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Stacey tells us right up front that she's 26, and from Philly, and that she's hoping for some fun in this bathroom as she heads in and checks things out. The management has finally decided to do something about all the nasty graffitti all over this restroom, and has just finished a first coat of primer, but the nastiness still shows. Stacey strips revealing a surprisingly small tight ass for a black girl, and starts rubbing up her tawny poon in anticipation of something more to her liking. Soon a very large white dick joins her through the gloryhole in the wall, and Stacey can't wait to see how far she can get this fat monster down her throat! She sucks it up to full glory, then stretches her slender leg up to jam it into that slick crevice nestled between her athletic legs. After she gets her fill of this white whale, she takes Moby Dick back in her mouth and jerks and sucks him off until she's got a fresh glazing on her pretty black face!
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