tanya posed for the pictures, smiling at the camera, putting both hands on her waist as she now easily fucked in and out of his ass hole. You love it don't you slut. Yes mistress, Tom gasped as she continued to thrust into him. She started slapping his rigid cock with her open hand. He screamed in pleasure as much as pain. My turn, My turn, Susan whimpered. All right Baby, Tanya cooed Andi Anderson Blacks On Blondes Lux Play Gloryhole Initiations Black On Blonde good she moaned as her body shook and her ass hole constricted around his tongue. She came on his forehead. When she got up she could see he was a little green, fighting back getting sick. Go to the bathroom and puke all that up, clean up and come back in here she commanded. Yes Mistress Venus he mumbled as he ran to the bathroom. He could hear Tanya say, see mom, I told you he was great. CHAPTER TEN When he returned mother and daughter were talking like two school girls. They giggled, then Carmen turned her attention to him. You're very good for the short time you've been in training she said in a business like manner. Toilet slavery is the ultimate statement of a slaves devotion and normally takes months to get there. Your devotion and commitment is obvious and I give permission for my daughter to continue your schooling. Do you want to be made into a woman Tammy. Yes Mistress Venus. Is there anything that might stop you from continuing? My wife returns on Monday Tom, said. We'll eventually have to handle her she said in a haughty tone. I want you to realize, Carmen said, that transformation requires you start on female hormones right away, and that soon you'll have to get breast implants. I think you'd look good with large breasts. Would you like to have large breasts Tammy. Oh yes Mistress Venus. You will have to have other cosmetic surgery and probably collagen in your lips and silicon in your ass cheeks. Are you willing to do all that. Yes mistress he replied eagerly. My my, the whole idea excites you doesn't. Yes Mistress Venus, its something I've dreamed about all my life. Eventually we'll take you to Europe to a doctor I know and he'll make your cock into a beautiful pussy. Is this what you want. More than anything Mistress Venus he replied. His heart was racing. She appraised him for a while. You will make a beautiful woman she said. You're already beautiful and have all the right features and build. Do you like cock. Yes Mistress Venus, he whispered as he blushed. Don't be shy Carmen said. If you want to be a woman you must like cock. Tomorrow I want you two to rest and pamper each other. Friday, Tammy, you will go to the boutique on this piece of paper and ask for Eileen. She will be expecting you. She will make you up and select some outfits for you, one you will wear. After that, you will go to Doctor Bronston's office, and she will evaluate you and provide you with your initial hormones, a diet to follow, and some medication to protect you when you do toilet sex. Then you will go back to the club you met Clyde at, and spend the rest of the day. You will be by yourself, and you need to really let go and be all the woman you want to be. Do you understand. Yes Mistress Venus, Tom replied in an excited tone as his heart raced. You will need about $1,000, is that a problem. No Mistress he replied. Good she said. I think its time we all got some rest. When he got home he pranced around the house. He was so excited. The night had been unbelievable. Tanya was incredible, but Carmen was extraordinary. He got turned on thinking about being their toilet. There was something about the act that turned him on. He went upstairs and primped in front of the mirror. He was thinking how fantastic he looked when the doorbell rang. He panicked until he heard Susan's voice. He went down quickly, and brought her inside. She was a little drunk. He hoped the neighbors hadn't heard her. Susan strutted into the living room and started removing her dress. You guys left me she whimpered as her dress dropped and she turned. God she's beautiful Tom thought. They fucked me to death for they'd let me go she slurred. She swayed a little. You look beautiful she said as she finally focused on Tom. Thank you he said. Makes no difference she mumbled. You left me, she said as she turned and spread her legs and put her hands on her ass cheeks and pulled them apart. So you have to clean me, and I have a lot off cum in me. Its been running out all the way over, so get over here you slut she hissed. Tom saw the white trails of cum and quickly knelt behind her. As his tongue licked around her ass catching the cum that was already out, his mind flashed on the image of her fucking all three men as they had left. He went wild, his tongue driving in and out of her ass hole, licking up every drop of cum. Oh God Yes Baby, Susan cried out. Go for it. I saved it for you , you slut. Oh God that feels so good she moaned. He moved under to her pussy for a while, then back to her ass. He licked her legs, then back to her ass hole again. Yea baby, Susan purred in her little girl voice, eat that black cum. I have to pee she mumbled. He put his mouth over her pussy as she spread her lips for him. Her piss shot down his throat. She sighed as she pissed a continuous stream. It seemed to go forever. When she was done he cleaned her. More in my ass she mumbled. He went back and she spread herself and squeezed. He could see more cum coming out. He licked her clean. It continued, she squeezed, he cleaned. Finish it she groaned. His tongue lapped deeper and deeper into her until she was moaning. She started playing with her pussy. Keep going. I'm going to cum she moaned. She shook and her ass hole constricted around his tongue as she came. Oh God She sighed, that feels so good. I want to go to bed she slurred. He picked her up in his arms and took her upstairs, where he undressed her and put her to bed. He put on a silk teddy and crawled in next to her. She cuddled into him He felt wonderful. What would he do when his wife came home?