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The Chicago winters can be unkind and this year's winter was no exception, thankfully, the Black Knight and I had a construction job to do down in Florida, Tampa Bay to be exact. Therefore, we sublet our apartment until next summer to these college kids who just transferred in from New York City for the Spring Semester at Northwestern. Our condominium was a modest three bedroom on Lake Shore Drive near the Gold Coast (yes, construction work does pay well). The Black Knight a.k.a. Corbin convinced me into hitting the health club, drink the protein drinks, take some supplement pills and VP-RX pills (penis enlargement pills), I must say, the muscle mass is coming along nicely and the girth and length of my average penis started to take the appearance of an above average cock J. Needless to say my courage and self-confidence went up and Corbin and I were starting to tag team some of our dates we brought back to the condo (but that again is another story), by the way I became the Black Knights side-kick, call me the Asian Prince a.k.a. Alex. The college kids were two girls and a guy, one was Asian (nice) and one was Hispanic (very nice) and the guy was Arabic, (good looking and well defined). The Asian's name was Alison, the Hispanic was Tiffany, and the Arabic was Fred. We showed the kids around the place and showed them all of the amenities the place came with: three king sized beds in each bedroom, mirrors on the ceiling in two of them, oversized bath tub / Jacuzzi, adjoining bathroom doors to all three rooms, modernized kitchen with lots of counter space, and a balcony that over looks Lake Michigan with an outdoor Jacuzzi built for six. We couldn't tell if there was a couple between the three of them or if they were a threesome (hmm). The Black Knight started to talk to the girls by himself and testing the waters, I was talking with Fred and finding out a little bit about him. Fred mentioned that the price was no option and if we would like they would pay for the condo for the entire semester right there and then, obviously if you are going to Northwestern, money usually isn't an option; someone is footing the bill for these kids. Alison and Tiffany were admiring the Black Knights build and wanted to see him flex his muscles and whatever else was massive on this stud. Mandingo 9 Delilah The Minion Redhead Interracial Gangbang I am 42, I live in Florida, I have a girl who I have an on again off again relationship with. We have been seeing each otherfor about 15 years. She is 33, very cute, kind of your girl next door type. She is 5'3, 115lbs, 36c, dark shoulder lengthhair. She has beautiful features, and puts very little effort into her appearance but always manages to turn heads. We havedone Hillary Scott Blacks On Blondes Delilah The Minion Delilah at Xxx Porn yours." Tiffany : "Not so fast Alison, I've never had yellow meat (actually my cock was very dark brown, since I sunbath in the nude and hit the tanning beds naked too), let me share in that cock of his, or maybe I'll just start munching on this balls of his and see how durable they are." Alex : "Easy ladies there is enough of me to go around and you will both have your chance to engulf this cock of mine whatever the color is. As for my nuts, they need some loving too and remember there are two of them for two ball sucking sluts like you. Come to daddy and give me some sweet, sweet pussy licking twats to munch on." The three of them were in an entangled mess on the bed when the girls noticed their reflection on the ceiling. Alison : "Tiffany, look how sexy we look sucking his nuts, oh baby we look damn fucking good and our bodies look good enough to fuck in any position. That's it Tiffany give his nuts a good sucking, move up his cock and lick the top of his pee slit. That's a girl lap up that pre-cum, swallow that cock head, that's it, bob that head, bob it faster, faster, faster you slut." Tiffany : "Ump, ump, stop talking Alison and get sucking yourself, there is enough of this yellow bastard meat to go around and around and around and although I could handle it myself, I'm into sharing so jump in and start giving me a hand or a mouth or tit, or a pussy, but give me something or him something, he seems to be a little idol with his mouth and hands." Alex : "Oh, oh, oh, my God girls you are masters of sucking, my nuts feel like they are going to explode. That's it Tiffany bob that head, use those teeth of yours and let me know that you've been on my cock and Alison, don't spare the suction and keep those nuts nice and moist." Alex hadn't noticed that Alison wasn't using her hands any more and he really couldn't see her hands at all, but her mouth was doing such a great job he didn't think much of it and Tiffany had his cock starting to swell. However, Tiffany started to slow down her pace and Alison slipped off the bed and then all of a sudden reappeared sucking on his nuts again. The girls had him turned every way but up and then, they slowly rolled him over on his stomach as Tiffany stayed under him. He thought Cuckold Group Delilah The Minion Black Cock Fantasy controlling and that's what I want right now, someone to tell me to be a good bitch and take my fucking like a woman." Fuck me, Fuck me hard, Fuck me rough, Fuck me now, Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck me." Black Knight : "Hey buddy, you can still like fucking women and having your cock sucked on by whores or sluts and still enjoy the domination of a man fucking your ass. You don't have to try to switch back and forth or decide which way is best, just go with the flow or the situation at hand; if there is a guy willing to fuck your ass then let it happen, if there is a bitch wanting your "Johnson" then fuck her, you think too much and you need to go where your cock's head tells you." The Black Knight proceeded to fuck Fred up the ass and he could feel Fred stroking his own cock underneath him. Corbin reached around and pushed Fred's hand away and replaced it with his. Between the pace of his cock fucking his asshole and the stroking of Fred's cock Corbin could feel his cock head swelling and getting ready to cum all over Fred's asshole. Black Knight : "Oh baby, oh Fred, I feel it coming to a head, I don't know how much longer I can hold out, it's been awhile since I've been inside someone this tight and I can feel your own cock's head starting to swell too. That's it Fred, ride with me buddy, ride this fucking black stallion home, that's it, bring me on home Fred, ride me buddy, ride me hard, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, oh, oh, oh, oh, I'm cumming Fred, I'm cumming hard and fast." Fred : "Oh Corbin, my cock is ready to spew, I'm cumming, I'm cumming all over your fucking hand, I'm cumming too much, oh, oh, oh, oh, I'm cumming on the sheets." Corbin looked up in the mirror and could see Fred cumming all over his hand and he naturally put his hand in his own mouth and just sucked up as much as he could. Corbin's cock was filling up Fred's asshole and cum was dripping everywhere. The two of them had cum on themselves, cum on the sheets, cum up the assholes, and cum in their mouths. Corbin collapsed on Fred gently and the two of them drifted off to sleep with Corbin still rock hard in Fred and Fred slowly massaging his own cock until he feel asleep in Corbin's love nest. © 2004 - All Rights Reserved