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She's an AVN award winner who's come back to the Minion's Lair for another bout with the Sleazy One. Last time we fucked in the backyard of my beautiful home so I wanted to change things up a bit. Her pussy was still sore from our last encounter so a blow job would be the only thing on the menu. She got to her knees which met my newly polished floor. The moans she made, the juices that flowed, and the sloppy wet pussy nearly made me blow my load early like a putz but my mad skills ( which pay the bills) kept that from happening.When it was time to unload I sprayed the whore down as if she was in a car wash.
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Last Saturday night my wife and I decided to watch a porno movie together, which we do semi-regularly. So off to the video exchange store I go. She’s not real comfortable selecting the videos, so I usually go by myself. What she doesn’t know is that I will sometimes stop into the arcade for a little warm up action. There's always plenty Black Dick Sucker Delilah The Minion Big Black Dick Gallery Author's note: This story takes place in the years between Solomon's escape from the Gilgamesh Project and his rise to crimelord/philanthropist in New York. The Prisoner: Prologue The giant cock jerked in Jane's throat and she felt Solomon's sperm filling her belly. She slid eight inches of his foot long cock out of her mouth, wanting to taste his hot seed on her tongue. The head of his cock was still shooting sperm into her mouth as she looked up at the giant black man that had fucked her so good, she had abandoned her husband for a life of crime. Three months earlier... Jane peeked through the blinds at her husband talking to the black man. Her husband had hired him to paint their house and was explaining what he wanted done. Jane had never seen many black men and never any man as muscular as Solomon. He was a big, hulking brute and she felt a funny feeling in her stomach as she looked at him. Jane avoided the black man for the first couple days, but found herself staring at his bare chest and beefy arms through the curtains of her bedroom window as he stood on a ladder painting her house. Three days into the job, Jane invited him inside for some iced tea on a particularly hot August day. They sat down at the kitchen table and talked. She found Solomon to be very intelligent and his voice seemed to have a hypnotic effect on her as she stared at his sweaty torso. They started having tea breaks together every day and she began opening up to him. His questions began to get personal, but he seemed to know how to get into her head and she answered every question truthfully. Jane told Solomon about how her husband could only get a partial erection and how they only had sex about once a month. Solomon laughed when she said her husband's penis was a nice size at five inches long. Jane excused herself and walked down the hall to the kitchen, passing the bathroom. She rinsed their glasses and headed back towards the porch where they always enjoyed their daily tea breaks. She heard something in the bathroom and looked in as she walked by. Solomon was standing before the toilet urinating. A torrent of urine poured out of the biggest, blackest penis she had ever seen. It was plump and around eight inches long. It was slightly crooked angling down as he peed. "You ever seen a cock this big Jane?" he asked without looking at her. "N-never," she replied staring at it. "Come into the bathroom Jane." Jane couldn't resist his commands and she crossed the threshold, slowly walking up to him, still watching the urine splashing into the toilet. "Why don't you hold it for me Jane?" "N-no, I couldn't," she answered, shocked at the idea. She hadn't even really touched her husband's penis except to squeeze it hard enough to penetrate her, let alone held it while he peed. "Touch it Jane," he said looking deep into her eyes. "Touch a real man's cock for the first time." Jane didn't know why, but she obeyed him. She gulped as she reached out and touched the shaft. She wrapped her fist around the base. He was so thick her fingers didn't touch. His cock was warm to the touch and she could feel the urine flowing underneath the skin. She aimed his cock, directing the pee around the inside of the toilet. He had drank a lot of fluids that day and his stream was strong, but eventually it slackened off to a trickle. When he was done pissing, Solomon said, "Shake it Jane, make sure it's all done." Jane stroked her hand up to the head of his cock, shaking all the urine out. As she stroked, his cock started growing in her hand and she gasped. It was only the second penis she had ever seen and it was more then twice as long Mandingo Blogspot Delilah The Minion Delilah at Mandingo Black Dick breasts appeared. “Wow” was about all I could say. He then said, “We’d like to see your dick.” Not a request I was going to refuse, so I stood up, unzipped and pulled my pants down. I was wearing a pair of underwear perfect for gloryhole trips – regular jockey shorts with a snap-away cover for the crotch. I pulled away the cloth panel Black Monster Cocks Delilah The Minion Good Black Dick pants and she placed her bra back in its normal position and smoothed down her shirt. I just grinned and said thank you. They both grinned back. As I was getting myself back together I heard their door open. As I stepped out of my booth, they were disappearing around the corner – probably off to find another playmate for both of them.