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Christy Simmons found herself frequently day-dreaming about her wild experience helping the FBI nab some insurance scam artists the previous month. As she polished the silver ca candlestick holders, she would find herself imagining that she was actually stroking a long hard penis. She was shocked and ashamed of these naughty thoughts but she couldn't stop them from coming. Friday started off like a typical day. Christy had just made herself a small salad for lunch. She was feeling a little down because her husband Todd had just called to announce that he had to go on another business trip. He wouldn't be back until Tuesday. Since he already had an 'emergency' travel suitcase stored at his office, he wouldn't be stopping at home before he left. Christy was use to these sudden trips by now but she still felt lonely. Ever since Todd's promotion three months ago, it seemed like she saw less and less of him. Her life was very mundane and routine. The only interesting thing that had ever happened to her was that undercover operation for the FBI. She was even starting to think about calling them to see if they needed anymore citizen help. As it turned out, she didn't have to. The doorbell rang, disrupting her meal. Christy hurried to answer it, grateful to have her boredom interrupted. Her heart leapt when she saw it was Agents Smith and Jenkins again. They were still dressed in their dark suits and they were wearing the same silver reflective sunglasses. Christy invited them in. Once settled, Agent Jenkins started explaining the purpose of their visit. "We . . . have a bit of a problem, Mrs. Simmons. You were such a great help to us last month, we were hoping you might be able to assist us again." "What is it you need me to do?" she asked eagerly. "We had a bit of a problem with the tapes," continued Jenkins. "Some how a few copies . . . well, copies of the tapes, err, got around headquarters. Our boss got a hold of one and . . . he ah, he wasn't too happy about our using a civilian in . . . ah . . . that kind of operation." "Oh," Big Black Dick Cum Lucious Lopez The Minion Blog Cuckold This is a true story and explains how I have become totally subservient to my wife and her black lover(s). I know it is hard to understand how one can get into these situations; suffice it to say, I 'need' her. My wife Tracy is a lovely natural blonde, and over the years we have had a good, normal sex life. She has muscles in her pussy that can milk a cock with no movement by the male. I have never been able to make Tracy cum with my cock, only orally, and when she does cum, there is no doubt she has arrived. It hasn't mattered if I lasted 10 minutes or 30, I could not get her there with my cock. I have an average cock 7 - 7 1/2", so I don't think that is/was the problem. Tracy is 37 at present, and as stated, a natural blonde with breasts that turn up with larger than Black Dick Slutload Lucious Lopez The Minion Lucious Lopez at Gagging Black Cock Julius. This is Christy," Dominic said as the newcomer sat down on her other side. "Well hello, baby. You are quite a sexy little dish, aren't you." Julius had an even stronger accent than Dominic. It was maybe . . . Caribbean? Christy didn't know enough about that kind of thing to be sure. She could see the lust in his eyes though as he looked her up and down. His gaze paused on her large breasts, squeezed tightly into her snug black dress. "Oh, this is some fine little number you wearin', baby," said Julius as his hand reached out and touched the fabric over her waist, just below her right breast. His fingers slid across her belly. "You is one sexy lady." Christy blushed at his touch. She couldn't say anything. "You know, Julius, a woman this sexy must have some hot red underwear on," said Dominic. "No way, mon. A girl this fine is going to wear some sexy black panties," replied Julies. "I'll be you a hundred dollars that she's wearing red, my brother." "You on, mon!" "Ok, Christy," started Dominic, "you heard our bet. You have to show us your panties." "Couldn't . . . couldn't I just tell you?" she asked, in disbelief. "I'm sorry, baby, but by now you must really be in deep love with one of us and you might just say that man's color to try and win his favor. You are going to have to show us." "Well . . . ok," she meekly replied. Christy grasped the hem of her dress and started to pull it up her thighs when Dominic grabbed her hand. "No, baby. The light's not good enough in here for us to be able to really see. Take your panties off and put them on the table." "What?" He couldn't be serious, she thought. Both men sat and stared expectantly at her. If she didn't play along they might just get bored and go back to their room, Christy feared. Jenkins and Smith hadn't given her the sign that they were finished yet, so she had to go through with it. Christy stood up, her legs a little shaky from the drinking so fast. She reached her hands under her dress and grabbed the bottom of her panties. She quickly Beau Marie Blacks On Blondes Lucious Lopez The Minion Cumbang Galleries the back seat, still naked. The agents were staring over the back of the front seat at her heaving breasts and cum covered face. Jenkins handed her dress back to her and, without thinking, Christy began to wipe her face with it. After a few moments, she realized what she had done. "Oops," she said. "Well, it wasn't really mine, anyway." She tossed the dress out of the window. "It wasn't like I was ever going to wear that again." A blob of cum dropped off her hair and onto her cheek. She scraped it up with her finger and licked the goo off. The men continued to stare rabidly at her naked body. After an awkward minute she coughed, bringing them back to attention. They quickly turned around and started up the car. "Did you find what you were looking for?" she eventually asked. "Well, we found their airline tickets and a black book with some phone numbers which we copied down," explained Smith. "We won't really know how good any of it is until we check it out." After a pause, Smith continued, "We . . . ah . . . we're didn't really things were going to go so far for you. We just wanted you to stall the guys in the bar." "I know. I'm not really sure how that happened." "We're sorry about that." "Oh, it doesn't matter." "But we really didn't mean for that to happen." "Hey, it's ok." It was better than ok, thought Christy. Soon the car pulled into her driveway. The house was dark. "Thanks," said Christy. "No, thank you," the agents said simultaneously. Christy got out of the car and walked slowly across the lawn to the front door. She enjoyed feeling so naughty, so powerful, walking around naked in front of her own house. The agents waited until she got inside, watching her closely to make sure everything was ok. Christy turned at the door and waved, causing her breast to jiggle. The men smiled and drove off. Christy wondered if they would get their job backs. She hoped she had helped them tonight. She also hoped they would have another assignment for her soon. It was really satisfying to fulfill her Civic Duty.