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It was an uneventful trip because the Black Knight (Corbin) and I (Alex) decided to make the journey without stopping except to piss and grab some grub. Although there was that truck stop we gassed up at and encountered an interesting event, but that's another story for another time. As we pulled into Tampa Bay off Interstate 275, Corbin and I were deciding where we were going to stay. We decided not to rent and buy a house for our winter get away or retreat from each other. We're not gay, actually we're very much heterosexual but switch hitting now and then only shows how secure we are in our masculinity, besides everything is cheaper with two footing the bill, as long as you split the costs evenly. Therefore, it was decided to buy a house and possibly rent out the extra room to some college students or Spring Break "Girls Gone Wild". The first thing we did was turn to a realtor, Century 21 seems like the company to go with, so we looked them up in a telephone book and stopped at the office. We walked in the office and this knock out strawberry blonde look alike to Marg Helgenberger from "China Beach" and "CSI" seemed very intrigued with the Black Knight and his physique. Realtor : "Good after noon sir is there something I can help you with. My name is Janet and I would be happy to help you." Black Knight : "My friend Interacial Gangbangs Christina Skye Watching My Mom Go Black Black Cock Clips She knew she was drunk. She'd probably had a few more than she should have, but she was mad, and frustrated. Her husband, Bill, had taken off on another business trip to New York this morning. That in its self wasn't so bad, but his sexy red headed assistant had gone also, and she was sure they were fucking. That wouldn't have even bothered her so much if she was getting her fair share, but Bill hadn't shown much interest in her over the last two years. They'd had sex exactly once over that time frame, and she was going nuts. Plus it had been two years since Kathy had been promoted to his assistant. Sure, Jane thought, I'm forty, but I still have a sexy body and nobody has tits like mine. She was lucky. She was a tall attractive blonde with long legs, a thin waist, and best of all, a 42E chest. Men had fawned over her all her life, and then she'd married Bill 10 years ago. He was successful and handsome, and they'd had a great sex life the first 5 years. Then things had started to deteriorate. Sex came less frequently, even when she tried to spice things up. She started to work out, because she didn't have to work, and her body had tightened up. Bill still ignored her. They had fought, and she had started to drink. When he left this morning, she already had a couple of bloody Mary's, and she snapped at him about fucking his assistant. He ignored her, and left. She was fuming mad. She drank some more. Then as she was reading the paper she saw an add for a jazz group she liked. They were playing at a club in down town San Francisco. She showered put some things in a bag and drove over the bridge before rush hour, and got a room three blocks from the club. She was going to enjoy herself and tie one on. That's exactly what she'd done. She'd dressed in a sexy short dress that showed off her big tits and legs and gone to the bar at 8:00. It was now 1:00 in the morning and she had had a lot. She'd flirted with all the men who'd shown interest, but no one really interested her. She knew it was time to go to the hotel, or she wouldn't make it. She got off her stool and walked out the front door. The cold San Francisco air had hit her and she shivered. 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She shook her head yes. He eased his grip on her neck. Spread your legs, he hissed in her ear. She did. He lifted her dress and started stroking her crotch. You're one hot bitch, you know. Best looking woman I've ever seen he said as his fingers worked her. She began to squirm. She couldn't help it. She was being raped, and it started to turn her on. She let out a low moan. He pulled her off the wall and let his other hand run down on to her tits. He squeezed and manipulated them like a maestro. Nicest tits I ever seen on a bitch, he mumbled. She was getting really turned on and could feel his cock up against her leg. He kissed the back of her neck and ran his tongue up to her ear. Electric shocks shot through her. She wanted him to rape her. She reached back and felt his cock through his pants. It was big. Her breath came faster. Baby's hot he whispered. Yes she moaned as he ripped a hole in her panty hose, moved her panties, and sunk a finger in her cunt. Oh God she moaned. 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Her hands were behind his head and he manipulated her tits expertly. She could see the cars driving past the alley entrance, and the openness and possible exposure of the sex act turned her on even more. She started to squirm. He pulled back and took his cock in his hand. Suck it he growled. She drooped to her knees with out thinking and started sucking the head, then licking down the side of the monster. It grew as he released his grip and she grabbed hold of her prize. She sucked and stroked deeper and deeper. She could feel it grow in her mouth and it excited her. She was going deeper and deeper, moaning and slobbering on his tool when he pulled her up and turned her around. Bend over he growled. She did as she was told, and he moved behind her. She could feel the huge head John Persons Christina Skye Watching My Mom Go Black Christina Skye at Interratial Porn grew quickly to its 15-inch length. Her two hands placed on top of the other still weren't able to reach from the base to the tip. She started to slowly jerk Corbin off and when she reached the tip of his cock her hand slipped right up his six-pack abs. He had so much pre-cum on his pee slit that it was more she had ever encountered in her life. Although that extra cum made it, easier to slid up and down his cock. Corbin let her back down on her feet and he pulled her down to the plush white carpet and had her kneel in front of his massive cock. Black Knight : "I know you know what to do in this position, now show me how skillful you really are and then I will decide whether you're worthy of being fucked by this Black Python." Janet needed no encouragement; she grabbed his cock and stuffed his cock head into her mouth as much as she could. She gradually worked the entire head into her mouth and slowly tried to swallow as much as she could. 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Corbin gave out one last grunt and slammed into Janet's chest again and just laid there, raising only his hips and cock five inches out and in until his cum was coming out of his pee slit. Janet could feel the rush of seed running towards her twat and just let him lay on top of her. The rush of cum running into her was a welcomed rush; she hadn't had this much cum in her since the time she took on four college football players at once. Corbin waited for her cunt muscles to start milking him and just like he knew it, she started the milking machine, this was actually his favorite part of the after math of his fuck sessions. The Black Knight pulled his cock out of her pussy and a big plop sound was made. Janet giggled a little and smiled up to her new lover, she couldn't believe they hadn't gotten past the first room upstairs but she really didn't care, she just hoped that her new apprentice had shown the rest of the house. Part 2 : The Asian Prince and his Brown Sugar at the movies.