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Taylor Wayne's son thinks he pulled a fast one. He was in the midst of a weed-buying deal when he distracted the dealer and ran off with the stash without paying. He is back in his Mom's house bragging about this with his girlfriend on the phone when suddenly the dealer is in his face demanding his money. He deosn't have the cash, and the dealer is in no mood to compromise. Their yelling attracts his Mom to find out what the hell is going on. After she hears the story of her fuckup of a son, she tries to settle up with the drug dealer with the only thing she has, her body! He is reluctant to accept her payment, but she finally convinces him, and forces her son to watch her get pounded by a black dude! Not only does he fuck her brains out with that sizable length of black pipe, he skull-fucks her until she's gagging, and finishes by blasting her piehole with a load of dicksnot!
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