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Like my homey Ice Cube said, "Today was a good day." I woke up knowing that my personal ATM machine, some white boy who loves hookers, would be coughing up several Benjamins. I believe a business deal should go down smoothly and without problems. His love of my hoes has got him a debt that only the threat of an ass-whoopin' can resolve. We went back to his place so the cops wouldn't catch me slicing him from ear to ear but his mom was home. I could see the fear in her eyes as she saw the face of a black man who's seen the inside of a prison wall a couple of times. After some debate she began flirting with me as her little boy's face showed that he'd sooner crawl into a hole and die than watch me stick her full of black dick. As a reasonable man I'd wipe the debt off since her mouth couldn't stop from bouncing up and down on my thick black flagpole. The bitch nearly puked all over my cock as that wanna-be Beaver Cleaver watched his momma engage in some nasty interracial sex. I must have hit that uterus a billion times while my black balls kept the attack on her juicy clit. Her fat tits kept jiggling the more my black dick devastated the place where he came out of years ago. I needed to drop all of my goo down her mouth which ensured this loser cracker would never, ever fuck with my money again!
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"Fuck you beetch," yelled the fat black woman with her thick Haitian accent. Susan Kelly turned around her face flushing red with anger. "Listen and listen good. I order you to cease all business dealings immediately pending a hearing before the state board of health. Jesus woman, there's a headless chicken on floor. "He's keepin watch on the spirit world fo me, bitch and don't be sayin that name in my home." "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus," said Susan slamming the door as she left the voodoo shop. Mama Juju spit and mumbled a curse at the woman walking down the alley towards Bourban Street. Her eyes widened as she saw the heavy set man waiting for the inspector. So the woman was Joe Kelly's wife. The real estate baron had been trying to buy Mama Juju's store for a year. Apparently he had found another way to force her to sell. She returned to her living room to watch Oprah when she heard the chicken bones hanging over her door rattle as someone entered her shop. "We closed,' she yelled. "Oh sorry, I'm just looking for something to help me," called a male voice from her store. "Oh shit," said Mama Juju hauling her large frame off her couch at her second interuption of the day. She walked into her store seeing a young medium built black man looking around her things. "Let me guess, love potion." The man blushed, "No," he said. "Revenge then, you want that I give someone warts?" "No, I need more specialized help." "What is it then mon," said the voodoo woman. "Spit it out." "I-I want you to make my penis bigger," said the man. Mama Juju held her head back and laughed so hard her body jiggled. She walked over to the man and grabbed his crotch causing him to jump. "Your cock, it feel nice to me mon. How big is it?" "Six inches when hard." "Thats a fine size for a cock boy. Why if I was thirty...ten years younger I'd fuck you meself." The man was clearly uncomfortable, so Mama Juju reluctantly let go of his crotch. "I know it's average maam, but you see, me and my buddy, we in this band and we just got this new girl singing with us and man is she hot. Well we both wants to fuck her. Jean, thats my buddy, he's this big womanizer and I've seen him naked, his cocks about eight inches..." "Slow down boy," interupted Mama Juju shaking her head. "What's your name?" "Marcus, Marcus Gerard." "Well Marcus Marcus Gerard, why don't I just give you a powder to make ya friends cock wither away?" "No. no, I couldn't do that," said Marcus. "He's my best bro. I just wants to beat him out for a change." "What makes you think I can help you?" "My grandma was a voodoo woman, dad swore she could do anything." "Come back tonight boy Kaylani Lei Mandingo Christina Skye Watching My Mom Go Black Black Cock Pregnant "Lets hurry with dessert so I can take some dictation in our room sir," said Amber grinning lazily as she pictured herself kneeling at the Reverend's feet. "Not tonight Mrs Caldecott, I'll be occupied." "Oh, I see," saidAmber feeling hurt and jealous. "Here she is now." Al Sharpspeare stood up and waved. "Mrs Baker over here." Al frowned when he saw she had brought her husband. "And who's this?" "Reverend, this is my husband Tom," said Terry. She hadn't stopped thinking about the Reverend's foot long cock since sucking it earlier that day. She didn't trust herself around it and brought her husband to protect her. The Reverend towered over Tom and her husband winced as he shook hands with the black man. "May I order either of you a drink?" asked Al. "Sure, a beer, I guess," said Tom. "Me too," said Terry. She couldn't look the Reverend in the eye, but found herself looking at his crotch if she looked down. She settled for glancing at Amber, who looked upset about something. The blonde was absolutely gorgeous and resembled a modest Pamela Anderson. Terry found herself a little jealous which shocked her. "Hey Frank," called Al to one of his bodyguards sitting over at the bar. "Get two beers for our guests." Al winked at Frank which was the signal to spike the drinks with Bree Olsen Blacks On Blondes Christina Skye Watching My Mom Go Black Christina Skye at Black Interracial Sex out on a date. He grabbed some briefs from a drawer suddenly wondering how he was going to stuff his cock inside. He need not have worried. He immediately lost his erection and his cock seemed to curl up until he snapped the waist band of his briefs over it. His underwear looked stretched out like he had stuffed a small melon into it. ******************** Mama Juju was quite pleased with herself. She had never performed the snake ritual before and was very satisfied how it turned out. Her hands were busy molding a black lump of clay into the shape of a man. She finished the man and twirled a small piece of clay between her fingers, sticking it on the clay figures crotch so that it resembled a large penis. She leaned over and opened the basket removing the snake. She didn't worry to much about it biting her any more, the thing seemed ill, moving sluggishly. The black mamba was skinnier and had shrunk in length about a foot. The head was no longer the familiar shape of a viper, but was rounder. It's mouth was now vertical and smaller, making it look like some kind of inbred abomination. Mama Juju squeezed the head until the mouth reluctantly opened. She squeezed some venom out letting it drip over the clay figures penis. Mama Juju put the snake back in the basket and got out some marijuana, rolling and lighting a fat joint. She took a couple puffs and smiled. She grabbed the clay figure and slowly exhaled the pot smoke in it's face. "I have a job for you slave," she said to the figure. ******************** Marcus was in heaven. This was turning out to be the best day of his life. Shoshona was sucking his cock like a madwoman. He had gone over to her apartment and asked her to dinner. The pretty black girl had agreed. She seemed infatuated with his every word and kept sneaking glances at his bare arms. Not only had Mama Juju made his cock and body bigger, but he seemed to be more charming, smoother. Marcus realized halfway through dinner that he was talking Shoshona into fucking him and his cock started writhing in his pants. Her eyes had opened wide in disbelief at the size of the bulge in his underwear. The disbelief turning to fear as she pulled his underwear down and his cock seemed to uncoil and strike out at her. She had stripped down to her bra and panties and Marcus could see her small bosom heaving as she stared in awe at his penis. Shoshona shook her head in denial and started backing away. Marcus was worried she was to scared of his cock, but the thing suddenly started to sway. The fear left Shoshona's face as she stared at his swaying cock. Marcus watched her lean forward, her mouth opening Dfwknight Christina Skye Watching My Mom Go Black Interracial Sex Clips one of the biggest snakes in the world." ******************** Joe awoke screaming as he remembered the fangs of the snake striking his balls. He was relieved to find himself in his own bed. Heariing Mama Juju's voice come from the black guy fucking his wife had nearly driven him insane with fear, anger, jealousy, and penis envy. He had gone to Mama Juju's and forced her to give him a big dick. She had refused and he had struck her cheek with the handle of the gun until she had agreed to his demands. He had been frightened when she had frozen him with some vile potion having him completely in her power. He practically shit a brick when she pulled a fifteen foot snake into the room. Fortunately everything seemed fine now as he looked around his room. He felt great. The sun was setting as he examined his body. His fat had hardened into muscles and he felt charged with energy. He reached down and ripped off the covers. The sun had just disappeared when Joe screamed. His cock was coiled around the base of the bed, half hanging over the side as the head explored the floor, a long tongue flickering out before it. His cock was as big as the snake. His scream seemed to alert the head, which quickly climbed back onto the bed. flickering it's tongue over his body. His cock quickly coiled completely around him and he felt the coils tightening, squeezing, constricting... The last thing he remembered before he passed out the head of his cock pointing at his head. It looked like the pee slit was smiling at him as the slit began opening wide as it started swallowing his head. ******************** One year later, Susan opened her eyes as one of the twins started screaming. She hauled her fat body out of the chair and went to see what was wrong this time. Since Joe had disappeared, her life had steadily gone down hill. He had accrued an incredible amount of debt and the banks had taken their house. The insurance company refused to pay any life insurance since no body had ever been found. She was now living in a low income apartment collecting welfare and living off food stamps as she spent all her time taking care of the twins. She had put on a lot of weight during her pregnancy and hadn't lost any of it after giving birth. The twins were absolute monsters. They were the brattiest children she had ever seen in her life. One was always hungry and crying while the other slept. If she was changing one, the other was crawling into some dark corner somewhere. She picked up the bawling black baby, wincing as it roughly clamped its mouth over her sagging tit. Sometimes it is best not to get what you want. THE END