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When she's not slashing her wrists she's getting enough money to send home to her broke boyfriend and semi-retarded child. How is she getting that moolah? Well, I can tell you it isn't by performing brain surgery or solving equations. She gets that scratch by sucking and fucking, daily and nightly, chicks and dicks while the camera rolls. I didn't care that much if she wasn't the brightest bulb in the bunch but her blowjob skills more than made up for it. I made my dynasty by being the biggest and best dealer in the world and she's building her family trailer by keeping her nose close to where I make my morning glory. Last I heard this cunt was acting like a primadonna and thinking her shit don't stink. I'm gonna have to find and humble her like all the other girls on this site. I'm just not going to jack off for a week so the musky smell of my DNA deposit makes her toss her cookies. It looks like Cleveland does not , in fact, rock.
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My name is Leasa. I work in Silicon Valley at a well know software firm as a marketing manager. I am 5'7", 118 and blonde and blue eyed. At 30 I've kept my body in good shape: 36C-24-35. Needless to say, I was voted prettiest girl in both my high school and my college senior class. Because of this most men have always been awkward and hesitant to approach me. I never had to learn to say "no" because the men were usually too insecure to approach me. I met my husband in the Valley, fell in love and got married last fall. Shortly thereafter a much older, black maintenance man at my company, named Amos, started flirting with me and asking me out to lunch. I, of course, would decline as politely and diplomatically as I could but I always felt awkward doing so. I told my husband about this but he would just laugh it off and joke about it. After all, he had seen Amos and knew he was well over 60, fat, missing a tooth or two, and just a homely man. Then, after a few weeks of this, one day Amos kind of cornered me in one of the hallways when no one else was around. "Hey sweets, you ready to go to lunch wit me yet?' he asked with a big smile showing a few missing teeth. "Amos, now you know I'm married wouldn't be right," I stammered. But my hesitation just seemed to make him work harder at his objective. "Aw, c'mon baby, give a man a break. I's just wants to take you to lunch. Don't make an old man feel put down!" he said with this pained look on his face. I knew he was playing with me but still it all felt so awkward and difficult. "Well...I can't really..." "Baby, Cumbang Password Kara Bare The Minion Hit Me With Your Black Cock Melissa managed to brush her teeth and remove the taste of Deputy Brown's sperm from her mouth just before Big Al got home. She was horny and needed to feel her husband's penis inside her. Big Al had a surprised look on his face when she practically attacked him and threw him on the bed. ********** He smelled of sweat and beer. She felt squashed underneath his fat torso. Big Al's beer belly was like a barrier between their two bodies and it was so large that only the head of his little penis was sliding in and out of her pussy. Not that it mattered, women didn't enjoy sex, they just used it to get what they wanted from a man. Still, as she thought of the twelve inch black cock that she had been forced to suck on earlier, Melissa got the strangest feeling that she was missing out on something. Damn! She felt like she was going to suffocate. Why wasn't Big Al done yet? He normally only lasted a couple minutes. It must be the booze, she reasoned. Melissa wrapped her long, lean legs around his hairy back and screamed, "That's it baby, fuck me, fuck meeeee." Talking dirty always made him orgasm. "You're the best Big Al," she cried. Melissa felt his little penis jerk as he came. She couldn't feel his semen inside her and his load was never enough to bother cleaning up. Not that she could of if she wanted to, she thought hearing him snore. The fat bastard had passed out on top of her. ********** Melissa fixed herself a cup of coffee the next morning. Big Al had a hangover and was having a little trouble getting moving that morning. Her head didn't feel all that good either. When she had finally squeezed out from under her husband, she had spent the night tossing and turning. She was horny and frustrated. Melissa tried to concentrate on work, but the image of Deputy Browns fat cock dangling Black Cock Images Kara Bare The Minion Kara Bare at Porn Videos I half moaned, half screamed, again and again, as I rode multiples of my lusty, mind numbing orgasms. When I was done I lay there in a sweat panting heavily trying to regain myself. Andy continued snoring and I fell off into a deep sleep. The next day at lunch I honestly hoped Amos would forget all about it. But it was foolish of me to think he would. "Ready for our date?" he said as he ambled up to my desk. I wanted to scream, "THIS ISN'T A DATE!!!" and just explain to him it was "just" lunch. But nothing came out of my mouth. I just smiled weakly. Inside I just didn't want a scene; plus, I knew it would do no good. He would never listen. As we walked out to his car in the parking lot I could feel his hand gently on the small of my back. "Unbelievable! This old, black, maintenance man has the gall to put his arm around me," I thought to myself. But again, I couldn't bring myself to object and create some kind of scene or confrontation. So I let it go. By the time we got within a few feet of his car I could feel him becoming bolder and definitely let his hand rest on my lower back. He now definitely had his arm around me. He opened the door of his old , dirty '89 Cadillac for me and let me slide in. As I did I noticed his eyes taking a nice long, obvious look up under the short leather mini skirt I was wearing. Why had I worn this sexy little skirt, I thought to myself. But as I waited for him to go around to his door, I realized my heart was beating heavily in my chest. I'd liked that he looked up my skirt. As he slid in his side of the car I smiled over meekly at him. He looked into my Interracial Porn Pics Kara Bare The Minion Interracial Vids He was fat, his big black ass cheeks sagged from behind, and his gut bulged even from the sides. He didn't have love handles, they were more like saddles. Then as my gaze lowered, between his skinny, bow legs hung the most enormous, out-sized pair of balls I have ever seen. They hung a full half a foot down from his groin. They were easily the size of tennis balls. As I just sat transfixed looking at these big, hairy things I concluded again that for sure this man had just seeded me. I would certainly be mothering his child within the year. No woman could receive a discharge from a pair of testes of these dimensions without being fertilized. As my admiring gaze continued, I could see that hanging even below his elephantine balls was a still semi hard, horse-like cock. It hung its still swollen head down at least 3 inches below his low slung balls. And hanging from the uncircumcised cock head was a gooey rope of semen still drooling from his dick. As he turned to me I was almost shocked by his ugliness. His gut was huge, his smirk revealed some missing teeth, some gold teeth, his nose flat and wide across his face, and his genitalia were just plain 'abnormal' in their size. But in my eyes all I could see was an incredibly masculine, African tribal chief who had just seeded his white slave girl. And he did it as only an African chieftain could. Violently and completely! I realized that this African specimen of a man was far different, far more powerful than any of the white 'boys' I had been with before. And I wanted more... Let me know if YOU'd like more too. Write me at