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Do you ever get the feeling that the girl you're talking to doesn't have much in the brains department? Anita was just that was as my verbal onslaught caught her off guard like a mexican being pulled over in Arizona. Thankfully I had a stomach full of food which made our encounter a bit tolerable. However, she's a hot piece of ass which made me overlook her subpar personality and we were off to the races. I wrapped my cock so her germs couldn't infest my adonis-like body. She rode me until my dick wanted to pop early but I wanted her to suffer a little bit more. I did end up dropping a smelly load down her throat and she left my house less upbeat than when she first entered.
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I work everyday, get too many traffic tickets and have just enough money to get by. My wife is 36 and by anyones standards, she's a real beauty. Soft red hair, sparkling emerald green eyes and the body of a twenty year old. She's the sexiest woman I've ever seen. I love her totally and without reservation. I'm equally certain that she adores me. We're the couple next door or down the street. The only thing unusual about us is the amount of time we spend having sex together. We may overdo it sometimes but so what? She really loves the feel of a man between her legs and nothing arrouses me so much as watching her get what she wants. Watching her get it from a strange man is every bit as gratifying as giving it to her myself. Still think I'm the guy next door? Friend, you ain't heard nothing yet. For years, we've been meeting strange men in motels for 3-ways. This kind of 3-way is usually a husband with a camera watching and taking photos while a stranger recruited from the pages of a swinger's magazine feels up, makes out with, strips, and fucks his mostly bored, occassionally energetic wife. Its pretty much like that with us too except in our case, the wife is never bored and tirelessly energetic. She loves giving it to strange guys. She loves the anticipation, the naughty whorishness of it. And, for her and me as well, nothing can top the excitement that grips us both the first time we have sex with somebody new. Its that FIRST TIME FEELING everytime we do it. With me, its not supressed homosexual tendencies, penis envy, Blacks On Blondes Rapidshare Anita The Minion Big Dick Cock "There goes the neighborhood," said Wendy looking out the window. Stan looked up from his dinner. His six foot tall, buxom blonde wife was framed in the sunlight staring out the window. She could have joined the Swedish bikini team she was so beautiful and stacked, everyday he was reminded of how lucky he was and today with the sunlight shining on her was no exception. "What do you mean?" he asked. "It looks like the new neighbor's a black guy." "Well you can cross twenty thousand dollars off the value of our house then." Stan got up and joined his wife at the window. "Man he's huge, he's probably just a moving man." The man bulged with muscles and had a shaved head. The black giant wasn't working though, three other black men were unloading boxes from a truck. "You're probably right," she replied watching as the three workers finsihed, they bowed their heads towards the bald giant and left. ******************** Stan was wrong, the new neighbor was the black man. Stan saw him outside the next day as Stan was flipping burgers on the grill. "Hello," he called. "Hello," said the black man coming over to the fence. "Stan Marsh," said Stan shaking hands with the biggest man he had ever seen, watching his own normal-sized hand get swallowed up by the black man's. He was also the darkest black man Stan had ever met. "Mobutu Tanaka, Dr Tanaka." "Where you from Dr Tanaka?" The man had a strong accent. "I am from Kenya. I am Masai." "What brings you to the states?" "I am taking a class at the university on new medical techniques to take home to my people." "Just one class?" "Yes, you would call it a refresher, then I will go home." Stan couldn't help being impressed. This man had bought a house to live in for only three months. He came from money. "Would you like to come in for a burger?" Stan thought Mobutu might be an interesting guy to talk too. "Would you have American hot dog?" "Sure, I can throw some on the grill." "I have not had American hot dog since college." "Wendy, bring me out a couple dogs from the fridge," Stan yelled through an open window. A moment later, Wendy opened the sliding glass door and walked out onto the porch with two hot dogs on a paper plate. Mobutu looked up at the statuesque blonde. "Perfect," he said. "What?" asked Wendy. She wore an attractive business proffessional outfit, short skirt, heels, and jacket. The sunlight made her blue eyes sparkle. "You are magnificent." "Ah... thank you I guess," she said blushing. Stan was frowning, but he quickly shrugged it off and took the hot dogs from his wife. The black man stared at Wendy until she became uncomfortable and returned inside. "Your wife is tall for a white woman." "Yes, she's six feet without the heels." Stan took the food off the grill. "Lets go inside, we have some fixins set up on the table and I will get us some drinks. Would you like a beer?" "No, milk or water please." "Ok...I think we have some milk." "That Inter Racial Anita The Minion Anita at Black Cock Vid the required bathrobes. Knowing he was watching us remove our clothing excited me. I wanted him to see. I even moved out of his line of sight when Jean removed her panties. I liked letting him see her pussy, letting him want it. I got hard imagining how sexy it would be if he stuck his stiff cock thru the doorway curtains so my wife could see it. I envisioned her dropping to her knees and sucking it right there. The thought was so arrousing it almost made me cum. I couldn't help it. My libido was into overdrive. I wanted to see her with a black guy so bad even fatso would do. I just wanted to see it. But fatso didn't try anything. He just peeked and pretended not to be peeking while we pretended not to know he was watching until we were ready to go upstairs. I'm sure he was fucking her in his mind though. She's got terrific legs and she looks sexy as hell in garters and hose. Who wouldn't want to fuck her? We went upstairs. It was just as jumbled as downstairs but was cleaner. Explicit slides projected down at us from the wall adjacent the stairs so we paused on the steps to watch them for a moment or two before going on up. The stairs opened into a lounge area. Sofas along the walls, end tables, lamps, etc. There were five white guys of various sizes, shapes and ages sitting around a coffee table in the center of the room shooting the breeze. They looked at JJ like wolves looking at a leg of lamb. They were practically salivating as they greeted us and showed us to the beverage bar. They made small Cumbang Password Anita The Minion Interacial Gangbang together - like we were all connected, all having the same feeling at the same time in the same way. My wife's orgasm was so powerful, she almost threw Larry off the bed as she arched up, lifting them both into the air. The red flush on her face and neck spread down to her breasts and even onto her stomach as she strained and quivered against Larry's hardness. When he buried his cock inside her and started shooting off, I started shooting off too. All three of us got off at the same time. It was marvelous. When my wife finally relaxed underneath him, her collapse was so complete she didn't even seem to be conscious at first. Then, when she did come around, she had this Cheshire cat look of complete satisfaction on her face. I couldn't help feeling a little bit jealous. After that, I couldn't wait to get Larry out of our room. I wanted her all to myself. After he left, we made love over and over the rest of the night. It was like it was when I first came home from prison. We couldn't get enough of each other. If it hadn't been for the crank, we would both have perished from nervous exhaustion. I'm sure of it. We stayed over and went back to the PLAYGROUND the next night but we never really got into it. There were several couples there and it might have been really fun, but we just couldn't get ourselves together for it. We were having too much fun talking and reliving our night with Larry. We fucked non-stop for several days after that & we still get hot & horny when we think about that night. It was fabulous!