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| Added: 2010-06-21
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Hi guys, it's me! Today I'm going to share some facts about myself to show that I'm not such a private person. I like fashion magazines, I like movies of all kinds, and lastly, I like to get naked for my members! That's my favorite. And I like to show off my white ghetto booty and hope that some random black man will come shove his cock in it :) Just kidding... I like it mostly in my tiny vagina.
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My wife, Vickie, is a beautiful young blonde. She is 5'2" weighs about 110 pounds with 34-22-32 dimensions. She looks a lot like Heather Locklear and she is just 25 years old. I'm older, 35, but still in great shape. Vickie works at a law firm downtown, where she is a paralegal. Her old boss was retiring and she was meeting her new boss today. She dressed in her favorite white dress. It was fairly conservative, except it did show some of her cleavage and she never wore a bra with it.. She always looked very nice in it. Vick was at her desk when her retiring boss came out of the conference room. He was accompanied by a very large and handsome black man. "Vick, this is John, our newest partner." John was about 6'4" and weighed at least 220 pounds. All very solid. Vicky stood and put her hand out to greet John. She was amazed as his hand engulfed her hand as he gently shook it. "Hi Vickie, I am very pleased to meet you. I look forward to working with you." He smiled kindly and Vick responded with a shy, quick grin. John told her that he would be in the office going through some files and probably would be working late that night, but he wanted her to know they would spend more time talking tomorrow. At 5:00, Vick dropped in to tell John she was leaving. He was not at his Blacks Blondes My White Ghetto Booty Katie Thomas Black Guys Cock It was last summer when this all went down, and my boyfriend was behind it all. I can't tell you what school I go to, but I'm in college, and it's a big one...lots of students from eveywhere. Since it's such a big campus, we're pretty divirsified, and I see people everyday from all walks of life. We've got a pretty big gay community on our campus for some reason, and it was over in the bathrooms right by the art department that the craziest thing I've ever done went down. My boyfriend and I aren't exclusive...I should make that clear right now. We're both too young...he's Black Cock Spring Break My White Ghetto Booty Katie Thomas My White Ghetto Booty at Interacial Xxx she nestled up against him. She found it somewhat intimidating to be so close to John, yet at the same time, exciting. She looked up at him and John softly kissed her on her lips, slowly running his tongue deep into her mouth. His arms were now surrounding her and she could feel the strength that exuded from his body. John expertly unzipped her dress and Vicky slid her top down exposing her breasts. Vicky's breasts were very firm and perky. When she was aroused, her nipples became very puffy. They were very puffy now. John leaned his large frame over and began sucking on her nipple, making it even more erect. As Vicky repositioned herself to give John a better angle to her breast, her hand inadvertently brushed between his legs. She felt a large bulge as her hand went by. Her heart fluttered. She stopped her hand and moved it back down to touch his erection. She could feel it growing. It was getting bigger and harder by the second. As John alternated between her breasts, Vicky clumsily groped for his buckle and zipper . At last she found it, opened the clasp, and pulled down the zipper. She reached inside eagerly wanting to touch him. As she touched John's erection, John took his free hand and pulled his pants down to his knees. In the moonlight Vicky could see, for the first Interracial Gangbang Cuckold My White Ghetto Booty Katie Thomas Interracial Gangbang Streaming he wanted to cum on her beautiful breasts. He pulled his cock out and aimed it at Vicky's heaving tits. Vicky came to her senses enough to realize that John's monster cock was on the verge of shooting again. The first shot exploded on her tits but Vicky quickly lifted herself up and had her mouth over John's cock, sucking and swallowing all the remaining shots. Vicky continued to suck John's massive cock for at least a minute. He had shot so much that large amounts of his cum was easing out the corners of Vicky's mouth.. Both Vicky and John eased back, exhausted. Vicky glanced at the clock and it said 10:50. They only had 10 minutes and had to move quickly now. "I'm sorry John, but my husband will be home soon after 11. I have to get into the house real quick." "I understand, John said, but you need to know that you are the best fuck I have ever had." Vicky laughed and said, "No John, that was my line." They both laughed. John cleaned off Vicky's breasts and wiped off her mouth. They hugged and kissed as they were getting dressed. At 11:00 Vicky slid out of the car. She ran over to John's window and leaned in and gave him one more kiss. Then she ran into the house. Steve watched from the tree as John slowly backed out of the drive and drove off down the street.