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Brie could not be happier. She sat next to her brand new husband Billy as he drove their convertible sports car down the highway. She admired her husband's handsome face and hard athletic body for probably the millionth time. She was very much in love and she felt lucky to have snared such a handsome guy. Brie shouldn't have worried about finding a husband. She had the pick of a long list of men and Billy was very grateful to have been at the top of the list. Any man would have died to be with a woman like Brie. Her body could only be described as luscious, her face bordering between beautiful and cute. Cute was more a description of her manner. She was young, 19 years old and naïve. It would only be time before the experiences of life turned her into a sophisticated beauty. They had been on the road for about an hour. It was Saturday and they had been married shortly after noon. They attended the reception after the wedding and then hit the road. Their honeymoon plans took them from their home town in Louisiana to Florida with a stop somewhere in Mississippi. Billy couldn't wait for that night when he could introduce his virgin bride to the joys of sex. Billy, who was two years older than Brie, was not greatly experienced sexually himself but he had learn a few of the finer points from his best friend's older female cousin. Brie was not totally ignorant of sex herself although she had insisted that she and Billy wait for their wedding night to have intercourse. At Billy's constant badgering she did concede to give her husband to be oral sex although she wouldn't allow him to go down on her. Over the year before the wedding Brie had demonstrated a natural ability at oral sex and had found that she loved to perform it on Billy any chance she got. That was precisely what popped into Brie's mind as they sped along down the highway. Billy had suggested they take the back roads so that they could enjoy the countryside. Brie was now glad he suggested that for a different reason. The road wasn't very crowded so Brie figured she could have a little fun with Billy. She slowly leaned across the console putting her left hand behind Billy's neck. While she scratched his neck with her manicured bright red nails she snuggled her cheek against his. Billy turned and smiled at his beautiful new wife. Brie gave Billy a quick peck on the lips before he had to return his attention to the road. She wasn't finished with him yet. Brie began to nibble at Billy's face and neck. She hoped that she could distract her husband while her right hand began to work on his zipper. "What are you doing babe?" he asked sweetly. "You'll see," Monster Cocks Nadia Rio The Minion Big Black Dick Anal Edward watched his wife get dressed from the corner of his eye as he tied the tie around his neck. "Honey, why don't you show some leg?" "Edward!" said Claudia perturbed, but smiling. She liked that after ten years of marriage, her husband still couldn't take his eyes off her. "I'm serious," said Edward. "If this deal goes through, we stand to make one million dolllars in commission. Anything to get him to sign his name on that contract." Edward sold real estate around Stony Harbor, Long Island. The House in question was a fifteen million dollar beach house. Those houses were owned mostly by the rich and famous of New York City and rarely came up for sale. "Ok honey," said Claudia letting the dress she was wearing fall to the floor. "I have just the right dress." Claudia stood there wearing a lacy white garter ensemble and let her husband stare at her in her underwear. She turned and pulled out a tight black dress that only reached halfway to her knee. Edward held his breath and felt his penis stir. Claudia was a beauty and was born near to perfection. What hadn't been perfect, a boob job had taken care of. His wife was a tall, leggy, raven haired woman with the body of a swimsuit model and the tan to match. Her breasts had been large before the operation, but she insisted on adding a cup size. Her large boobs changed her appearance from a pretty model to a sexy stripper, but at heart she was still a decent small-town girl. Edward was a good match with his wife. He was tall, good-looking, and fit with only a slight paunch that Black Dick Porn Nadia Rio The Minion Nadia Rio at Interracial Cuckold Porn thought Billy. Billy racked up the balls and allowed the challenger to break first. Billy easily won in short order. The man paid off and before Billy could leave with his knew bride the man offered to play another game for $100. Billy was surprised that the man would want another game. Again Brie urged Billy to play and again Billy won the game easily. Billy was tempted to decline when the man asked for another game but the man called for double or nothing. If Billy won again over this clearly inferior pool player he would leave with an extra $250. Brie smiled and urged him on. Again Billy won. By now, several men had gathered around to watch the action. They all made sure that they got a good look at Brie as well. Finally the man had had enough. He paid Billy his winnings. While Billy counted the money another man offered $250 to play Billy. Billy declined the offer and started heading for the door. Brie again urged Billy to play, her mind filled with ideas of how they would enjoy their honeymoon with all that extra money. They started with $500 dollars for the week. Now they had $750 but another $250 would be even better and Brie knew that Billy would win. Brie convinced the reluctant Billy to play one more game. To his relief he again won the game. Now, Billy just wanted to leave before these guys got angry. The second opponent grudgingly paid Billy the money he lost. As the man handed over the last bill he said, "I tell you what, hotshot, lets quit fooling around. Lets play one more game for $2000." Billy's eyes widened with disbelief. He looked at Brie and then back to the man. Billy politely declined the match claiming that he didn't have $2000 dollars. The man held his hand up and asked, "How much are you short, hotshot?" Billy replied, "About $1000." The man said, "I'll make you a deal hotshot. My $2000 against whatever cash you have and one other thing." Billy asked, "What's that?" The man returned, "Your lady. I figure she's worth $1000 dollars." Billy looked confused. He asked, "What do you mean 'my lady'." The man said, "This woman here. The one you came in with. If I win I get your cash and your woman. If you win then you get $2000." Billy's face turned red with anger as he said, "I can't do that to my wife. She's not mine to bet on a pool game." Billy felt Brie nudge his side. He turned to look at her and she stretched up to whisper in his ear, "You can do it Billy. Just think what we could do with $2000." The possibility that her wonderful husband would lose never occurred to her. It occurred to Billy. Billy whispered back, "What if I lose baby. This guy means business. He'll expect Black White Dating Sites Nadia Rio The Minion Black Dick Cock let her alone. Someone was always with her to see that she performed and perform she did. Bruno easily covered his investment in those few days. Brie had more sex with Bruno's clients that week than most women have in a lifetime. Every night she would go to sleep exhausted. On the last night that Brie was with Bruno he explained to her that a rich client was coming into town and that he wanted a woman that fit her description. When the client arrived he was able to check out Brie through a one way mirror. He told Bruno that she would be fine and offered to buy her for $5000. Bruno refused the offer. He could make that much easily off Brie. "Name you price," the client said. Bruno knew that he could make a lot off Brie but he knew that women in this business don't last very long. He said, "$20,000." "$10,000," countered the client. "$20,000," said Bruno. The client paid the $20,000 realizing that Bruno had what he wanted and knew it. He said, "I'll be in my car out front. Send her out immediately." Bruno nodded. As the client left, Bruno called for Brie. He explained that he had just sold her for $20,000 and that she would be leaving. Brie dropped her head in total depression. She wondered if this was to be her life from now on, to be sold when she finally had excepted her surroundings. One of Bruno's men escorted Brie out of the building. He opened the client's car door and Brie got in without even looking at the man. The door was closed and the car left the place that Brie had almost begun to think of as home. She knew she was a whore now and a dam good one she thought. She thought to herself that just a short time ago she would be shocked at what she does now. Now she is in a car with a strange man. He is her knew pimp. She is wearing a see thru blouse, no bra, a very short micro skirt with no panties on. Sitting down in this skirt causes it to rise so high that her well trimmed cunt is exposed. It does not embarrass her. In fact she is proud of her cunt. It has satisfied many men recently. The man turned and put his hand on her cunt. His fingers slipped right in her well lubricated cunt. She gave out a small moan of pleasure and spread her legs. The man said "You are my whore now. You will be fucking for free. Anyone who wants you can have you. While you are in my house panties and thigh high stockings (with heels) is the most you will be allowed to wear. While in my house no one has to ask you to fuck or suck. You will give it to all." "Sounds OK to me!" So began Brie's slutty life. After a few days she was used to being naked all the time. In fact she enjoyed wearing thigh highs with high heels only.