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Anne pulled onto her street in Stony Harbor tired from her drive from NYU. She had only been in college a month when she had gotten word that her parents were seperated. Her dad had just moved out and Anne had been embarrassed when her mom told her that her parents hadn't made love in seven months. Anne parked on the street out of habit, leaving a space for her father's car in the driveway beside her mother's. The grass needed mowing, it was something dad had taken care of. A group of black men had been mowing the local lawns all summer, maybe mom should hire them? Anne unlocked the door and walked in. "Mom," she yelled, but there was no answer. She walked into the living room, dropping her overnight bag on the couch. Something was banging in the laundry room. As she entered the kitchen, the sounds grew louder mingled with her mother's screams and moans of pleasure. Great, Anne sighed in relief, dad's home and mom's finally getting some and getting it good. The laundry door was open and Anne couldn't help, but peek around the corner. The first thing she saw was her mom's nude torso laying across the top of the washer. Her mom, Linda, had an expression on her face of pure ecstasy as she got a fucking the likes of which Anne had never experienced. Anne bent her head a little further feeling sick when she saw that it wasn't her dad fucking her mom. It was a giant bald-headed black man and the sight disgusted her, though he was quite handsome. He had a devilish goatee and he was the most physically Gangbang Allie Foster Interracial Pickups Black Dicks Black Chicks He was staring at her again. It was a stare that caused her heart rate to increase and made her stomach flutter. The boy was very masculine and she always felt naked beneath his gaze. Darlene broke eye contact and continued teaching class. Half the boys in her classes usually stared at her, but today he was the only one. The other students were passing notes, staring out the window, and a few were sleeping. They didn't care, most had graduated and couldn't wait for school to end. The first time she had seen Jamal, he had been a skinny black kid, a nerd, complete with glasses and a brain to match. His IQ was well above genius level and he had a 4.0 gpa. He was the perfect target for the bullys in school because of his nerdy exterior and the fact that his dad was the school janitor. Some days he showed up with black eyes and bruises and he shyly kept to himself, his only friends some of the other geeks. All that changed this year. When Jamal returned from summer break he was barely recognizable. He was now as big as a pro wrestler and the glasses had disappeared. Coach had flipped when he saw the muscular black kid and recruited him for the football team. He hadn't been very good. He seemed unused to his new body, and unskilled with a football in his hands, but opposing teams soon learned that he couldn't be brought down. He had also skipped half the year and was now failing her class. On top of that Jamal seemed to have a lot of money now and Darlene was afraid he was dealing drugs, even speaking to his father about it. The janitor had replied that Jamal was working at a pharmaceutical plant outside Stoney Harbor and was making some big bucks. His father had also apparently taken whatever kind of steroid Jamal was on. He looked great and had dyed his grey afro black again. He looked fifteen years younger, more like an older brother then a father. Both men stood around six and a half feet tall towering over the other students and Darlene's small just over five foot frame. The bell went off and the teacher said, "Read chapters nineteen and twenty. There'll be a quiz on them tommorrow." The class groaned and as one stood up and headed for the door. All except Jamal that The Black Cock Allie Foster Interracial Pickups Allie Foster at Blacks On Blondes Anal penis before." "I don't think that's wise," she answered surprised that her hand was already reaching up to it. She grabbed the tip with one hand and began caressing it with her other hand. His cock quickly grew into the fat, foot long monster that had given her mom the fucking of her life. Solomon moved so that his cock was pointed towards her face as she stroked it. "If you suck it, I'll see that your as well-fucked as your mom." "But my mom?" "Will be gone for at least an hour." Anne cried in shame and tears rolled down her cheeks as her mouth opened and her tongue flickered out to lick around the plum-sized head of Solomon's cock. She was betraying her mother, but his cock tasted so good, so manly, it seemed natural to take it in her mouth as she opened wide and took the head in. She had always been reluctant to do this for her boyfriends, but with Solomon, she wanted him in her mouth. Solomon bent down and removed her bikini top as she bobbed her head over the tip of his shaft. Anne stretched her jaw wide and pushed down, letting the head poke against the back of her throat. Another push and it was in. Anne immediately gagged and pulled her mouth off it. She tried again, this time relaxing her throat muscles and she swallowed about five inches before gagging. Again, and this time she took six inches. Instead of withdrawing, Anne held it there letting her throat grow used to the invader She looked up at him with half his cock sticking out of her mouth to see if he was enjoying it. Cuckold Cleanup Allie Foster Interracial Pickups Mixed Dating hadn't realized how her husband was holding her back. "I understand," said Anne. "Good, I hope you can understand this. There's no easy way to tell you this, your father and I are definitely getting a divorce. With the breakup and selling the house for less then it's worth, plus the lawyer fees, your father and I wont be able to pay for college this year. I'll ask Solomon, but I'm sure he'll let you stay here." Anne had been thinking of seducing some of the black students in her class when her mom gave her the bad news. She was horrfied and ran outside crying. Her parents were rich, granted a lot went to lawyers in a divorce, but how much had her mom sold the house for? She wiped away the tears and stepped on the lawn, noticing again how high the grass was. A large, very handsome, very muscular, and very black man was mowing the lawn next door. "Excuse me," she called walking over to him. He shut off the mower. "Are you available to mow our lawn?" "Sure, Miss?" "Anne," she replied smiling at him. He had a body every bit as nice as Solomon's and a bulge to match. He caught her staring. "I'm Rashidi and sure I can mow your lawn. I'll even give you a good price, since I'll be staying with you for awhile. Solomon says, I can move in tonight." This day had been so full of surprises, she wasn't all that shocked anymore to meet her new roommate. Solomon had said, employees of his would be living at her house. Maybe skipping college and living here wouldn't be that bad after all? The End