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Do you ever get the feeling that the girl you're talking to doesn't have much in the brains department? Anita was just that was as my verbal onslaught caught her off guard like a mexican being pulled over in Arizona. Thankfully I had a stomach full of food which made our encounter a bit tolerable. However, she's a hot piece of ass which made me overlook her subpar personality and we were off to the races. I wrapped my cock so her germs couldn't infest my adonis-like body. She rode me until my dick wanted to pop early but I wanted her to suffer a little bit more. I did end up dropping a smelly load down her throat and she left my house less upbeat than when she first entered.
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"Come on Alisa, we're getting out of here," said Kerry still reeling from seeing her two closest friends debasing themselves with black men. "Why, whatz wong?" asked Alisa. She never drank and the wite russians had gone straight to her head. "Those two sluts are in there fucking them jungle bunnies, negroes, Jesus, they're fucking black men." "Even Sherie, sheesh married?" "Even Sherie." Kerry didn't want anything to do with Debbie and Sherie again. She was angry with them, but even angrier with herself for being so turned on. She had never been this horny, even when ovulating, while trying to have a baby. She couldn't deny feeling a flutter in her stomach each time she saw one of the strippers' huge black cocks waving under her nose. "What's your hurry? I fixed you some more drinks." It was the bartender holding two drinks out for them. He had removed his clothes and stood naked. His eleven inch cock bobbed under a beer gut, that appeared to be all muscle with no fat on it. "I thought we was gonna have some fun?" "Nice to meet you," said Alisa grabbing and shaking the bartenders cock like she was shaking a hand. She had done the same thing with Leon and giggled like it was the funniest thing in the world. "Come on Alisa, lets get out of here." The bartender looked frustrated as they left. He hadn't been able to put any Xcite into the bride-to-be's mixed drinks until now. He had really been looking forward to seeing what Alisa was hiding under her bulky clothes. Win Black Man Dick Anita The Minion Mandingo Venus In the first part of the story, I told about my wife, Angela and I, apparently normal, white middle class Americans, and how our sex life hadn't been too great - well, actually non-existent, according to Angela - and how she met this incredibly built black guy at the health club she manages. She hired him, actually. Then he moved into our house, making me watch while he fucked her. He took over my house, my bed, and my wife. This is the continuation of the story. Well, as I mentioned last time, my life has certainly changed since Will moved in. While my wife, Angela, was his boss at the health club, make no mistake about it, Will was the boss at home. And, while I continued to work at my job, when I came home I was their servant. I was kept naked at all times and had to wait on them, hand, foot and mouth. At night, I slept in a sleeping bag on Dating Mixed Race Anita The Minion Anita at Blacks On Cougar dancing. Her body started moving to the rhythm of the music. Kerry had been horny all night, though she tried to deny it. As she danced, she was aware that the horniness was inceasing until getting her pussy stuffed was all she could think of. She tried to picture her husband, but the only image that flashed in her mind was Lamar's and Leon's black dicks. "Take that shirt off." The bartender had to be back soon. She opened her eyes, but she and Mustafa were the only ones in the room. She'd just have to take it slow. Kerry slowly untucked her shirt from her jeans and pulled it off over her head. Her large breasts bounced out one after the other. They were held up by a lacy blue bra. There were wet spots around her nipples from where she was lactating. Her nipples looked like little missles they were so hard. "Now the pants." It was hard to dance and remove tight jeans, but Kerry did, almost falling as she pulled it off her legs. She immediately felt cold air on her bare ass, she had worn a thong. "You're one sexy bitch." Kerry was not fat, but the birth of her daughter a year ago had added extra flesh to her formerly skinny body and swelled her breasts up to double D's. She was probably going to keep gaining weight, but for now she had a sexy, voluptuous body. Her husband went crazy over her new boobs and ass. He insisted she wear sexy underwear and bought her several sets from sexy to sleazy. She wore a lacy, blue bra and panties so sheer you cold see her nipples and Cumbang Movies Anita The Minion Interrracial said Mustafa. Kerry heard applause and looked up. Four black men as muscular as Jerome were watching the show. They started stripping as she watched. More car doors were slamming outside as the black men climbed on the stage. It took about a dozen black men to quench the fires burning in her pussy. At one point, Kerry had a cock in ass, pussy, mouth and one in each hand. Her thighs and crotch were red and sore, but thankfully her pussy continued to produce lubricant and became so full of sperm, she had no trouble taking them all. She fucked every one of them, had half fuck her ass, and the other half filled her belly with so much cum, she thought she might throw-up. Some of the blacks were skinny, some fat, some had cocks so small she didn't even feel them after Mustafa and Jerome. Obvioulsly, it wasn't true that all black men were well hung, but when they were big they were really big. Near dawn, Kerry felt herself being carried out of the building, and opened her eyes to see Debbie and Sherie supporting her. Where Kerry was sore and exhausted, the other two girls looked radiant. Kerry had been laying in a pool of sperm and felt bad for getting Deb's car dirty, but her friends were almost as covered as she was. Sherie returned to the bar to retrieve Kerry's clothes and then they drove off to Deb's apartment in New York to clean up. Amazingly, Kerry was horny again before they even reached the city. She briefly wondered what had happened to Alisa. See Part 4 Alisa