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Alex and Cheryl were touring the down stairs, they could hear all the commotion up stairs, and wondered how far their viewing of the house had gotten. Cheryl showed Alex the kitchen; it was gorgeous, roomy, plenty of counter space, first class appliances, and a breakfast bar to kill for. The den was a little unusual, padded, and small, almost like a sound booth. Cheryl explained that the house use to belong to a record producer and he used this room as a mixing room and needed it sound proof. The tour continued and the living room looked out on the in-ground swimming pool and the poolside sand front sunning area, Alex now knew why there was such a privacy fence around the house. The dining room attached to the living room and was sunken down and very beautifully decorated. Then Cheryl took Alex into the "theatre room". Alex's jaw dropped and hit the floor, he couldn't believe this room, wall to wall carpet, 20 reclining theatre seats on two levels, a popcorn machine, soda fountain, and cotton candy maker. Cheryl : "Can you believe what some people do with their money, I should have this much money to just throw away. So, you and your friend buying a house for your wives to live in while you're working in the area." Alex : "Nope, we're not married and no we're not a couple either, just two guys out working hard and playing the field, although we switch hit now and then but basically Deauxma Interracial Gangbang India Summer Watching My Mom Go Black Cuckold Comics When I was only 16 my mom and dad divorced. I had known that it was inevitable that they would because they seemed to fight constantly. I know it was really hard on my dad when mom demanded the divorce. She got the house and me, their only child. I guess what surprised me most of all was how quickly my mom found another man. Within six months she was getting married to my step-dad. It bothered me a little at the time because my new step-dad was black. I know it bothered my real dad a lot. But Jim turned out to be a pretty cool guy and he's always treated me well, if not like a real son. The only problem was Jim's son from another marriage, Shaba. Shaba was 14 years old and was to be my new step-brother. He and I didn't get along well from the beginning. We were a world apart, Shaba and I. I was a 4.0 GPA student. I was captain of the debating team and a damn fine tennis player. I already had offers from several prestigious colleges and my future seemed Slut Wife Black Cock India Summer Watching My Mom Go Black India Summer at Gauge Interracial in an entire fuck session. I can't wait until we fuck like dogs in heat, at least that's the way I feel right now, a bitch in heat waiting for a dog like yourself to come along and fuck me doggie style." Alex got down to her pussy and took his mouth over her trimmed snatch and licked slowly up to the point of her trim line and back down to her clit and repeated that stroke for a few minutes. Cheryl was thrashing her arms, legs, and head, like a woman being fucked and all Alex was doing was licking her pussy. Alex finally got down to business, placed his entire mouth on her opening, and sucked like a tornado touching down in Kansas and mowing everything in its path. Cheryl leaned up on her elbows and watched this wonton expert eat her pussy. Alex sucked and sucked until he reached her colitis and had engorged like a penis of a new born. He sucked until he could feel it swell into his mouth and Cheryl's gorgeous chest was heaving up and down to the pace of his munching. Cheryl : "Oh my God, you're mouth is driving me wild and I need you to fuck me now. Stop teasing me with that expert mouth of yours and fuck my pussy. Give me that 11-inch cock and let me savor the feeling of fullness." Alex : "Oh no, I'm not done yet, I still have a few tricks up my ass and you're going to get the full treatment. Remember, your partner is still showing the rest of the house (supposedly, but not really) Interacial Porn India Summer Watching My Mom Go Black Black Cock Anal in the air and trying to catch it before it hit the floor. She was very impressed with his performance and when it started to ooze out of his pee slit she clamped down on his cock like a carpenter gluing two pieces of wood together. Cheryl sucked him dry and as she wiped her face clean, and Alex lay there with his cock in his hand, the door pushed open and in walked Janet and Corbin. Janet : "I see you didn't get too far in showing the place either, why don't the two of you get dressed and Cheryl you ride with Corbin and Alex you ride with me to the next house, I think you will find the next place to your liking a little better." Alex : "Oh, I don't know, this place seems to have all the amenities a person could want for a little piece and quiet during an intimate moment." Alex finished jacking off and Cheryl finished getting dress, he stood slipped on his tight shorts and stuffed his cock back into his home. Corbin helped Cheryl on with her blouse and gently brushed her tits with his large hand and knew that the ride was going to be exciting and adventurous. Each realtor looked at the other and gave each other a wink and a smile and they knew that they wouldn't be disappointed with their new shotgun partners and knew that the ride to the next place was over an hour away. Part 3 to come later, "The car ride" © 2004 - All Rights Reserved