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Allison held her mouth tightly shut to keep from crying out as she had a small, unsatisfying orgasm that only made her horniness worse. Hopefully, a big nordic stud would take care of her cravings later tonight. She pulled her two fingers out of her pussy and looked at them amazed at the amount of fluid coating them. She had never been this wet before or this horny. It was driving her crazy and the guy she had hooked up with last night had been a limp dicked wimp. She had laid beside him desperately tugging on his penis to make it hard while her friend Vicki got the fucking of a lifetime by an overmuscled black guy with a big horse cock. It wasn't fair at all. Allison didn't hate blacks, she just believed the races should stay apart and now her good friend had succumbed to sleeping with a black guy. Worse, Booker the lifeguard reeked of sexual prowess and even she felt an animal attraction to him. Even stranger, somehow he had completely changed Vicki. The shy girl had come out of her shell, fucking, sucking, and even buying a new skimpy bikini to please her black lover. Could he be that good in bed? Allison lowered her spread legs and put them on the floor. She was still breathing heavy from cumming when she stood up off the toilet and turned the shower on. In the shower, she prayed Sven would fuck her like Booker fucked Vicki. The big blonde youth had sat high in his lifeguard chair looking like a god as he scanned the swimmers. She asked Vicki to get Booker to set them up. Booker had agreed. Allison got out of the shower and admired her body while she fixed her long red hair. She had a nice tan going which made her freckles fainter. She had large breasts capped by rose colored nipples, a thin waist, wide hips, and a hairy red bush. The only jewlery she wore was an ankle bracelet and a birthstone stud in her Mandingo Blog Chantelle The Minion Watch My Mom Go Black My wife, Vickie, is a beautiful young blonde. She is 5'2" weighs about 110 pounds with 34-22-32 dimensions. She looks a lot like Heather Locklear and she is just 25 years old. I'm older, 35, but still in great shape. Vickie works at a law firm downtown, where she is a paralegal. Her old boss was retiring and she was meeting her new boss today. She dressed in her favorite white dress. It was fairly conservative, except it did show some of her cleavage and she never wore a bra with it.. She always looked very nice in it. Vick was at her desk when her retiring boss came out of the conference room. He was accompanied by a very large and handsome black man. "Vick, this is John, our newest partner." John was about 6'4" and weighed at least 220 pounds. All very solid. Vicky stood and put her hand out to greet John. She was amazed as his hand engulfed her hand as he gently shook it. "Hi Vickie, I am very pleased to meet you. I look forward to working with you." He smiled kindly and Vick responded with a shy, quick grin. John told her that he would be in the office going through some files and probably would be working late that night, but he wanted her to know they would spend more time talking tomorrow. At 5:00, Vick dropped in to tell John she was leaving. He was not at his Black Cock Slut Wives Chantelle The Minion Chantelle at Melody Nakai Cumbang through the stall walls. "I love being out and all, but I can't wait to get back to our room and feel Booker's big cock in me again." "VICKI! What's gotten into you?" "Black cock, that's what. Sorry, Booker likes me to talk dirty, so I've been practising. What do you think of Devon?" "He's nice and all." "You gonna fuck him?" Vicki came out and Allison took her place in the stall while Vicki checked her make up. "Of course not." "Why not?" "He's black." "Listen Allie, I've seen his bulge, he's huge. That things a real pussy pleaser. He'll give you the best fucking of your life with it. Trust me I know. I don't know what I'm gonna do when we get home, fuck some black guy on the basketball team I guess. "What if (Hic) your parents find out?" "They won't. Say, if that's whats holding you back, Mandy and Allison don't have to know you fucked a black guy. It'll be our little secret." "I'm not gonna fuck a black guy Vicki. (Hic) I'm gonna take that pretty boy I was talking to home. (Hic) I just hope Devon understands." "A black cock in your throat will cure them hiccups." "No (hic) thanks." Allison was a little disgusted with her friend's behaviour. ****************** Jerry was pissing in the urinal when a voice behind him said, "Hey mon, stay away from my girl." "She says she's not your girl buddy." Jerry zipped up his pants and flushed the urinal. "That means she's fair game. May the best man win." "I don't have time to fuck around with you mon. She's leavin soon and I need to fuck her tonight. I'm tellin ya, stay away from her." "Or what? Fuck with me and I'll have the bouncers throw you out. I don't care how big you are." No doubt the big black guy could kick his ass, but he wasn't about to be intimidated. He was relieved when the black guy turned his back, but he didn't leave, he flipped the lock on Robert Mandingo Chantelle The Minion Interracial Gangbang Gallery is the first time it's made you cum," said Booker grunting. The men had switched places, but Allison was too far gone to care. Her pussy squeezed his cock tight as she writhed in orgasm. It was a night of many firsts for Allison. Booker filled her womb with a huge load of sperm as big as Devon's and they laid side by side resting while she played with his limp cock. "Climb on board," he said as it turned hard again. Allison mounted him. She wanted to go slow and took her time raising and lowering herself over his cock. She felt someone climb on the bed behind her and a cock poked at her ass. "Where's Vicki?" asked Booker. 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"That can be arranged," said Booker. "Oh by the way, you should invite Ginger and Mandy too. We'll see that they have a good time also. See you on the beach. The two girls nodded as the black men left them. The End