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| Added: 2010-06-21
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Hi guys, it's me! Today I'm going to share some facts about myself to show that I'm not such a private person. I like fashion magazines, I like movies of all kinds, and lastly, I like to get naked for my members! That's my favorite. And I like to show off my white ghetto booty and hope that some random black man will come shove his cock in it :) Just kidding... I like it mostly in my tiny vagina.
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Katie Thomas


It was really incredible how it all happened. My wife and I were in a local department store and I was bored stiff waiting while she tried on different outfits. Just waiting there I saw this little brown shimmery silk skirt that was so small and thin it was only a wisp of cloth. I held it in my hand and fantasized about my wife, Leeza wearing it and took it to the dressing room. She came out, spun around asking me how she looked. She has strawberry blond (reddish) hair and is incredibly fit and muscular for someone who doesn't lift weights or anything. She is very fair skinned and is in fact beautiful by anyone's measure and I am such a lucky guy. I handed her the skirt and said, "I would sure like to see you in this though... without panties." She was surprised I said that and grinned. Taking the skirt in she put it on with a fairly tight fitting brown sweater and platform style shoes. She came out and spun around giggling, "Well, how do I look?" I was damn glad Julia Bond Mandingo My White Ghetto Booty Katie Thomas Cuckold Paul We had been driving for ten minutes away from the town where I'd left my car and old man Johnson's ten inch cock behind. James and Ryan were nice likable guys, funny, attractive, and charming. After driving for awhile, Ryan reached over and put his hand on my knee. I reached down and removed it and politely reminded him that I was engaged and on my way to meet my fiance. "Sorry," he apologized "I just couldn't resist it. I've never sat next to such a beautiful woman." James looked in the rear view mirror and I saw a glance pass between the two black men. The thought that they could easily strand me in the desert had made me both worried and turned on. I reminded myself Big Black Dick Picture My White Ghetto Booty Katie Thomas My White Ghetto Booty at Jewels Jade Blacks On Blondes ass and thighs and soon had his hands up under her dress feeling her all over while she just continued to dance with her eyes shut and her arms up over her head she gyrated her hips and dipped. I could tell he was so turned on and surprisingly enough I was too. I could hardly contain myself and not only had this big hot hard on but I could hear my heart beating in my ears. One song ran into another and she continued to dance with him but now was doing some really dirty dancing. He put his thigh between her leg and she dipped onto it kind of humping it and he was pulling her dress up so high that I could see her entire white ass. It caught the attention of other guys and some of them were stealing quick feels of her ass and pussy. She seemed to love this and her dance partner didn't seem to mind. He then stopped dancing and he whispered something to her. They embraced face to face and actually deep kissed each other for awhile right there in front of me. I did nothing to stop it. It crossed my Free Blacks On Blondes My White Ghetto Booty Katie Thomas Black Diks but now so loose. I really don't get it. I bought her a black dildo once and she acted as if she was really grossed out about the whole thing. She told me she threw it away but I found it's hiding place months later and I think she was using it. Could this have got her into the fetish of the whole thing? I don't know. Oh well, enough for now. I will probably have more to tell you in some subsequent letters. I will keep you posted. When I get a hold of the video I will also try to capture some choice shots and post them on the net for all to see. Bye bye. Jae BTW, I would love to hear what you got going and what you think of what I am doing. You can reach me at my e-mail at Would also be interested in any really nasty interracial porn pics you might have especially if they are of your wife or girl friend in action. In return I will share my pics with you when I get them.