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Our next door neighbors got transferred out of state so we were used to the real-estate people bringing people to look at the house. The next thing we know there is moving van unloading furniture. Joan and I wondered who our new neighbors were but we only saw the moving people. A couple days later a Volvo pulls in the driveway and a well dressed couple with three children get out and go in the house. I was at work so Joan went to welcome them to the neighborhood. When I got home our kids were excited about the new kids next door. They were telling me how much fun they had playing with them as Joan came out of the kitchen. She told me about meeting them and that they were our age. She said their older children are the same ages as ours. After dinner we have been invited over so you can meet them. All during dinner all I heard was how nice they are and how much I'm going to like them. I got a surprise when I knocked on their door and was greeted by a tall handsome black man. His face lit up as he said in a very British accent you must be Bruce I'm Luther, please do come in. His kids came running to see us then his wife came carrying and infant. Luther said this is my lovely wife Diane and Anne our youngest, Ben and Sarah. He told the kids to go in the family room and play quietly. Diane asked if we would like something to drink and Joan went to help her. As we talked we found common interests and became very comfortable. When Joan and Diane returned it was as if they had known each other all I their lives. I had a hard time not staring Big Black Dick Picture Lux Play Gloryhole Initiations Biracial Chat She took his throbbing manhood in her hands. Her bosom heaved as the cowboy spoke, "Your beauty caused that." The muscular cowboy picked her up in his strong arms, his lips approaching hers... Tracy quit typing and saved her new novel, her fifteenth in four years. The young woman was taking the romance world by storm, writing under the pseudonym Lacy Lovelorn. Tracy Lovelace-Hardcastle sighed as the familiar warmth spread through her body. Getting to the sex scenes in her books always got her all hot and bothered. Unfortunately, her husband was often away on business and couldn't take care of her cravings, but then when he was here, he didn't take care of her cravings either. Making love hadn't lived up to the descriptions in the romance novels she had gotten hooked on as a teenager. She hadn't even seen an erection on her husband in a month and her writing had her more aroused then usual, since spring it seemed as if she were constantly horny. Tracy Hardcastle sighed and left her den to take a shower. She had to do some publicity photos for her new bosses. The little publisher she wrote for had been bought out and absorbed by E&I Publishing. They wanted her to do some layouts to be used in magazine articles and promotional material. Tracy enjoyed modeling and when dressed as her alter-ego, Lacy Lovelorn, artists had often used her as the model for the women on the covers of her books, they just changed her hair color to match her characters. Tracy had the long flowing hair and heaving bosom of her heroines. Her hair was more reddish, then blonde and fell to curl around her nipples. Her skin was the beautiful, pale white of most red-heads, mostly unblemished, with just a few faint freckles around her cheeks that gave her an innocent appearance. She had a models thin waist and flat stomach, but her breasts and rear-end were plumper then most models. Her breasts were large and full, but were quite firm, high up on her chest, giving her impressive cleavage when dressed in the bodice of a romance heroine. None of that was apparent as Tracy waited for her ride. She was dressed in baggy sweats, with her hair up in a pony tail and no make-up on. Dressed like this, men Big Black Cock Slut Lux Play Gloryhole Initiations Lux Play at Black White Singles both nervous and excited waiting for Friday to come. Friday finally came. Joan was so nervous you'd think she was getting married. I had the bedroom all set up with chairs for Diane and me. At 10:00 we heard a tap at the back door and I let Diane and Luther in. Diane was wearing a sheer robe over baby doll pjs. Luther was wearing a beach robe over a pair of shorts. They looked more like they were going to the beach than coming to fuck my wife. I led them into our bedroom and asked if anyone wanted a drink. Diane was the only one to answer. Luther and Joan were focused on each other. He started kissing her and running his hands over her ass as they rubbed bellies. I returned quickly and closed the door as I didn't want to miss anything. Luther had Joan's robe and had laid her on our bed as he started kissing her boobs. I handed Diane her drink and sat down without taking my eyes off Luther and my wife who was starting to moan and run her hands thru his hair. Luther still had his shorts on as he moved down to give Joan's pussy a good licking. Joan was hotter than I can ever recall. She was moaning louder and telling him how good he was. Luther slid his shorts off as he kissed his way back up Joan's tummy. When his cock sprung free of his shorts I got a surprise and I knew Joan was in for a big surprise when she felt the huge cock pointed at her pussy it had to be ten inches long and at least twice as thick as mine. I said it must be true what the say about black men. Diane laughed and said not all men are created equal most black Mandingo 4 Lux Play Gloryhole Initiations Darksecret Her legs wrapped around his pumping ass. Every time his cock hit bottom she would grunt. The room was filled with raw sexual heat. The sights, sounds and smells were really getting to Diane and I making me wish it was me fucking Joan instead of Luther however the thought that another man, a black man was fucking my wife trying to get her pregnant that supercharged the experience. I tried to resist touching my cock but I was so hot I couldn't stop myself. My hand was moving in time with Luther's ass. I was so captivated by their performance I forgot Diane was sitting next to me. I had been sitting to the side of the bed but I wanted to watch as Luther's balls pumped my wife's belly full of his sperm. Just as I was getting ready to come, Diane took my hand off my cock and put her mouth on it sucking until I blasted my load down her throat. As soon as I recovered from our climax I dove between Joan's legs and licked her pussy clean. Afterwards we were laying around and Diane said I don't know what came over me I was hotter than I ever have been watching Luther and just couldn't resist. Luther grinned and I thanked her for the pleasure. I got some refreshments and we sat around talking until Luther started making out with Joan in minutes he had Joan so hot she was begging him to fuck her. I was both jealous and very turned on watching him in action. I knew there was no way I could ever hope to equal his sexual expertise and Joan would be going to him for sexual satisfaction and I would have to be content with sloppy seconds.