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Angie looked out the plane window and down at the island of Trinibogo. It was a serene sight, an island about the size of Key West in the Southern Carribean. A new resort had just opened on this tropical paradise and was getting rave reviews in all the travel books and magazines. The island was virtually undeveloped except for the resort and had been inhabited only by a small fishing village that had been tragically wiped out by a hurricane several years back. The survivors had built this resort with the help of a wealthy American investor. The resort was run by just the two dozen or so islanders and some imported help. They only allowed three hundred guests at the resort at a time. Angie didn't care about that, she only cared that she wouldn't have to think about work for the next week. She was an anthropologist at a major university and put in long hours helping her husband, the professor, with his classes. She looked over at James. At fifty, he was twenty years older then she was. His head was buried in a Carribean fishing magazine and he planned on going out fishing several days during the vacation. Angie planned on soaking up some rays while he was gone during the day and hopefully rekindling some of their stagnant sex life during the night. The sea plane turned towards the resort and came down for a landing. They left the dock and were greeted by three of the largest black men Angie had ever seen. Each was bigger then the quarterback at her university. "Welcome to Trinibogo. I am Devon, the islands Governor and manager of the resort. These men will take you to your rooms. Guests staying at the hotel can take the left bus and the beach bungalows take the bus on the right." Angie and Jim were staying in a bungalow and followed a few people to the bus on the right. The bungalows were on the western end of the island and supposedly featured spectacular views of the sunset. They featured running water and electricity, but no tv's and phones. Moped's were provided for traveling back to the resort with it's restaurants, pool, bars, and casino. The island was very beautiful. The dirt road the bus traveled along followed the clear blue sea. The island was surrounded by beaches and hidden coves allowing privacy. All the beaches were clothing optional. Here and there, Angie could still see signs of the destruction caused by the hurricane. Within minutes, the bus pulled up at their secluded bungalow. ****************** Devon hopped on his scooter and traveled to Trinibogo's command center. After the disaster, a hurricane shelter had been carved into the side of Trinibogo's Black Sucking Cock Nadia Rio The Minion Cumbang Netload This story is dedicated to my wife, whom I love very much, and to our friends that have remained our friends throughout these years. As they have continue to be there for my wife, our children, and me. After much encouragement from my wife and her black lovers, I finally decided to tell our story of how my wife, our children, and I ended up as a large happy family by raising several children from my wife's black lovers. When my wife, Kim, and I were married, she was 21 and I was 32. By the time I was 39, and my wife was 28, I had had several operations, which left me somewhat lacking in the sexual performance category. My wife was always really good about me not being able to perform for her, and I tried to please her as much as possible. But it was never like it was during our first few years of marriage. I knew she was frustrated and I wasn't able to help much, though I knew she stilled loved me very much and just put up with the situation. I bought her toys to use on herself, and I would help her out sometimes if she wanted me too. But most of the time she preferred to use her toys alone. Now Kim is fairly good looking. She's not drop dead gorgeous or anything like that but she is very pretty as far as I'm concerned, and most men I think would agree. She's 5'4" tall and 115 lbs, auburn hair, and green eyes. Her eyes are what attracted me to her when we first met. They are striking in contrast to her hair and light olive skin tone. She doesn't have large breasts, 34 b-cups, but they are firm and kind of tear dropped shaped. She never needs to wear a bra, although she usually does wear one of those push up bras to make herself look larger in the chest than she really is. But she has a beautiful figure and a beautiful face that just seems to fit together perfectly. She doesn't have much hair around her pussy and what she does have is just a dark little auburn triangle above her clit that she keeps trimmed pretty short. I would rent her porno movies to watch as she masturbated and this seemed to really get her off more quickly while Interracial Dp Gangbang Nadia Rio The Minion Nadia Rio at Suckin Cock me." Before she knew what was going on, Angie found her breasts mashed into the back of a nude black man as they rode towards the bungalows. She had forgotten she was topless. Thank god she didn't know anyone on the island. Angie invited Joseph inside her bungalow and he sat on the couch while she got a notebook and camera. She hadn't brought a ruler, so she took out a one dollar bill to use as a measuring tool. "First off Joseph, may I take a picture of you? I can do it from the neck down." "It doesn't matter to me. Tourists take pictures of me all the time. Didn't you see all the cameras going off when I walked by on the beach?" "No, I hadn't noticed. Have you ever measured your penis?" "No maam." Angie was making notes in her book. She was so intent on her work, she remained topless and didn't give a second thought to having a nude black man in her room. "I'm going to measure it against this dollar. I wan't you to take a picture as I do it." "Ok, no problem mon." Angie kneeled down and found her face was dead even with Joseph's crotch. "I'm going to have to lift your penis up." "Be my guest." Angie had only actually touched a few men's penises in her life, just her husband's and a few boyfriends. None of them even came close to Joseph's in length or girth and he wasn't even hard. "Is it always this plump?" "Yes." "How much smaller does it get? Like when you're cold." "It never gets smaller." "Interesting. I'm going to lift it up now." Angie grasped the tip and pulled it out. It immediately grew another inch. ""Damn you're getting hard. Hurry up and take the picture," she said holding out the dollar along his shaft. It was bigger then the dollar. "Sorry," he said taking the picture. "The damn thing gets hard all the time. It rarely goes down." "Hand me the camera, I want to get a shot of your testicals. Hold your penis up so that I get a clear photo." Angie clenched a fist to get a comparrison shot against his balls, finding them as large as her fist, probably twice as large as any nut sack she had ever seen in any book. When Joseph realeased his penis it stood straight out from his crotch, completely hard. She gave him the camera back and held the dollar up against his thick shaft. It took over one and a half bills from base to tip. She estimated it at a foot long, maybe a little more. His entire penis was dark black, crisscrosssed with dark blue veins. She stared at the thick head for close to five minutes then wrote in her notebook: Appears bigger then a foot, head the size of a golf ball. Precum glistened on the tip and a large drop Mandingo Online Nadia Rio The Minion Biracial Dating Sites ready to go back to work yet." Angie had turned into a complete slut, fucking and sucking at least eight other black men the rest of the week as well as Joseph, David, and Devon. "Cheer up, maybe we can come back next year and you were hinting about some paper you wanted to write." Could she wait a whole year? She was still a scientist and did want to get her paper published. ******************* "Honey, this is bull shit," Jim had said after reading her paper. Now he knew the truth. He was white as a ghost and looked like he would throw up. She had sent him to develop her film from their vacation. "Sorry Jim, I had to get measurements. Don't let it give you an inferiority complex." He didn't say anything he just threw the film pack at her hitting her in the chest. Jim turned and walked out the door. "I'm keeping the negatives. You won't have anything after the divorce you slut. Be out of my house by tomorrow night." Angie was too shocked to cry as she sat down on the couch and opened the film packet. The one on top showed her pussy splayed open and filled with cum. Joseph had taken pictures of her after she had passed out and before. She felt a deep sense of longing as she looked at half his cock protruding from her mouth. The pictures grew worse. David had taken pictures of her being double fucked by Joseph and Devon. Somehow, there was even a picture of cum pouring out of her ass as her sphincter closed up. The measurement pictures were in there and Angie's paper was pubished in every major medical/anthropology paper in the country. Dozens of theories were thought up to explain the large genitalia of the Trinibogons. None made sense. ******************** Angie patted the small mound growing in her belly as she sat nude on the beach. The drunk woman she had met her first night on vacation sat beside her. The other woman's pregnancy was much later. Angie had recieved a large grant to furthur study the Trinibogons. She had stolen the money and moved here only to have Devon confiscate it the moment her plane landed. Not that she needed money here. Both women were deliriously happy. Before their pregnancy showed, they worked as waitresses or maids. When they weren't working, they were expected to serve the black men in whatever capacity they could, cooking, cleaning, and sex lots and lots of sex. Every black man needed to get off at least three times a day and so far there weren't enough women living here to take care of them all. 'That was slowly changing though,' she thought as she watched the plane carrying the next batch of tourist circling the island. The End