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Taylor Wayne's son thinks he pulled a fast one. He was in the midst of a weed-buying deal when he distracted the dealer and ran off with the stash without paying. He is back in his Mom's house bragging about this with his girlfriend on the phone when suddenly the dealer is in his face demanding his money. He deosn't have the cash, and the dealer is in no mood to compromise. Their yelling attracts his Mom to find out what the hell is going on. After she hears the story of her fuckup of a son, she tries to settle up with the drug dealer with the only thing she has, her body! He is reluctant to accept her payment, but she finally convinces him, and forces her son to watch her get pounded by a black dude! Not only does he fuck her brains out with that sizable length of black pipe, he skull-fucks her until she's gagging, and finishes by blasting her piehole with a load of dicksnot!
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Watching My Mom Go Black


Christy Simmons was enjoying her typical day, cleaning up the house while her husband Todd was at work. They lived in a large suburban home, far from the crime and dirt of the city. Christy had just about everything she could wish for, two cars in the garage, plenty of food in the fridge and a house that her neighbors envied. They didn't have any children yet but there was still plenty of time. She was only 27. Todd said his work was just too frantic at this point to think about having a family. He often worked late, sometimes not getting home until around eight. Once in a while he even had to take extended business trips. He could be gone for several days at a time. She often felt lonely but she was grateful for all the wonderful material things he could provide her with. It was Tuesday and Todd had just called to say he would be home around seven. Christy began whistling while she was polishing the silver. A small stain got on her long powder blue dress and she was about to go wash it off when the door bell rang. Christy was startled by the sound because they rarely had visitors. Perhaps the UPS man, she thought. At the door were two tall men in dark suits and reflective sunglasses. "Good morning, ma'am," the dark haired one said as he flashed a badge. "My name is Jenkins and my partner is Smith. We're with the FBI, Fraud Division." Christy's heart raced as she peered around the door. She said, "What . . . what can I do for you?" "Ma'am, we've been investigating a couple of scam artists operating an insurance fraud in your area and we'd like to talk to you about it." "Well I . . . that is, I don't know anything about it." "We know, but with your help we think we might be able to stop these dirt bags. May we come in?" Christy wasn't sure what they thought she could possibly do, but of course she let them in. She led them down the two steps into the open living room, over to the large plush sofa. She offered them tea. After they were settled, Mandingo Mike Taylor Wayne Watching My Mom Go Black Hard Black Dick When I was only 16 my mom and dad divorced. I had known that it was inevitable that they would because they seemed to fight constantly. I know it was really hard on my dad when mom demanded the divorce. She got the house and me, their only child. I guess what surprised me most of all was how quickly my mom found another man. Within six months she was getting married to my step-dad. It bothered me a little at the time because my new step-dad was black. I know it bothered my real dad a lot. But Jim turned out to be a pretty cool guy and he's always treated me well, if not like a real son. The only problem was Jim's son from another marriage, Shaba. Shaba was 14 years old and was to be my new step-brother. He and I didn't get along well from the beginning. We were a world apart, Shaba and I. I was a 4.0 GPA student. I was captain of the debating team and a damn fine tennis player. I already had offers from several prestigious colleges and my future seemed Blacks On Cougars Movies Taylor Wayne Watching My Mom Go Black Taylor Wayne at Black Tight Pussies skimpy teddy and started her routine again. It actually felt pretty comfortable wearing such a loose outfit. She was just starting to enjoy the freedom when the door bell rang. A wave of fear passed through her. What if isn't them, she thought. She'd be revealing herself to the wrong person, sacrificing for nothing. Taking a deep breath, she walked to the front door and opened it a crack. Peering around the door she saw two young men, one white, one black, both neatly dressed in light suits and big smiles. She meekly smiled back. "Good morning, ma'am," the white man beamed. "My name is Sam Peters and I'm with Worldwide Insurance Co. We are offering a special once in a lifetime opportunity to a few specially selected lucky customers. Tell me, ma'am, do you and your husband have adequate insurance coverage?" Christy hesitated for a moment and said, "Gee . . . I'm not sure. I think my husband has some kind of plan through his work but I don't really know much about it." "Insurance if vitally important, ma'am. If something, Heaven forbid, should happen to your husband today, where would you be tomorrow?" "I don't know." "We can answer that question for you if you will give us just a few moments to tell you about this new revolutionary plan our company is offering." "Well . . . I guess so," Christy responded, still not sure about whether to let these guys see her half naked. They didn't really look like criminals. One of them was black, though. "I'm . . . not really dressed though. Perhaps I should change." Christy was close to chickening out. "That's Ok," Sam laughed, "we're both professionals. My partner and I have been working door-to-door for several years now. You'd be amazed what some people wear when they answer the door. One guy was dressed head to toe in a black latex outfit. He was even wearing a leather hood!" Both men chuckled and Christy felt a little relieved. They seemed pretty friendly. "Well I'm not wearing anything like that," she Slut Wives Black Cock Taylor Wayne Watching My Mom Go Black Andi Anderson Blacks On Blondes from her chin. "Can one of you get me a towel?" Another agent came over to them, holding Christy's teddy. He held it up behind her and she slipped her arms through the straps. The fastener in front had ripped though so it wouldn't close. The soft fabric hung loose at her sides, still leaving her front completely exposed. The strand of cum dropped off her chin and onto her breast, running down over her nipple. Jenkins and Smith saw that their men were distracted from their work by this nearly naked woman standing around, so they led her into the kitchen. Jenkins tore off a paper towel from the holder next to the sink and handed it to her. Christy began rubbing it around her face, not really picking up much, just sort of mushing the cum around. Smith paused, glancing down at her body, before he spoke again. "You really have done a terrific service to your community today, Mrs. Simmons." "So what happens now?" Christy asked, still trying to wipe the semen off her face. "Well the tapes show pretty much everything. A number of agents were watching the monitors so they will all be able to testify to the tapes accuracy. We will seal the file so your information won't become known. You won't have to be involved anymore." "And . . . and what will happen to those two young . . . men?" A hint of longing filled Christy's voice. She licked a dollop of cum off her finger. "Oh, don't worry. They'll be going to jail for a long time, thanks to you, Mrs. Simmons and your selfless action." After a pause, Jenkins continued. "Having an outsider like you help out on this case was invaluable. Perhaps, if the occasion arose again, you might consider giving us further assistance?" "I don't . . . that is, I really didn't realize things were going to go so far. It's a good thing I didn't tell my husband about it. I guess if you had a . . . I mean if there was some kind of important case . . . well I guess I couldn't real say no, could I? I mean, it's my Civic Duty."