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Do you ever get the feeling that the girl you're talking to doesn't have much in the brains department? Anita was just that was as my verbal onslaught caught her off guard like a mexican being pulled over in Arizona. Thankfully I had a stomach full of food which made our encounter a bit tolerable. However, she's a hot piece of ass which made me overlook her subpar personality and we were off to the races. I wrapped my cock so her germs couldn't infest my adonis-like body. She rode me until my dick wanted to pop early but I wanted her to suffer a little bit more. I did end up dropping a smelly load down her throat and she left my house less upbeat than when she first entered.
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Our one and only experience that qualifies for your site came on our fifth anniversary. I was 42 and my wife (my second) was 28. We live in New York where I am a fairly successful investment banker. For our fifth anniversary we took a weeks vacation at an exclusive resort in St. Maarten. I love going to beach resorts with Jennifer. In fact the beach is where I originally met her not too long after my divorce. She is a knockout in a bathing suit. She is a Florida blond, about 5'6", 105 pounds and a body that perfectly fills out a bikini. She tans great and is very athletic, so the tan really accentuates her flat abs and tight legs. She's also just a blast to be with, always smiling, outgoing, real girl-next-door type. St. Maarten was great. We went down there with the intention of doing absolutely nothing for a week except sit by the beach and pool bar, drink pina colada's all day and screw all night. Like I said it was a pretty upscale place, and most people came down from Saturday to Saturday, so you got to see the same people everyday. By Tuesday we were on a first name basis with a lot of the people around the pool. In particular I had had a number of discussions with a black man about my age named Ray. He was a Wall Street lawyer with a very highly respected firm. He was down in St. Marteen celebrating his own recent divorce, so we had quite a bit in common to talk about. From what I saw that first weekend, he was also doing very well with the single women in the resort. It wasn't too surprising since he had to be at least 6'3" and had the body of a defensive end. By Wednesday we were like old friends and when I came down to the beach after lunch while Jennifer was in the spa, I gladly took a chaise lounge next to his at the private beach. He had on dark Interracial Cuckold Creampies Anita The Minion Blacks On Blondes Free Video For the last three years, I have been teaching English as a Second Language. I have had several students at various levels and for various lengths of time. Two years ago I had started working with Wu. He was Chinese and a project manager at a local car factory. He was a very intelligent man and probably had a vocabulary that surpassed mine, but he pronunciation needed some sharpening. When I first started working with Wu he was alone, but soon his wife, Betty, moved to the US. Betty was a nickname, I'm not sure if I could pronounce her Chinese name. Like many Chinese students, she had taken an American name in English class and used it when she moved to here. A combination of several things led to my working on Betty's English. The main reason was Wu would never be on time for our meetings. He always had one complication or another at the factory that needed attending. So while I waited for him, I would work with Betty. Like Wu, she had a very good understanding of written English, but on the other hand, her ability to use the language was at a much lower level. So our conversations called for many hand gestures, pictures drawn on a tablet and many facial expressions. I didn't enjoy the fact that Wu was often late, but working with Betty was a pleasant compensation. She was eager to learn and attractive. For an Asian Wives Cuckold Anita The Minion Anita at Chayse Evans Blacks On Blondes into her eyes. Jennifer blushed and said, "I'm surprised you were even able to after the night you had." Ray let out a deep laugh, "Oh believe me honey, I always have enough jam for a beautiful woman. All that she wants." He eyes were boring into her as he said this. There was a very nervous silence then and I could feel Jennifer's heart beating through her back. She broke the silence by looking at the empty champagne bottle. "Time for a refill I guess," she said, standing up suddenly. She wobbled a bit as she grabbed the bottle, the alcohol obviously starting to get to her. Ray let out a deep "Ummm" as she bent over and then asked, "Jennifer honey, would you do me a favor?" "Sure, what?" she asked, straightening up. "Would you mind putting on that white bikini you were wearing the other day?" Jennifer laughed, looked quickly at me and then back at Ray, "Are you serious?" "As a heart attack baby." He smiled. "C'mon, it's our last night. And I really need something to remember you by." He looked at me. "If that's okay with your husband." They both looked at me then and I just smiled. "I sure wouldn't mind seeing it one last time." Jennifer just gave me a look like, "What are you getting me into?" and walked towards the kitchen. Ray spoke up, "Of course, you don't have to if you don't want to Jennifer." She didn't answer as she went into the kitchen. Ray and I sat there listening as we heard her open the refrigerator and then leave by the other door towards the bedroom. "You know Mark," Ray said, "things could get a little out of hand here. That okay with you?" "What do you mean, Bbw Interracial Gangbang Anita The Minion Cumbang her over so that she was in perfect doggy style over the chair. "Ooooooh yeah," she moaned as she wiggled her ass, anxiously waiting for his cock to get back in her. Ray obliged and quickly started to pound into my wife, his massive balls slapping against her pussy as he fucked her. I once again began to worry about her, but she's a strong girl and took everything he could give, she even reached down and massaged his balls as he pumped away. Ray was grabbing her ass and started to play with her asshole. She responded immediately, moaning even louder. He wet his thick pointer finger in his mouth before working it slowly into her asshole. Jennifer started to buck like wild and had what seemed to be one long continuous orgasm. I couldn't take it anymore and came once again in my hand. Ray was good for at least another half hour as he fucked my wife in every position - on the floor, standing up, you name it. Finally he had her back on the chair in the original position and was pumping away when he threw his head back and moaned as he slammed his cock deep into her. I could see his balls moving up and down as they unloaded another gusher of semen. As he pulled his cock out it was slick with thick white cum. Jennifer instantly slid down and laid down on the floor beneath his cock and cleaned it off once more. I slunk off to bed to let them say goodbye to each other and fell asleep waiting for Jennifer. When I woke the next morning, the suite was empty. I called over to Ray's room and he answered, telling me that Jennifer had just left his place and was coming back to me. "That is one hungry little wife you got there brother. She woke me up my favorite way." I hung up the phone, not knowing how to respond to that, and not knowing how I would ever be able to satisfy my wife again.