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Watching My Mom Go Black


> My name is Jenny. My story is about a major change in my life. I'm 35 years old, married and have two children. My husband is a Minister in a small town in Texas. We've been married for 17 years. My life has been very prim and proper but satisfying until recently. About two weeks ago I started out to attend a bible seminar in Dallas, which is about a three hour drive from home. I kissed and hugged my two sons Brad and Jeff and husband Jim and promised that I would be careful on the road. I told Jim that I would call him from the hotel to let him know I was OK. The trip went fine until I got near Dallas. A road construction crew was working on the road and had set up a detour. I checked my map to see how far this would put me from my final destination. No problem, it turned out, if I used a county road about 5 miles from the detour. Unfortunately, my car decided to die after about 10 miles down the county road. I lifted the hood to take a look at the engine even though I know nothing about cars. I had hopes that someone might come along and help. I hadn't passed any cars on this stretch and I was worried it might be some time before someone came by. It was a hot July day and I was beginning to perspire. My worries ended when a pick-up truck pulled up behind my car. Two very large black men got out and walked to the front of my car. I was startled at first and a little afraid at the sight of these two giants. They seemed polite enough when they asked if I needed help. I smiled and answered yes. Both looked under the hood and after a few minutes' one of the men said that it looked like a bad fuel pump. He offered to give me a ride into town to arrange a tow. I accepted his kindness and introduced myself. The man that offered the ride told me that his name was Fred and his friend's name was Joe. We all got in their truck with me sitting in the middle. The pick-up was old and had no air-conditioning. It was a standard size pick-up but I was still cramped between these huge men. I noticed that my shirt was beginning to cling to my skin. Fred and Joe had noticed as well. They kept stealing glances at my chest as the wet material of my shirt outlined my breasts. They remained gentlemen, however. The attention is something I am used to. I have blond hair and blue eyes. I have been considered pretty since I was a little girl. When I entered my teen years my body blossomed beyond my parents' expectations. They kept a tight rein on me. They knew I would be the target of every boy in school. As Black Chicks With Dicks Christina Skye Watching My Mom Go Black 12 Inch Black Cock When I was a young, single guy, I was working in a plant in the South as a stockboy; that is, I piled the parts on the benches for the girls and women to pack for shipment. There were twenty-eight females in the packing department, nineteen of whom were black, and nine guys, including me, five of whom were black. All were really terrific people and good workers, and I liked them all. In fact, we all still keep in touch and are really great friends. I am a white guy. My favorite person of all was a full-bodied negress named Rachel, who was just nineteen at the time. Rachel was one of the sweetest human beings I have ever met. She was warm, friendly and shy, and spoke Black Cock White Pussy Christina Skye Watching My Mom Go Black Christina Skye at Julia Bond And Mandingo were clearly visible though my shirt. I hadn't put my bra or panties back on after Fred and Joe fucked me. Thinking about our threesome reminded me of the feelings and sensations Fred and Joe had produced in me. I noticed that Nate was developing a sizable bulge in his pants. My nipples responded by getting rock hard. His eyes began bulging at the site of my growing nubs. I interrupted the silence by saying in my best attempt at a sexy voice, "Nate, would you please fix my car?" I smiled and continued, "I'll make it worth your while." Nate began stuttering, "Ma..Ma'am, yes ma'am, right away." Without taking my eye off Nate I reached in my jeans's pocket and pulled out my underwear. I turned to Fred and gave him my panties then kissed him full on the mouth letting my tongue wander inside his mouth. I gave Joe my bra, knowing how he likes big tits. I gave Joe the same sloppy kiss as I mashed my chest into his side and rubbed against him. My nipples were on fire. I turned back to Nate a said, "You'll get yours when my car is fixed." I thanked Fred and Joe for their help and ask if they would pick me up at eight and take me to the pool hall. They both nodded. Nate piped up, "You're taking the lady to the pool hall. Does she know about the pool hall?" Joe answered, "She'll know tonight!" It sounded kind of scary to me but I was still looking forward to it. I was also anxious for Nate to fix my car but I don't think as anxious as he was. It made me feel good to use my feminine charms to make a man do what I wanted. I had noticed a motel across the street. It didn't look like much but it would do. I ask Nate to send my bags over after he got my car. I then said with a wink, "I expect that you will personally deliver my car when its ready." Nate said, "You can count on that, Ma'am!" I then turned and walked across the street to the motel. I checked in and told the bell hop that Nate would send over my bags. I asked the handsome young black man of 19 or so to bring my bags to my room when they got there. I squeezed a five into his hand and gave him a wink. I could tell by his stares that his young hormones were working overtime. I new that soon I would have to take care of him as well. Up to this point I hadn't seen any white people. I figured I was in a predominately black neighborhood. So far, everyone had been very nice. I'm sure the possibility of fucking a buxom blond white woman would cheer any man, black or white. When I got to the room, I called my husband and let him know that everything Baby Cakes Cumbang Christina Skye Watching My Mom Go Black Interracial Sex Movie in those cases. My tongue, to my new found delight, is quite long. I estimate that I was able to penetrate most of their anuses over an inch. This nonstop fucking continued with one man cumming and another taking his place. All three of my holes were constantly filled. The orgasms began to run together. Here I was, a beautiful woman who could have just about anything I wanted and I was here at a dingy bar being gang banged. The strange thing was I couldn't think of anyplace I would rather be. I looked around for another cock to suck or fuck. I was content to suck and fuck all night. Unfortunately, the men had thinned out and I was now alone with my thoughts. Before today, I was the type of woman who would never be caught in a place like this doing what I had done. Now, I was simply a sex toy, a nasty slut who has sex with animals. It occurred to me that I now felt comfortable with the slut label. I also knew that it was incompatible with my former status. Fred and Joe offered to take me back to the motel. The boys dropped me at the motel and declined my invitation to a private session. It seemed that they were all fucked out. Alone in the room I thought about cleaning up in the tub. I decided against it, however. I liked the feeling of all the dried sweat and cum coating my skin. I curled up on the bed and began to lick my limbs. I fell asleep with the most blissful feelings I could remember. I awoke the next morning to a most offensive smell. I recalled the activities of the night before with horror. I also recalled the wonderful feelings that I knew I could never live without. More exploration was in order. I cleaned up and made it to my bible seminar just a little late. For the next two weeks I studied the bible during the day and hit the streets at night. I've now experienced all the sexual activities Dallas has to offer, from the single's scene to being the main entertainment for a bachelor party. I'm going home tomorrow. I've been trying to figure out how to return to my life as a minister's wife and mother of two and still enjoy my newfound life as a slut. I guess I will just have to make more trips out of town. If I get a chance, I'll pass along what happened in Dallas over the last two weeks. We'll talk soon. The account you have just read contains acts that may not be appropriate for everyone. In fact, some may be dangerous. The author does not advocate the practice of these acts and in our times recommends that care be taken when any sex act is performed. Protect Yourself!