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Mia Peach comes to us from Sin City, Las Vegas. If she thought her city had the market cornered on debauchery and complete perversion then she's in for a rude awakening. With the Internet at her fingertips she did her homework and found this gloryhole where tales of sexual encounters were spoken of. With a sexual appetite that rivals that of an undersexed housewife Mia made the trek to find out what the rage was all about. Not only did she find a mammoth cock but it was a white one with no face to go along with it. Not one to be outdone by previous sluts Mia was soon taking in that peckerwood down her mouth moments after her clothes were off showing a body that was built for fucking. After she was done kneeling at the wall she arched that black ass up in the air so her black pie could get stuffed until his balls were slapping her wet clit. She needed proof to show her girlfriends that she did some dirty deeds so she jerked, sucked, and did all she could to make sure he blew a gusher of a load all over her face.
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