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Stacey tells us right up front that she's 26, and from Philly, and that she's hoping for some fun in this bathroom as she heads in and checks things out. The management has finally decided to do something about all the nasty graffitti all over this restroom, and has just finished a first coat of primer, but the nastiness still shows. Stacey strips revealing a surprisingly small tight ass for a black girl, and starts rubbing up her tawny poon in anticipation of something more to her liking. Soon a very large white dick joins her through the gloryhole in the wall, and Stacey can't wait to see how far she can get this fat monster down her throat! She sucks it up to full glory, then stretches her slender leg up to jam it into that slick crevice nestled between her athletic legs. After she gets her fill of this white whale, she takes Moby Dick back in her mouth and jerks and sucks him off until she's got a fresh glazing on her pretty black face!
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Ann stepped off the bus and looked up at the sky in awe. The skyscrapers strived to reach heaven like the tower of Babel from the bible. New York City, the most famous skyline in the world, was even more amazing then she imagined. Ann had just stopped at the bottom of the bus, staring at the city sights and she was rudely pushed out of the way by the other disembarking passengers. She moved out of the way still staring as she collected her bags. New York was both beautiful and ugly. The buildings were amazing, but they were also a dull gray and the curb stank of exhaust fumes. It was also the noisiest place she had ever been, car horns were constantly honking and brakes were squealing. Ann heard the word "fuck," three times in five minutes, mostly from taxi drivers yelling at one another. This certainly wasn't Idaho. "Excuse me Miss, but would you happen to be a model?" said a deep voice. Ann had just gotten her bags and turned towards the voice. A well dressed, young black man was sitting on a bench reading the Wall Street Journal. "Yes I am," she answered, then added, "Well actually no, but I'm looking to become a model or maybe an actress." "My name's Latrell," he said standing up to shake her hand. The black man towered over her five feet eight inches by almost a foot. He was only about the tenth black person, she had ever seen. Latrell was both handsome and charming. He wore a well tailored suit beneath an open trench coat. He was young, probably only about twenty two. Ann dropped her bag and shook his hand noticing how his large beefy hand completely engulfed her small dainty one. His handshake was firm, but gentle. "Ann, Ann Dutton," she introduced herself. "I'm a photographer with the E&I modeling agency," he said handing her a card. "If your looking for work give me a call. We're always looking for a fresh face." "Well sir, I'll consider it," said Ann grinning from Cuckold Hotwives Stacey Dollar Gloryhole Initiations Free Black Cock First of all let me just acknowledge what a turn-on and inspiration this site has been for me to fulfill my lusty desires. I am a 32 year old, attractive and happily married woman who, in the past three years, has been fantasizing about giving my body to a strong, romantic and well-endowed black man. This is a short letter about how I became turned on to the idea of a black sexing experience and about my very recent first encounter. My husband and I enjoy an active sex life. Three years ago he began to Avy Scott Mandingo Stacey Dollar Gloryhole Initiations Stacey Dollar at Black Cum knew she looked good. Latrell had also provided her high heels and she paraded around the room in her heels, stopping to pose with one hand on her hip. A perfect performance, but she missed the applause of an audience. "Very nice Miss Dutton," said Latrell. "Now go try on the bikini." Tyrone grunted in agreement. Ann almost protested, but instead she nodded and returned to the dressing room. She stripped off the one piece and picked up the bikini. She could barely understand what went where. She stepped into the panties and slid them up her legs. The small patch of material in the front wasn't enough to completely cover her pubic hair, and she was embarrassed to see hair sticking out the sides. She would have to trim herself when she got back to her apartment. The back of the bikini bottoms didn't have any material, just a thin string that slid up between her butt cheeks. She tied the strings on the sides and spun around looking at her bare ass in the mirror. You couldn't even see the string. The top was similar to the bottoms. Two thin patches of material just covered her nipples, exposing just a hint of areola out the tops. The rest was all string. She lifted her hair and tied the strings together behind her neck and then behind her back. Ann looked at herself in the mirror liking how she looked except for the contrast between her white and tan skin. She was a little nervous exposing this much of herself to two strangers, but all the super-models were swimsuit or lingerie models.and if she was to become famous, she'd have to start somewhere. The biggest thing that had bothered her was that the two men didn't seem to really notice her when she had modeled for them, but then they saw beautiful women every day, plus they were black and probably didn't find white women attractive. Well, she would just have to make them notice her. Ann flicked up her top, exposing her breasts. Calli Cox Blacks On Blondes Stacey Dollar Gloryhole Initiations Blacks On Blondes Rrt "Great job today Ann," said Latrell handing her an envelope stuffed with cash. As she reached down to take the money, Ann gasped when she saw that Latrell had a bulging erection that looked even bigger then Mark's. She snatched the money and headed for the door. As she was leaving she noticed the blonde girl following Mark and Latrell over towards the bedroom set, probably to clean up. Ann wished she could stay to help, but she was anxious to get away from the studio and those big black cocks. She surreptitiously counted the money when she got in a taxi, then recounted it. It was only $300, not enough to pay her rent, let alone her credit cards. ******************** "I see things went well," said Latrell walking into Tyrone's office. Tyrone grunted and finished wiping his cock off on Carol's nude body splayed out on his desk. Carol had a dazed look on her face. Tyrone sat down between her legs and watched his sperm dripping out of the gaping hole that had once been Carol's tight little married pussy. He looked back up at Latrell. "Man you should see the vid clip of that bitch getting her pussy shaved," he said. The new video had already sold 400 copies and was still climbing. Plus, it had boosted Ann's first video sales up." Latrell said, "You should see some of the pictures. Man, the look on her face when she first saw Mark's cock will make us a fortune all by itself. "Good," said Tyrone. "Have them developed immediately and we'll post them on E&I's interracial sites and get them out to the mags. Did the video's get it all?" "Yes sir," answered Latrell. "I thnk we'll get some good vid clips out of it. The jungle scenes will be the best. Mark actually lifted her loincloth up with his cock." Tyrone was laughing as Latrell left to develop the film. He looked at Carol, she was just starting to recover and so was Tyrone. His cock was stiffening up once again.