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Mia Peach comes to us from Sin City, Las Vegas. If she thought her city had the market cornered on debauchery and complete perversion then she's in for a rude awakening. With the Internet at her fingertips she did her homework and found this gloryhole where tales of sexual encounters were spoken of. With a sexual appetite that rivals that of an undersexed housewife Mia made the trek to find out what the rage was all about. Not only did she find a mammoth cock but it was a white one with no face to go along with it. Not one to be outdone by previous sluts Mia was soon taking in that peckerwood down her mouth moments after her clothes were off showing a body that was built for fucking. After she was done kneeling at the wall she arched that black ass up in the air so her black pie could get stuffed until his balls were slapping her wet clit. She needed proof to show her girlfriends that she did some dirty deeds so she jerked, sucked, and did all she could to make sure he blew a gusher of a load all over her face.
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For the last three years, I have been teaching English as a Second Language. I have had several students at various levels and for various lengths of time. Two years ago I had started working with Wu. He was Chinese and a project manager at a local car factory. He was a very intelligent man and probably had a vocabulary that surpassed mine, but he pronunciation needed some sharpening. When I first started working with Wu he was alone, but soon his wife, Betty, moved to the US. Betty was a nickname, I'm not sure if I could pronounce her Chinese name. Like many Chinese students, she had taken an American name in English class and used it when she moved to here. A combination of several things led to my working on Betty's English. The main reason was Wu would never be on time for our meetings. He always had one complication or another at the factory that needed attending. So while I waited for him, I would work with Betty. Like Wu, she had a very good understanding of written English, but on the other hand, her ability to use the language was at a much lower level. So our conversations called for many hand gestures, pictures drawn on a tablet and many facial expressions. I didn't enjoy the fact that Wu was often late, but working with Betty was a pleasant compensation. She was eager to learn and attractive. For an Asian Mandingo Black Cock Mia Peach Gloryhole Initiations Cuckold Wimp "Where we headed?" asked Alisa. "His club is just outside New York City, in Jersey," said Debbie not taking her eyes off Lamar's truck in the distance. "New York! That's two hours away." exclaimed Kerry. "Relax, you can all crash at my place." Debbie lived in New York City. "Todd will be worried," said Alisa thinking about her fiance. It was her bachelorette party. "He's probably bombed out of his mind and looking at his own stripper." "Not my Toddy." Alisa had lucked out and found someone just like herself, conservative, moral, and not much of a drinker. He had money too and they were looking to start a family almost immediately. Eventually, the car carrying the four women arrived at the strip club pulling up behind Lamar. Debbie didn't wait for the other girls to exit the car, she just hopped out and ran straight to Lamar. She seemed infatuated with the black stripper with the blonde hair and huge cock. Sherie felt a strong desire for the stripper too after seeing him wave that giant black snake under her nose. Sherie got out of the car followed by Alisa and Kerry. The place had closed up about an hour ago and the parking lot was near deserted. It had started raining about a half hour ago. The only people she could see was a white woman with a black man. The woman was sitting on a car hood with her legs wrapped around the back of a muscular black man. They were kissing passionately ignoring the rain. A big neon Shyla Stylez Mandingo Mia Peach Gloryhole Initiations Mia Peach at Arzun Blacks On Blondes glimpses of her breasts and after 20 minutes of this voyeurism I could no longer concentrate. This time was a little different. I felt I needed to explain to her why I had left. That it was not her fault, instead she worried I would probably stop the lessons if it happened again. I also told her why I thought I could not only teach her. She nodded and said she understood. This was a very frustrating situation for me. Since Betty was such a diligent student she was progressing very quickly. As a teacher, you understand that it is up to the student's wishes how fast they learn. Occasionally you can find a way to spark those desires, but mostly you hope the embers are burning already and all it takes is a little fanning to get the fire going. It was mix of desires and emotions in the room as we talked. I really regretted the fact that I might have to end my lessons. But other things seemed to be going on. It was especially hot in the apartment and it seemed that Betty had her shirt unbuttoned an extra button, which really wasn't much since she often had her shirts completely button. As we talked, I noticed that heat had affected the cantaloupes. The cantaloupes were at peak ripeness and giving off a pungent aroma. It's overly used cliché, but I was filled with desire, but unsure of which melons I wanted Angel Long Blacks On Blondes Mia Peach Gloryhole Initiations Black Monster Cock the last time she let this orgasm flow out of me. As my orgasm poured out of me, Betty clamped her teeth into my chest. Her bite would leave me marked for several days; making a smile to appear on my face each time I saw it in the mirror. Throughout my orgasm and the biting, she did not miss a beat. She continued to grind her pussy down on me, eventually causing her to tense as solid as a ceramic tea cup, then releasing to softness. My thoughts drifted as though I was dreaming. I longed to just lie with Betty, but I knew if I remained on the bed listening to her gentle purring, I would soon be asleep. I knew the telephone would eventually ring and I didn't want this fantasy to end... yet. "That was wonderful," I whispered. It was the kind of wonderful that when you say 'wonderful' you only wish there was a more powerful word to express the sentiment. You wish that, and hope it will happen again. My penis softened and I pushed Betty's hips up. She held the condom against my penis so it would slide out of her, as I did. Betty rolled beside me and curled up against me. I kissed the top of her head, her forehead and then her lips. A passionate kiss that explained how much I had enjoyed our lovemaking so far. A kiss that hints at a desire for more. I pulled my arms around her and we hugged tightly.