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Alright, I don't even know why I'm telling this story. It's rather embarrassing but since nobody will know who I am I figured what the hell. I'm 38 amd have been married for 9 years. My wife is 31 and very sexy still. She's always down to try new, exciting things, especially when it comes to sex. So Judy Star Mandingo Delilah The Minion Mandingo 10 Sandra Colton walked down the crowded high school hallway on her way to her classroom. She knew that heads turned to follow her. She was a beautiful woman. She was 5'9", 110 pounds, with long beautiful legs, a pert ass, long blonde hair, and a beautiful face. She'd been at St. Joseph's for two years now, ever since she'd moved to San Francisco. She'd picked up and moved the minute she'd completed her masters. It had been a long road. She'd married young. The guy turned out to be a jerk, who couldn't hold a job, and after six years she'd finally dumped him. She'd been desperate for money, so she'd started dancing at an erotic dance club. At first she'd been shy, but she was a beautiful girl, and guys had fought to give her money. She became friends with an older dancer who taught her the ropes, and how to act on stage to get the most money out the jerks in the audience. She'd moved in with Grace, and Grace taught her how to take care of her body. Grace had also convinced her to get a boob job so that her tits were big and full. She'd said she'd make a lot more money, and she had. She had gotten 38E cup breasts and they were beautiful, she had to admit. Grace became her lover one lonely night, and taught her how to enjoy sex, and she'd found out she loved it. It was fine for a while, then Grace started getting possessive. She put up with it. During this time Sandra had decided to go back to school and try to make something of her life. It had taken eight long years. She'd worked the whole time and gone to school in her spare time. During this time, she'd come to resent men, seeing them as the pigs they were. They came on to her all the time, at school and work. She'd gone out with a few, but they'd only wanted to get her in the sack. She'd graduated with honors. She'd managed to save a lot of money dancing and things with Grace were really tense by that time and she Blonde Interracial Gangbang Delilah The Minion Delilah at Interratial Porn said that I could see the excitement and pleasure in my wife's eyes at the thought of his black cock in her mouth. What a crazy, naughty bitch, but that's a big part why I love her. To cut to the chase, my team loses 42-3 and my friend gives me shit the whole way on the drive down to the bookstore. Wife Slut Black Cock Delilah The Minion Interracial Gangbang Movies my wife to suck him off. That's my naughty wife for you. At least I get to watch and join in. Some guys don't even have a woman that cool, alot of other guys don't even know their wives and girlfriends are sucking and fucking black guys. Are you one of those guys and don't even know it???