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Let me tell you a little about myself before I get started with the good stuff. I'm twenty three, I have really dark brown hair and a nice, firm slim body. I'm in my last year of college and I am very ready to get out into the world and make some money. Considering all the money it's cost to go to school, it Free Interracial Porn Chantelle The Minion Hardcore Porn My name is Brian, and I'm a jock. I'm a senior on the football team at the local university, and since I'm a senior, it's my job to help recruit new freshman for the team. Don't get me wrong; the coaches do most of the business, but afterwards we're given a stipend by the NCAA to take the recruits out partying. We hit all the college hotspots, and we try to pick up girls. If we don't succeed, there's an adult bookstore in town (I can't mention the name here) that's really's huge, and in one part of the place, there's booths that surround a stage, and on that stage girls get fucking nasty. There's a place to slide dollar bills for tips, and if you slide a five dollar bill in, the girl will spread her pussy and shit. The 18 year old high school recruit love it, and needless to say, I do very well getting these kids to Slut Wives For Black Cock Chantelle The Minion Chantelle at Kaylynn Mandingo twenty minutes or so I had no luck. I came across a discount bin full of random videos and toys. I started digging through the bin like a homeless guy through a dumpster. I was desperate to find my vibrator, just the thought of living without it made me almost manic. I'm rummaging through all the stuff when Black Dick Cock Chantelle The Minion Interracial Sex Galleries soft. His dick disappeared from the hole and that was that. I just sat there amazed at what just occurred, I could'nt believe what I just did. I began to come back to my senses and looked around the booth and I saw the bag that had my new vibrator in it and I smiled, remembering why I was even here.