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Taylor Wayne's son thinks he pulled a fast one. He was in the midst of a weed-buying deal when he distracted the dealer and ran off with the stash without paying. He is back in his Mom's house bragging about this with his girlfriend on the phone when suddenly the dealer is in his face demanding his money. He deosn't have the cash, and the dealer is in no mood to compromise. Their yelling attracts his Mom to find out what the hell is going on. After she hears the story of her fuckup of a son, she tries to settle up with the drug dealer with the only thing she has, her body! He is reluctant to accept her payment, but she finally convinces him, and forces her son to watch her get pounded by a black dude! Not only does he fuck her brains out with that sizable length of black pipe, he skull-fucks her until she's gagging, and finishes by blasting her piehole with a load of dicksnot!
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Watching My Mom Go Black


Andy couldn't wait to leave the reception and make love to his wife. They had abstained during their brief engagement of three months. Andy had thought it would be difficult, but his penis hadn't even stirred since spring. He kept his hands off it just to be safe. Even now his penis felt like a limp noodle as if he had no sex drive at all. He gulped in nervousness, but attributed it to wedding jitters. His penis had never let him down before. They arrived at his house in Stony Harbor and Andy lifted his beautiful young wife across the threshold into their new home. He had to tie up some loose ends at work and then it was off to Hawaii. They both sighed when he set her down relieved that this stressful day was finally over. Christy walked over to the kitchen and quickly downed two glasses of water she was so dehydrated from stress. Andy joined her in a glass of water and they stared lovingly into each others eyes. They had met a year ago on the beach and knew they loved each other by the end of the week. It had been the best year of their lives. It was the year before the black men came. ******************** Christy was wearing a lacy white bridal, bra and garter ensemble from "Hidden Closet" and Andy had never seen a more sexier sight. He lay on the bed in his boxers watching her pose for him. Christy had an almost cartoonish figure, a thin body with large overdeveloped breasts and a firm upthrust ass. She was generally shy, embarrassed by her figure, but had opened up to him over the year. Christy blushed as she did a slow strip tease, tossing her bra aside and then slowly removing her garter, rolling her white stockings down. She turned her back to him and pulled her panties down. Christy turned around completely nude and crawled up his body. 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"Jesus, what's wrong?" she asked moving her crotch along his penis trying to make him hard. "I don't know honey. I guess it's stress." Christy looked positively wanton. Her eyes were wide and her nipples were swollen, protruding out about a half inch. "God, I need to get fucked. My pussy's on fire." Andy had never heard her talk like this before. She sat astride Blacks On Blondes Belladonna Taylor Wayne Watching My Mom Go Black Mandingo Music My wife and I have had a rather strange relationship for the past three out of four years of marriage. She's very attractive, in fact built like the proverbial brick house. She's 5'6" tall, 128 lb. with firm breasts to drool over (40DD), narrow waist and flat stomach, and a wonderful round ass. She has long, kinky-curled brown hair and smooth, fair skin, too. Dynamite. So, obviously, her looks aren't the problem. I am. I've been so caught up in work - 60 to 70 hours a week - that, after our first year of marriage, I really began ignoring her. The truth is, if we've had sex a half dozen times in the past three years, that's a lot. I guess the other thing I need to mention is that I've always been a submissive. I had never told her that, and she really Black Chicks With Dicks Taylor Wayne Watching My Mom Go Black Taylor Wayne at Black Cock Blondes inside her vagina. She began squeezing her legs together and her free hand found its way to her right nipple, squeezing and stroking it roughly. Christy's pussy was on fire again and she needed a big hard penis bad. She grabbed her black hairbrush by the bristles. The handle was about as long as Andy's penis, though it was skinnier then his penis. Christy had never done anything like this before, but without a second thought she buried it in her vagina and came almost immediately. She needed it so bad. Christy began rapidly moving the brush handle in and out of her vagina. She watched fascinated as the slick black shaft appeared and disappeared inside her. She came again. Christy held the brush inside her while squeezing her thighs together. She turned the razor back on and held it down near the nub until the vibrations set her off again. Christy turned the razor off and began rubbing her clit with the tip of her finger. Eventually, she came so hard, she screamed in pleasure and her spasming vagina forced the brush out. She cleaned the brush, surprised that she was still a little horny. She considered putting it back in, but Andy chose that moment to come home. She sighed. Oh well, at least she had discovered a new hobby. That night, while Andy ate her vagina, she imagined he had a big muscular body like Musatafa's. The vision of Mustafa rising up out of the pool seemed frozen in her mind and as she remembered the black man's massive penis turning hard, she came all over Andy's face. ******************** The next morning, after eating her to orgasm, Andy agreed to see a doctor and maybe look into viagra. He was moving his jaw around a lot and she could tell his heart wasn't really into going down on her constantly. Christy did some sit-ups and drank two glasses of water after Andy left for work. She unpacked for awhile and then her horniness got the best of her and she spent a half hour on the bed with the hairbrush. Still horny, Christy dressed up in a blue blouse and knee length skirt. She had made a list of dentist offices in a hour's drive radius of Stony Harbor and she left to look for a job. Late in the afternoon, Christy returned home in a good mood. She had an interview in two days at a dentist office only twenty minutes from home. They were leaving for Hawaii that night, but she would have plenty of time to get ready after the interview and hopefully she would be returning from her honeymoon to a job. Christy had an hour to work on her tan, so she put her bikini on and headed out to the pool. She laid down on her back and had just closed her eyes when she heard someone whistling. She opened her eyes just as Mustafa walked around the corner. "Afternoon Miss. Sorry to disturb you, but I need to do a quick check on the chlorine level of the pool." "That's alright Mustafa," said Christy stretching out sensuously. She surprised herself. She had always been ashamed of her voluptuous figure, but seeing the reaction her body got out of the black man the last time at the pool, filled her with pride. It made her feel powerful and she now Blacks On Blondes Pass Taylor Wayne Watching My Mom Go Black Sucking A Black Dick growing duller until it was gone completely. It was such a tight fit she could feel every inch buried in her ass, from the huge head to the crooked left angle to his pulse beating in the large black veins that crisscrossed his cock. "Ow," she said when he began to move, but it had been a reflex there was no pain. In fact, as he began slowly fucking her ass, his cock was stimulating nerve endings she never knew she had. It was actually pleasurable. Christy grunted and began fucking back. The faster he moved the more she loved it. Only a slut let someone fuck their ass and she now felt fully possessed by the giant ugly black man. He now owned her completely, both mind and body. "Oh god, fuck my ass. Gimme that black cock." Mustafa reached between her legs and ran his finger around her clit. The pleasure grew unbearable and just as her orgasm exploded she cried, "I only want to fuck you from now on." He came as she had an orgasm that made her see stars. His sperm filling her ass as he pulled his cock out with a pop and shot a wad across her back. I'm your slut, Mustafa," she said when she recovered. "Prove it," said Mustafa. ******************** Andy came home full of hopes of rekindiling their romance on their honeymoon. They were moving forwards. Hopefully, Christy had gotten a job today to keep her busy and he had a dozen viagra pills in his pocket. "Christy," he called, but there was no answer. He searched the house, then checked by the pool. Funny, he thought, her cars in the driveway. Then, he noticed the plane tickets and the travellers checks were gone. Andy just frowned not quite believeing what he saw. ********************** "You like," said Christy modeling her new g-string bikini for Mustafa. It was so overstretched, she was practically nude. They were walking down the black, volcanic beach in Hawaii. They had traded in Andy's ticket for one in Mustafa's name. Andy had pad for the room in advance. In fact, he had set up the perfect romantic honeymoon in advance. "What am I doing," she had said on the plane. "Andy won't take me back after this and college wiped out my savings." "Don't worry," said the black man. "I have connections in the city, they can put you up. How'd you like to be a movie star?" "What?" "With a body like yours you'd make a fortune in movies. My friends will love you." That calmed her down, though she hadn't been aware that there were any movie studios in New York. Anyway, Mustafa's confidence was infectious and she trusted he would get her a job making movies. Christy decided to relax and enjoy their two weeks together. "I asked around, there's a nude beach on the other side of the island. You game?" he asked as they walked down the beach. Christy looked at all the male eyes following her as she walked by in the bikini. They would stare at her, then look at Mustafa in disgust, then in awe when they noticed the tiny pair of briefs he was wearing. She thought how jealous all the women would be to see Mustafa's cock dangling between his legs as they walked nude down a beach. "Let's go now," she said. The End