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Stacey tells us right up front that she's 26, and from Philly, and that she's hoping for some fun in this bathroom as she heads in and checks things out. The management has finally decided to do something about all the nasty graffitti all over this restroom, and has just finished a first coat of primer, but the nastiness still shows. Stacey strips revealing a surprisingly small tight ass for a black girl, and starts rubbing up her tawny poon in anticipation of something more to her liking. Soon a very large white dick joins her through the gloryhole in the wall, and Stacey can't wait to see how far she can get this fat monster down her throat! She sucks it up to full glory, then stretches her slender leg up to jam it into that slick crevice nestled between her athletic legs. After she gets her fill of this white whale, she takes Moby Dick back in her mouth and jerks and sucks him off until she's got a fresh glazing on her pretty black face!
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Mike Boyer felt ill when he saw the giant black man board the plane. "Great, he's here," he said sarcastically. "That's Jack!" whispered Ali. "My god, he's huge. You never told me he was black." Mike shrugged. His rival was decked out for vacation, sunglasses around his neck, shorts, sandals, and a Hawaiian shirt open enough to show the replica of a viking hammer necklace that he always wore. Jack Hammer was around 6'6" with very dark skin and a flat top haircut. "Yo yo what's up, Mikey? Ready for some fun in the sun? Move over, I'm too big for the window seat." "I can't sit by the window," said Mike's wife. She was a nervous flyer. Mike got up and moved leaving his wife in the seat between the two coworkers. "Aren't you bringing one of the girls from the office?" asked Mike buckling his seat belt. "No, canceled on me at the last minute." "Oh," said Mike confused. Jack had a steady stream of female coworkers with the hots for him. Several had openly campaigned to get invited to go on vacation with him. "You must be Ali," said Jack holding out his hand and gently squeezing her little white one into his big black one. "John J Hammer. I feel like I already know you. I see your picture on Mikey's desk every day. It doesn't compare to meeting the real thing." "Thank you," said Ali blushing. Mike kept a picture of her in a bikini from their honeymoon six years ago. Jack didn't let go of her hand until he finished talking and Ali felt an odd fluttering in her stomach as he touched her. "Nice of Mr Gilbert to let you both go on vacation." "It sure was. Ain't that right Mikey?" Mike nodded. The two men worked for a plastics company in upstate New York Black Cock Show Stacey Dollar Gloryhole Initiations Black Cock King "Fuck you beetch," yelled the fat black woman with her thick Haitian accent. Susan Kelly turned around her face flushing red with anger. "Listen and listen good. I order you to cease all business dealings immediately pending a hearing before the state board of health. Jesus woman, there's a headless chicken on floor. "He's keepin watch on the spirit world fo me, bitch and don't be sayin that name in my home." "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus," said Susan slamming the door as she left the voodoo shop. Mama Juju spit and mumbled a curse at the woman walking down the alley towards Bourban Street. Her eyes widened as she saw the heavy set man waiting for the inspector. So the woman was Joe Kelly's wife. The real estate baron had been trying to buy Mama Juju's store for a year. Apparently he had found another way to force her to sell. She returned to her living room to watch Oprah when she heard the chicken bones hanging over her door rattle as someone entered her shop. "We closed,' she yelled. "Oh sorry, I'm just looking for something to help me," called a male voice from her store. "Oh shit," said Mama Juju hauling her large frame off her couch at her second interuption of the day. She walked into her store seeing a young medium built black man looking around her things. "Let me guess, love potion." The man blushed, "No," he said. "Revenge then, you want that I give someone warts?" "No, I need more specialized help." "What is it then mon," said the voodoo woman. "Spit it out." "I-I want you to make my penis bigger," said the man. Mama Juju held her head back and laughed so hard her body jiggled. She walked over to the man and grabbed his crotch causing him to jump. "Your cock, it feel nice to me mon. How big is it?" "Six inches when hard." "Thats a fine size for a cock boy. Why if I was thirty...ten years younger I'd fuck you meself." The man was clearly uncomfortable, so Mama Juju reluctantly let go of his crotch. "I know it's average maam, but you see, me and my buddy, we in this band and we just got this new girl singing with us and man is she hot. Well we both wants to fuck her. Jean, thats my buddy, he's this big womanizer and I've seen him naked, his cocks about eight inches..." "Slow down boy," interupted Mama Juju shaking her head. "What's your name?" "Marcus, Marcus Gerard." "Well Marcus Marcus Gerard, why don't I just give you a powder to make ya friends cock wither away?" "No. no, I couldn't do that," said Marcus. "He's my best bro. I just wants to beat him out for a change." "What makes you think I can help you?" "My grandma was a voodoo woman, dad swore she could do anything." "Come back tonight boy Unwanted Interracial Creampie Stacey Dollar Gloryhole Initiations Stacey Dollar at Kacey Blacks On Blondes and equally pretty. Ali straddled Mike's legs and started unbuttoning his shirt. Mike was a very pale white compared to Ali's slightly darker complexion. He was very skinny, his ribs sticking out around his sunken hairless chest just above a slight paunch. He had no upperbody strength, his muscles when he flexed only slightly larger then his wife's. He was also ass-less and wore his belt tight to hold his pants up. Ali fumbled with the belt, then with the buttons on his jeans, and finally with his zipper. She got off him long enough to pull his jeans off, leaving him in just his tube socks and white fruitees. Ali reached behind her and unhooked her bra, freeing the perfect globes Mike never tired of looking at. He was surprised to see her nipples were rock hard, swollen and puffy. Mike got another surprise when she pulled her panties off. "You shaved?" "You'll see why tomorrow," she said, winking at him. Ali grabbed the rim of her husband's underwear and pulled them off. Ali stared at his penis in anticipation, but his genitalia had shrunken up into his scrotum. His entire nut-sack was only the size of a golfball and his penis was as large as her thumb. She took it between her thumb and forefinger, pulling it to help stretch it out, but it just snapped back into his scrotum not moving. She pulled again, but Mike's penis showed no signs of hardening. Ali's smile left her face when she realized she wasn't going to get laid that night and she was the horniest she'd ever been. "What's wrong with Mr Big?" she asked, perturbed. "Tired from the flight I guess," said Mike. He was a little worried about it himself. It had never failed to get hard when Ali touched Cuckold Website Stacey Dollar Gloryhole Initiations Mandingo Spring thought so," said Jack and all three people beat him. "You can't win with a thirteen, Jack," said Ali. "Sometimes, you can." They played some more and Mike actually ended up winning some money which put him in good spirits. "Lets call it a night, honey," he said. "Hey, what's up for tomorrow?" asked Jack. "We're spending it alone, but maybe we can meet you for drinks later?" said Mike. "Sorry Jack, he's got something special planned for tomorrow and won't even tell me. "Tomorrow night then." Ali climbed in bed wanting to giggle at how stupid her husband looked. He was lobster red, but his bare crotch was pale white. His penis didn't look as shrunken as it had been. It was it's two inch norm, but it still remained limp as a noodle when she reached out to fondle it. "Sorry," Mike said, flinching. "I'm still too sensitive." And Ali spent another restless night. *************** Jack covered his face with the newspaper as the Boyers got off the elevator. They were dressed for the beach, but instead of heading towards the resort's beach, they hailed a taxi. Jack got in the next taxi and followed them. The taxi drove around the island into the French side. They pulled into a parking area and got out. Jack had his cab park back away from them. "Hey mon," asked the driver. "Why you following them?" "I plan to fuck the hell out of that sexy brunette." "She fine, mon. Good luck, give it to her good." "I will," said Jack paying the driver. He hadn't dressed for the beach, but it didn't matter at this beach. "Big mistake, Mikey," he said looking at the clothing optional sign. "Big mistake." ..............To Be Continued.......