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Ann's porn lay out hadn't been all that bad especially, when the $1200 paid her rent and a nice chunk of her credit card bill. The only negative consequences to her photo shoot was that she was horny all the time. The biggest benefit, after the money, was that she had discovered the joys of masturbation. Ann had discovered how to make herself orgasm and found herself masturbating twice a day. She would wake up every morning aroused after dreaming about big cocks all night and her hand would immediately move between her legs. At night, while relaxing in the tub., she would run the soap over her body, closer and closer to her horny pussy until she couldn't resist it any more and her fingers would plunge into her pussy. Latrell called several times over the next month with more nude offers. She rejected each one saying that it had been a one time thing only and hoping he was calling with an offer from a big name company. Ann was starting to wonder about E&I and decided to put in applications at some of the bigger modeling agencies in the city. She walked into the first one full of confidence, looking in awe at the modern building filled with beautiful people, thinking this would be a great place to work.Ten minutes later she was on the street thinking, 'My breasts aren't too big.' By the end of the week her self-esteem had been crushed from all the rejection. "You're not what we're looking for." "This years in-look is waifish and flat chested, sorry." "Not enough experience." One sleazy man had even laughed and told her she had a stripper's body not a model's. Ann was feeling dejected when she walked up to the newsstand to by this month's Cosmo. The attendant was an old black man and Ann's eyes flickered down to his crotch wondering what his cock looked like. When her eyes looked up from his impressive bulge, they settled on a picture of her and Tyrone on the cover of a porn magazine. She gasped when she saw that her face hadn't been doctored like Latrell had promised. She blushed as she bought the magazine. The black man snickered, but luckily didn't notice it was her on the cover. When Ann got home, she brought out the magazine to examine it. The cover was a picture of Tyrone in his lifeguard shorts carrying her like he had just rescued her. Her breasts had been dotted out. She flipped through it and was shocked to see that all the male models were black and all the women white. She closed it and looked at the cover. The magazine was called Ebony and Ivory. Ann opened to the table of contents and read the subscription information. The magazine was published by E&I Enterprises. Ann looked at the table of contents and opened it to her layout. She was aghast at the pictures. There was Tyrone licking her pussy, her ass hole, his cock poised on her wet pussy, and her Cuckold Porn Allie Foster Interracial Pickups Interacial Movies Christy Simmons was enjoying her typical day, cleaning up the house while her husband Todd was at work. They lived in a large suburban home, far from the crime and dirt of the city. Christy had just about everything she could wish for, two cars in the garage, plenty of food in the fridge and a house that her neighbors envied. They didn't have any children yet but there was still plenty of time. She was only 27. Todd said his work was just too frantic at this point to think about having a family. He often worked late, sometimes not getting home until around eight. Once in a while he even had to take extended business trips. He could be gone for several days at a time. She often felt lonely but she was grateful for all the wonderful material things he could provide her with. It was Tuesday and Todd had just called to say he would be home around seven. Christy began whistling while she was polishing the silver. A small stain got on her long powder blue dress and she was about to go wash it off when the door bell rang. Christy was startled by the sound because they rarely had visitors. Perhaps the UPS man, she thought. At the door were two tall men in dark suits and reflective sunglasses. "Good morning, ma'am," the dark haired one said as he flashed a badge. "My name is Jenkins and my partner is Smith. We're with the FBI, Fraud Division." Christy's heart raced as she peered around the door. She said, "What . . . what can I do for you?" "Ma'am, we've been investigating a couple of scam artists operating an insurance fraud in your area and we'd like to talk to you about it." "Well I . . . that is, I don't know anything about it." "We know, but with your help we think we might be able to stop these dirt bags. May we come in?" Christy wasn't sure what they thought she could possibly do, but of course she let them in. She led them down the two steps into the open living room, over to the large plush sofa. She offered them tea. After they were settled, Black Dick Girls Allie Foster Interracial Pickups Allie Foster at Big Black Dick Movies labia and then dropped it, pushing the tip of her finger inside her. Ann closed her eyes, settled down in the water and moaned as she fingered herself. She arched her hips as she plunged her finger in and out of her horny pussy. Something nudged against her pussy and she opened her eyes and looked between her legs. Tyrone had floated over and the tip was poised on her pussy just like the real Tyrone's cock had in the photo shoot. Ann thought it was disgusting to stick an inanimate object in her pussy, but she figured it couldn't hurt to just rub it along her labia. She grabbed Tyrone and rubbed him over her labia as she moved her finger up, teasing her clit. 'This is nice,' she thought, moving Tyrone rapidly across her pussy lips. As she moved the dildo, her labia began opening and she began pushing the dildo harder against it. Her lips parted, sliding over the head of the dildo as it entered her. Ann screamed as she came, when her lips closed over the head. Ann pushed another inch in, loving the unaccustomed thickness of the shaft. "Fuck me Tyrone. Fuck my pussy," she cried as she pushed five inches inside her and had her biggest orgasm yet. Finally satisfied she pulled Tyrone out of her, wondering what the rest of him would feel like. Ann drained the tub and dried herself off. She walked back out into her kitchen. 'Fuck me Tyrone. Fuck my pussy,' she wondered where that expression had come from. She walked over to the table and looked down at the open Ebony and Ivory magazine. It was open to the part where Tyrone's cock was poised on her pussy. Fuck me. Fuck my pussy, read the caption. Ann laughed and went to bed. ******************** Ann called Tyrone first thing in the morning and said, "Tyrone, I've given it some thought and I'd like to do the video." "Great Ann," replied Tyrone. "I'll get Latrell in here to set things up. It'll take a while to get things together. Come in around 3:00 this afternoon." "I'll be there," she said hanging up. She grabbed her purse and went out to do some errands. Ann returned in the late afternoon and quickly changed into her sweats for work. She retrieved Tyrone from the bath tub, cleaned him off, and preceded to practise deep throating him. Swallowing Tyrone reminded her of how good the dildo had felt in her pussy last night and she started getting horny. She checked the clock, there wasn't enough time to masturbate, she'd have to do it when she got back. If everything went according to plan, it wouldn't take that long to get Tyrone off and she could be back to play with herself within a couple hours. ******************** Ann stepped out of the cab and stared at the old warehouse that housed the E&I modeling agency. She had almost had a change of heart on the ride here. She was nervous and excited, scared and horny. Cuckold Allie Foster Interracial Pickups Blacks On Cougars Nina Hartley her thighs. He must have shot some sperm on her ass and the small of her back because she felt more sperm liquefying there. Ann looked up and found herself staring at Latrell's rejuvenated cock. He laid down beside her and held his cock up. Ann knew what he wanted and squatted over it, sighing as it entered her, thankful that his thinner cock provided welcome relief to her sore, abused pussy. Ten inches of his cock easily sliding in before meeting resistance. Ann rode Latrell's cock and came again, surprised there were still orgasms left in her. The days events and all the orgasms had left her exhausted and as she rode his cock, her legs gave out and she collapsed, grunting as the remaining two inches were forced her and she came again. Ann was just too tired, so Latrell did all the work, fucking her as she laid on top of him. Ann stirred a little when she felt his finger poking at her ass hole. It pushed in and she cried out in pain. It was too big to be his finger. She looked over her shoulder. "This is for rejecting me the last time, bitch," said Mark pushing his cock into her ass. ******************** Tyrone walked into his office. Carol was monitoring the computer. "How did the live feeds go?" he asked. "Excellent," replied Carol. "I watched the whole thing." "How many people were logged in?" "6000," she replied grinning. "Sweet Jesus," responded Tyrone, "That's three times as many as your first live feed. How many video sales?" The smile left Carol's face and Tyrone grinned, women were so competitive. The smile quickly returned though and she said, "2000." "33%, that's the highest ever." "And," she added, "When I saw how well it was turning out, I upped the price to $24.95." "Very good Carol," said Tyrone shooing her out of his seat, "you made us an extra $10,000. Let's see what Ann's net worth is." He typed a couple keys and brought up Ann's personnel information. E&I's computer systems calculated statistics on each of their girls. Her lesbian rating was 77% from posting pictures of Suzie shaving Ann's pussy on several lesbian sites. Tyrone would have to explore that direction in the future. So far Ann had made the company $137,396 in a few short weeks. Very impressive. The phone rang. Tyrone answered it, "E&I modeling agency, Tyrone Jones speaking." Tyrones eyes grew wide and he felt the color drain from his face at the voice on the phone. "Mr. King, what a surprise. What can I do for you?" Solomon King, the owner of all E&I enterprises, rarely checked in with his quasi-legal enterprises as the people of New York considered him a respectable business man and philanthropist. "I'm interested in the new girl," said the deep voice on the phone. "A very impressive debut. I'd like to know all about her." continued in chapter 4